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Have you dreamed a long time to change a boring work in the office for a more interesting occupation, which will bring not only pleasure, but also money? Become a food blogger? Then this article is for you. In it I will tell about the “profession” of the food blogger: how to become? Where to start? How much time and money do you need before you start earning? What are the risks? So let’s start.

1. Niche and audience

What will you write about? This point should be well planned and choose the closest topic. Here are the most common:

  • Recipes
  • Cuisines of different peoples of the world
  • Various tips
  • Reviews of culinary techniques
  • Reviews of restaurants
  • Interviews with chefs
  • All about restaurants (reviews/stories/reviews/photos and videos reports on bars, cafes, restaurants)
  • Healthy eating (recipes, tips, interviews with nutritionists, etc.)
  • Vegetarianism or raw food
  • Food for children
  • Drinks (alcoholic, non-alcoholic and all about them).

Audience choice is closely related to a topic that is close to you when you want to become a food blogger. If you are going to write about bars and pubs, the audience will be quite young – 20-40 years. Slang can be youthful, easy, suitable communication with humor. If the choice fell on expensive/fashionable restaurants, the language of storytelling should be different – more lively, deeper.

2. Creating a blog

Once you’ve decided on the theme and the audience, you can start creating the blog itself and start your way to become a food blogger.

Oh yes, you have to come up with a name. You need to be creative about this task. The name should be concise, easy to remember and easy to write.

Now the technical part. Choose a platform to create a blog, such as the most popular WordPress. Why? This is easy and ideal platform for further earnings.

3. Buying a camera?

No food blog can become popular without beautiful food photos and photo filters. Here is a special pack for Food Blogger that will help you to work with photos and become a food blogger much faster. High-quality pictures – the basis of the food blog. A good camera is very good to have. Of course, many bloggers successfully use modern cameras on smartphones, which allow you to make quite acceptable photos.

If you intend to shoot food professionally and earn money on such shootings, you will need good equipment. A tripod is necessary for comfort. You cannot become a food blogger for real without it. Because you will need go away to fix something, to change the ingredients, and the camera at this time will remain stationary.

Backpack for equipment – if you have to go to shoot outside the apartment/ photo studio, it is irreplaceable.

A good PC is needed so that photo processing programs don’t slow down or hang. You can also use Lightroom app on your smartphone for the start.

Learning to take pictures on your own is quite possible. Now there are tons of information on the Internet – websites, blogs, video columns, etc. To learn the art of food photography faster – attend thematic courses.

Don’t forget, you’ll still need to learn the basics of cooking in detail if you want to become a food blogger. If your theme is healthy food – get acquainted with the rules of it as close as possible, so as not to screw up.

4. Content plan and promotion

When your blog is full of tasty food photos, you can move on to its popularization. To begin with, you’re making a detailed publication plan. To do this, write down a sequence of photos and texts that you want to publish. You can write it down in a regular paper notebook, but it’s best to use a spreadsheet to distribute materials for publications right in it.

5. Instagram and Pinterest


Of course, YouTube should be added to the list, but let’s be honest, not all of us feel confident in front of the camera, even if it’s a mobile phone camera. But Instagram and Pinterest – very comfortable social networks, because here you can exhibit only the best photos and accompany them with detailed recipes when you decided to become a food blogger.

However, if your goal is to promote a blog, and not an accumulation in the social network, it is not necessary to post to Instagram and Pinterest only photos of dishes with a detailed description of their process Cooking. This is good for the primary audience set, but when the 5,000-subscriber line is crossed, use social media the way filmmakers use YouTube, that is, your publications can become a kind of trailer for a blog post. For example, on Instagram you publish a recipe for sauce, and what dishes it will be in place – tell in a blog, or post on the social network photos from the master class of the eminent chef, and about what and how you prepared together, tell in detail on the site of your blog. It makes sense to prepare social media posts in advance, for example, a week in advance, so that updates don’t take you a long time.

The main rule of Instagram and to become a food blogger is to place popular #hashtags in your posts (up to 30), thanks to which users will be able to find you. List of some of the popular food hashtags for Insta:

#food #instatag #instagramanet #instafood #foodie #foodlove #foodshare #foodspotting #foodlovers #foodblog #fooddiary #foodcoma #foodblogger #foodisfuel #foodforthought #foodlover #foodphotography #foodstagram #foodpic #foodgasm #foodporn  #foods  #foodgram  #foodart #yum #eat #hungry #foodgram #foodies

YouTube is very popular if it is ok for you to be in front of camera, as people quickly become accustomed to receiving information in video format. And for filming at the start do not need to rent an expensive studio, you can start with your own kitchen, which should be prepared. Promotion in social networks will help you to find customers and earn first money.

6. Recipes with personal story

There are a lot of recipes on the Internet, so your attempts to become a food blogger and surprise the audience with cooking something that no one has cooked before, as a rule, will be doomed to Failure. To interest the audience, start a story about a particular dish with a personal story, and the more touching, funny, suggestive or unusual story you tell, the more people will come to your post.

By the way, an excellent illustration of this principle can be the bestseller of Mexican writer Esquivel Laura “Chocolate on cool boiling water”, however, there was the opposite – each the life of the main character of the novel was preceded by the traditional recipe of Mexican cuisine. However, all aspiring who wants to become a food blogger should read this book to understand how quickly personal stories in conjunction with the recipe cling to the reader, and why the recipe, presented in this way, interests the audience at times more than the dry listing of ingredients or meticulous description of the cooking process.

7. Using food ordering services


A blogger who does not want to fall out of the top should post every day, and ideally – twice a day, which, of course, is not easy to become a food blogger. If you add to this cooking and purchase the necessary ingredients, you will have to devote yourself entirely to cooking, shooting and writing posts. If you are not ready for such a radical turn of events, it makes sense at the initial stage to actively use the delivery services for prescription products.

8. Calories and the right audience

It would seem as a simple advice, but it is very useful tip that everyone forgets about it who wants to become a food blogger. At the end of each recipe, be sure to specify the calorie content of the dish, and with the help of taggs – a potential target audience of your culinary masterpiece, for example, “Dessert for romantic dinner,” “Dish for the slimming,” “To please my husband” and so on. By the way, it is a clear rubricator will allow search engines to index your blog faster, and your readers will not be confused and not mired in an infinite number of recipes.

9. How to make money

To become a food blogger and start getting money from your blog, use partner programs. Affiliate program is advertising, the purpose of which is to get new customers. Once you sign up, you’ll be available to apply to different advertisers. Choose one of them and create a link to the advertiser’s website in your blog.

Also in your blog you can place a banner advertiser or review, of course, with a link. The more users follow the link and make a targeted action (register, buy, and so on), the more money you get.

A popular way is also to partner with restaurants to make sponsored posts, reviews, stories, take photos and make video reports of bars, cafes, and restaurants.

10. Conclusion

Initially, no one rushes to order advertising in your blog or photo shoot of food, if suddenly you decide to become a professional food photographer. To start earning on a blog or food pictures – you need time and active actions on your part.

Now you have learned the basic of how to become a food blogger. Good luck and don’t forget that you can take a next step and start a blog on website where you can write articles and more detailed tips!

If you want to get deeper in learning how to grow your Instagram account, get more organic followers, comments and like then you might be interested in this book where I describe all of my secrets. If becoming an Influencer is something you want to do in your life then this beginner’s guide is something that will be really useful to you.

What do you think about food blogging? Is it anything you would like to do or maybe have any experience?

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