How to Start a Fitness Blog on Instagram

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Interested to learn how to start a fitness blog on Instagram or website? Any blog on Instagram is based on the charisma of its owner. Someone has beauty and photogenic, someone has a great sense of humor, and someone is super-special in their business. Fitness blogger needs to at least show a good body. And if you can give good advice or have a good sense of humor then it’s the perfect combination for promotion on Instagram.

1. How to start a fitness blog

There are many Fitness blogs now. Same type of photos in the mirror and articles, no one will be surprised. So you will need to work on your account, use free and paid ways to promote, post every day, respond to comments, make stories, go out in direct. You will then be able to track what content works best in your account in statistics.

2. Buying a camera?

How to start a fitness blog and should I buy a camera? This is a question that you might ask. A good camera is good to have especially if you plan on recording videos. Of course, many bloggers successfully use modern cameras on smartphones, which allow you to make quite acceptable photos and videos.

If you intend to shoot fitness and record your own professional videos then you will need not only think about how to start a fitness blog but also what equipment you need. A tripod is necessary for comfort. You will go away to show exercises and the camera at this time will remain stationary.

3. Ways to promote


These people usually subscribe to fitness bloggers:

  • Who loves photos of beautiful body
  • Wants tips on how to lose weight

You may ask yourself first how to start a fitness blog but you next question will be how to promote my fitness blog. You are not expected to write poems or tips on early stages of your blog and your blog should not be about your personal life, but above all about fitness. To make quality content, use photo and video processing apps. Check these fitness photo filters.

In 2020, the most popular blogs are done primarily at the expense of personality of the blogger. And just because your blog is primarily about fitness does NOT mean it’s better to keep quiet about your other hobbies… Your audience can be increased in new topics that are interesting to a wide range of your subscribers. All the tips how to become an Instagram blogger and secret techniques will work for you.

The main rule of Instagram is to place popular #hashtags in your posts (up to 30), thanks to which users will be able to find you. List of some of the popular fitness hashtags for Insta:

#abs #muscle #instafit #gymlife #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #cardio #fitgirl #exercise #weightloss #shredded #strong #crossfit #gains #fitlife #girlswholift #nutrition #aesthetics #body #fitspiration #physique #getfit #dedication #cleaneating #muscles #yoga #nopainnogain #strength #bodybuilder

Body photos

All athletes are almost always “in mode”, their days are the same. Sleep-eat-workout. That’s why Instagram photos are the same selfies in the locker room or in the gym in front of a mirror. How to start a fitness blog is not a question here but what to post to have an unique content is interesting here.

What to do

  1. Learn how to use simple photo-processing software on your phone: Lightroom and always take photos in daylight.
  2. Make a good body and find photographers to collaborate with on the terms of tfp (you – a free photo, the photographer – a free model). On the way out you will have not super-professional photos, but certainly better than a selfie.
  3. Take pictures in travel, in different clothes. Do not post all the photos at once, post gradually.
  4. You can’t choose one of a dozen similar photos – make a post-gallery. At the same time, you can ask subscribers what angle they like more, it will increase the number of comments (engagement).
  5. And most importantly. Don’t forget to take shots in training outfit.

Photos of food

It may sound strange and not be relevant to how to start a fitness blog but food and fitness has a lot in common. Good health and good food is a combination. Learn the basics of food photography. It doesn’t take long. Photos on the phone will be sufficient for Instagram quality, if you do them in daylight near the window, food spread out on a bea

utiful plate, etc. Make any simple dishes BUT learn to take pictures of them beautifully.

Photos before/after

Do you train alone or help anyone? How to start a fitness blog and get some photos? Customer photos with good results are the best proof of your professionalism. Therefore, ask customers to take a picture during the day, if possible with a monochrome light background. Or let them make a short video – turn 360 degrees. If you take customers for free – then the mandatory condition should be normal photos before and after.


Those who ask how to start a fintess blog may also be interested in video because one of the main trends of Instagram in 2020 remains the video. And with the arrival of posts from several photos/videos, you can now make 10 minute videos in a row! This time is enough to show your workout, how you ate during the day, etc. Same requirements to teh video as to the photo – shoot in daylight, pay attention to the background (make sure that the kitchen was clean, put on good clothes, make-up, etc.)


Sometimes just a photo of all parts your body is enough for success. You can make money from advertising in your account. But to earn as a coach and consultant (online and offline clients), you need to show your expertise. How to start a fitness blog is one thing but what to post is another. Publish descriptions of exercises (with photos and videos, you can post-gallery), training programs. But don’t copy word-for-word articles from the internet. Instagram has a slightly different laws for texts. The brevity, simple spoken language is appreciated. Otherwise, no one will read you.

