How To Choose The Best City/Urban Backpack?

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Backpack firmly entered into the everyday life of citizens, ceased to be an attribute only travelers and tourists used. The ability to free your hands and move the entire load behind the back attracts many active city dwellers. The additional spread of backpacks was facilitated by the advent of the era of smartphones, because now one hand is almost always occupied with a precious gadget.

Choosing the best city/urban backpack for everyday use depends on the rhythm of your daily life. A city/urban backpack can be an extension of your user’s sporting hobbies:

  1. If you are physically active, for example, running or riding a bicycle, then the city can act as a bicycle or multi-sport backpack. It lies tightly on the back and does not dangle during sudden movements and slopes, maintaining the stability of the transported cargo.
  2. Active citizens who travel a lot, love short radial tourist routes or hikes of one day, will be suitable small backpacks for mountain walks – “Hiking” “daypacks” or “hiking backpacks”), which are in the range of almost every outdoor brand. Of all the tourist backpacks they are most suited to the role of urban – the pocket for the hydrator is often used as a compartment for the tablet/laptop, large The compartments allow you to place the necessary things in the way. And the compact dimensions of such backpacks correspond to the dimensions of hand luggage.
  3. For visitors to gyms and outdoor training will be suitable city/urban backpacks with a large compartment, isolated from the rest. It can be arranged training clothes and sneakers. As a last resort, replacement shoes can be placed under an elastic mesh cord, which manufacturers often add to the front panel of their city/urban backpacks.

The volume of the city backpack

In an urban environment, we do not need to carry a supply of water and food, as well as equipment for camping. Therefore, best city/urban backpacks are limited to the volume of up to 30 liters, with the most common is the volume of 20-25 liters. This is enough to put in a backpack things necessary for one day – gadgets, laptop, book or folder with papers, jacket in case of bad weather, products for snacking, etc.

Backpacks for the city, not distinguished by large dimensions, easily pass as hand luggage in all transport hubs and fit in most storage rooms.

Filling of the city/urban backpack

Those who by the nature of their work or hobbies carry a laptop and several gadgets, should pay attention to the organization of electronics when choosing a city/urban backpack. One of the most common elements in the design of the city/urban backpack is the compartment for the laptop. As a rule, it is designed for the most common sizes of laptops – from 14″ to 15.6″ much less often – 17.” The compartment for the laptop is always located in the back of the backpack – so the weight is better distributed on the shoulders of the user and the safety of the equipment is increased.

Some backpack models have seals and amplifications to further protect your laptop from impact. Sometimes the compartment for the laptop is insulated from the rest of the city/urban backpack – has its own zipper and is fenced off with a soft wall, which is very convenient in the conditions baggage screening at airports. In some models, the compartment for the laptop can be used as a pocket for the hydrator, which makes the backpack more versatile in use.

A relatively new option in some models of city/urban backpacks are pockets for gadgets and electronic devices. Previously, they were presented only by compartments for players, which were additionally equipped with a “exit” for headphones. Today, in the era of wearable gadgets, in city/urban backpacks you can find special pockets for tablets and smartphones.

The consequence of the deep penetration of electronics into our daily lives was the appearance in city/urban backpacks of batteries for recharging gadgets and other wearable devices. This is a fairly useful option for those who forget to charge their smartphone before leaving home. Complementing the battery with a solar battery, the citizen or traveler may not depend for a long time on the electricity networks.

In order not to dig in the backpack for a long time in search of the necessary thing, it is worth paying attention to the organization of its contents. City/urban backpacks can be considered leaders in terms of the number of branches per unit of volume. This gives you quick access to even a very small object. It also saves time and nerves when inspecting your luggage at airports.

The office-organizer allows you to conveniently distribute various small things, such as pens and pencils, notepads and keys. They can be placed in special holders and a separate pocket, which are located in an isolated section of the backpack. For the keys, in order to facilitate their search, often used a key carbine.

The city/urban backpack accompanies us everywhere, including during lunch or snacking, which often happens literally “on the go.” Side elastic pockets allow you to comfortably arrange a thermos/bottle with a drink. For some users, it may be useful to have a thermos compartment that will help keep the temperature of your lunch for a while.