Don’t get carried away, your subscribers don’t want your blog knowledge of university level of physical education and sports. What language to speak is just as important as how to start a fitness blog. Most of the audience is always new. Advanced information is no longer taken in Instagram blogs and they do not need a coach. And beginners are always relevant simple tips – where to start, how to make a plan of nutrition and training for weight loss / muscle gain, etc. Many do not know how to calculate calories in the simplest salad.

Your blog should not be a closed community for your own, those who are “in the subject.” Do not make fun of newcomers and patiently answer the same questions. It’s best if you navigate the hashtags – then you can send newbies to specific posts, rather than forcing them to flip through your blog for half an hour in search of what they need.

Remember, your goal is to show your expertise, but at the same time not to lull subscribers with abstruse posts. Then you will be read regularly and if someone needs a coach – they will contact you. Think about it when you think how to start a fitness blog.

4. Content plan


Content plan and how to start a fitness blog is close to each other. In any case, success is easier to achieve if there is an action plan. So it is with the Instagram account. Content plan will make life easier and you – do not need to think WHAT to publish today, and your subscribers – they will know WHEN you have the next column. You can not make a super-detailed plan, do not think through all the information posts for a month in advance, etc. Just sketch something like – monday exercise and weight loss/muscle gain tip, Tuesday and Thursday – marathon, Wednesday – post pro tips, weekend – selfie and invitation to “chat.” When to post and what is important to understand when you think about how to start a fitness blog.


One of the conditions for success on Instagram is consistency. And with a content plan, it’s much easier not to go missing. The more often you flash in the tape, the better you are remembered. But don’t spam, 1-3 posts a day is enough. And if it is an informational, teaching post – then one is enough a day. You can do posts right away a week in advance. Publish them automatically at the right time with deferred posting services.

Communicating with subscribers

Are you just posting a selfie and waiting for hundreds of comments? If you’re not a celebrity, it won’t happen… How to start a fitness blog is one question but how to communicate and engage your subscribers is another very important. All comments will be from mass-likeers – “Cool!”, “Great gallery” etc. To engage subscribers you need to write posts, ask questions, discuss popular topics. Answer all the comments, even with the most stupid questions. Clean spam and disrespectful comments. You should be able to see that you care about your account and your readers.

Competitions and marathons

When there are at least 5-10,000 live subscribers, you no longer need to think about how to start a fitness blog. You already on the road and ready for some action. You can for example hold a contest or marathon. The simplest and always popular topic is losing weight. Offer a nutrition and workout plan if subscribers perform some action and mention your account or comment.

Share for share

Share reciprocal recommendations with similar accounts. It will help you and learn how to start a fitness blog faster. But don’t do it too often – it’s annoying for subscribers. If you yourself are not subscribed to this account, but at the same time recommend it, be sure to find those who will write about it in the comments. So exchange sincere recommendations, in which case the SFS works.

5. Instagram ads via Facebook

How to start a fitness blog and reach millions right away? The easiest and fastest way to run targeted ad/post promotion. You will control the budget consumption, the timing of the advertising, what the advertising post will look like. It can be a little more difficult with a blogger – you need to first find it, agree, make sure that he/she at the right time and in the right form published a post. But at the same time, if you find a good blogger with your target audience (with untwisted subscribers, high involvement), the return on such advertising can be better than from targeted.

Most of Fitness bloggers are very similar to each other. Try to understand who your subscribers are and specialize in their needs while you think about how to start a fitness blog

. If you have recently given birth to a child, talk about fitness during pregnancy and weight loss after. If you are preparing for competitions – arrange a reality show with regular reports, live broadcasts, etc. If you have lost 50kg – show before/after photos.. You don’t have to invent something unique. Find your “specialization” and try to become a notable blogger in this field. After, already relying on the assembled audience, it will be easier to cover new topics.

6. How to make money

How to start a fitness blog and make money from it? Fitness is a very popular topic for Instagram, so the competition will be serious. But a lot of accounts are twisted, so advertisers are not so easy to find a fitness blog with good return. This means that such blogs are very much appreciated and you can assign a price above average if the advertiser comes to you not for the first time.

Ways to earn money:

  1. Advertising
  2. Partner programs
  3. Consultation
  4. Nutrition programs
  5. Online and offline workouts
  6. Fitness camps
  7. Online store (sportswear, food)

Now you have learned the basic of how to start a fitness blog on Instagram. Good luck and don’t forget that you can take a next step and start a blog on website where you can write articles and more detailed tips!

If you want to get deeper in learning how to grow your Instagram account, get more organic followers, comments and like then you might be interested in this book where I describe all of my secrets. If becoming an Influencer is something you want to do in your life then this beginner’s guide is something that will be really useful to you.

What do you think about fitness blogging? Is it anything you would like to do or maybe have any experience?

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