Pay attention to the various useful little things in your future city/urban backpack – they illustrate the thoroughness of the manufacturer, and can help a lot in everyday life. They are not found in all models, and some of them can be considered unique features of backpacks of specific brands. Useful trifles include a compartment for sunglasses (sometimes in the form of a hard cofre); anti-vor loops that block the lightning runner and prevent it from unbuttoning; Hidden pockets or compartments; lightning sliders with locks holes, etc.

The issue of style is important for many users. Fortunately, today the industry offers a wide range of backpacks that will fit any form of clothing.

Why you should buy city/urban backpacks  from outdoor brands

Widespread use of backpacks in the everyday life of modern citizens causes the attention of manufacturers of outdoor equipment to develop their own series of city/urban backpacks.

Comfort when worn

In everyday life, we often carry in a backpack a pretty decent weight – laptop, food for lunch, documents, books, etc. Designers of leading manufacturers of outdoor equipment manage to create backpacks in which it is comfortable to carry a cargo weighing 30-40 kg. Therefore, the task of designing the best city/urban backpack for 10 kg maximum is not to make it too difficult for them. Anatomical straps and hard back of thermoform foam well distribute the load and unload the shoulders of the owner of the city/urban backpack from outdoor-brand.

Reliable materials

The backpack for the city accepts a lot of tests – because it is operated almost non-stop throughout the year, for many years. It is often thrown, dragged through a stampede in the subway, it can get dirt and road reagents. Therefore, the use of dense and durable materials in city/urban backpacks, as well as in tourist brethren, is more than justified.
For sewing, real “vandal-resistant” plastic and nylon fabrics are used from very thick and coarse threads of dense weaving, with which outdoor-producers have a lot of experience Work.
Fitting is also often a “weak link”, so its reliability in the world of outdoor activities is given special attention.
Some manufacturers use so strong materials that boldly give a guarantee on backpacks up to 25 years, for example, the Swedish company Thule.

In extreme sports, quick access to backpack compartments is sometimes a matter of preserving human life and health. Therefore, among the leading designers of the outdoor industry, the issue of ergonomics is one of the key issues in the design of the the best city/urban backpack. The resulting experience is then transferred to urban models, making them significantly more convenient to use.

Construction options for city/urban backpack

Sling backpack

As a rule, these are small backpacks with a volume of up to 20 liters, which are distinguished by a triangular shape and the presence of only one strap for carrying. The convenience of such a backpack lies in the ability not to remove it to get access to it. Just twist it on the strap from the back to the stomach. A small volume and a specific shape, alas, do not allow you to carry a laptop. Also, such a backpack is hardly suitable for travel.

Classic city/urban backpack

Externally, the simplest design is a rectangular backpack with two straps. Classical design models tend to have the largest volume in their class and allow you to comfortably carry quite a lot of weight, making them the ideal choice for travel and everyday use.

Comfort when carrying a backpack directly depends on its suspension system – the design of straps, back and, if any, belt belt. Do not give preference to thin rag straps and soft back, if the expected weight of a packaged backpack is more than 5 kg.

The straps can be complemented by a belt, which allows you to stabilize the position of the backpack on the back of the wearer and better distribute the weight. But in everyday use it is not always necessary, so it is desirable that the belt was unbuttoned or hidden in a backpack.

Urban backpack-portfolio

It’s going to appeal to those who wear a business suit. The straps of such a backpack are hidden in a special compartment on a zipper, and it turns into a large briefcase, which can be carried by a handle or hung on the shoulder.

Folding backpack

They are made of light and thin fabrics, which is why it is very compact in a packaged form. For example, a 20 litre backpack takes up no more than an apple. These city/urban backpacks can easily fit in the pockets of clothing and are used as needed, for example, in order to bring purchases from the store. When choosing such backpacks, the manufacturer is an important factor. Not everyone uses equally strong materials.


I’m sure you understand the basic idea of choosing the best city/urban backpack. It is good to have a compact backpack for the urban cycle and a model of medium or large format for special occasions and trips. I have long tried to find the perfect and universal hand luggage – such does not exist. The proposed scheme with two backpacks is very close to the ideal. It remains for everyone to choose something suitable for personal needs.

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