How To Choose The Best Travel Bag?

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The best travel bag on the wheels is comfortable to roll, comfortable to carry and comfortable to take in transport. The important thing is that the wheels do not fall off. A reliable travel bag will add comfort to the journey, and uncomfortable and substandard will make you nervous and worried about things. I will tell you what the best travel bag should be in my opinion and by what parameters to choose.

Size of the best travel bag

The dimensions of luggage can be ignored only in road trips. In an airplane or train, size matters. Airlines strictly limit the size of hand luggage and luggage, and on the train a huge suitcase cannot squeeze into a narrow corridor and do not fit under the bottom shelf.

Before buying the best travel bag, think about what transport you use most often and how many things you usually take. If you often go on business trips, like to travel light and want to avoid waiting for luggage at the airport, choose a bag the size of hand luggage.


The standard of hand luggage in the aircraft is considered to be 55x40x20 cm, but different airlines may have different sizes – check on the carrier’s website. Prefer trains? Keep in mind that the size of the bottom luggage compartment in the 90x45x35 cm compartment.

In most cases, two medium bags are better than one large one. Even if you travel as a family, putting all your belongings in one big bag is not the most convenient option. First, bag will not always be able to roll. Sometimes you have to carry it in your hands, it will be hard. Secondly, not all airlines allow you to share the weight of one luggage for two passengers, and will have to pay extra for the excess amount. With two bags, both problems can be avoided.

Notice the best travel bags may have varying volumes. It can be a special panel on lightning – if it is unbuttoned, the bag will be larger. For soft bags will be convenient side screeds, which will reduce the volume at incomplete load.


The allowed weight of hand luggage for many airlines is up to 12 kg. At the same time, even a small travel bag on wheels can weigh up to 4 kg. This is inconvenient and unprofitable – you have to take a minimum of personal belongings or take the travel bag in your luggage.

The weight of the luggage is also not unlimited. The standards of its free transportation in the plane are from 20 to 23 kg. You can only limit yourself in business class. Large travel bags on wheels can weigh up to 5 kg – there is a risk of not following the norm and paying extra for the advantage. To prevent this from happening, pay attention to own weight of the bag when choosing the best travel bag.

Solid weight is justified only for travel bags of particularly durable materials. If you need an “unkillable” bag that can withstand any treatment, the weight will have to be sacrificed. The more wearable fabric and the more powerful the frame, the heavier the bag will be. Examples of the most durable bags are from The North Face Rolling Thunder and Thule Crossover.

The lightest bags for travel are produced by the American company Osprey. It is known for light and comfortable tourist backpacks, and travel bags are no exception. Their lightweight Ozone range has several volume options. The 36-litre carry-on bag weighs 1.8kg and the large 75-litre model weighs 2.3kg. This weight is achieved thanks to the lightweight design with amplifications in places prone to load. The best travel bag has an ultralight frame, lightweight handle and light, but strong fabric – quality and functionality have not suffered.

What is the best travel bag?

Quality and comfort

In the best travel bag on wheels everything should be comfortable and reliable. Let’s take a look at the most important details: what solutions manufacturers offer and what to look at when choosing.


The more rigid it is, the less you can worry about fragile things, and clothes in such travel bag will not be replaced. The stronger the outer fabric, the longer the bag will last. Modern bags are made of nylon or polyester, the density of these fabrics denotes the number D (day) at the end: 550D, 800D. The larger the number, the denser and stronger the fabric in the best travel bag, but also the heavier the travel bag. The most durable travel bags are made of “ballistic” nylon, a particularly durable material with a density of 840 to 1680D. Nylon is also very easy to care for.

It is good if the fabric is waterproof and easy to wash – it is not afraid of rain and dirt. Individual models can boast airtight zippers, such as Ortlieb travel bags, and can even be submerged. But this is still a rarity, most travel bags have the usual zippers, not protected from moisture. In this case, the waterproof fabric will save from a little rain or snow, but in a prolonged downpour the water can get inside.

The color of the case is a matter of taste. On the one hand, discreet colors are unmarked and practical, on the other – a bright colored travel bag is easier to identify on the luggage tape.


It should be rigid, do not deform and do not sag under the weight of all the things that you fill the travel bag. Well, when there’s a special stand downstairs to give stability – the travel bag won’t be constantly clogged up from any whiff of wind and that will unnerve you, it will steady at any load. If you are a fan of winter sports, consider the options of travel bags on wheels with high hard sides, designed for the comfortable transportation of ski boots.


The most reliable wheels are slightly flooded into the body and additionally protected from the outside by special inserts to cling less to obstacles. The larger the diameter of the wheels, the higher the possibility of the travel bag. This is important when you have to walk on snow, paving or uneven road. The biggest wheels in Lowe Alpine and Thule travel bags – they easily overcome any off-road. Osprey travel bags use the HighRoad LT Chassis, a lightweight wheels with light slip bearings.


The telescopic handle should be smoothly pushed and securely fixed in closed and extended positions.

The design with the ability to fix in any chosen place of the handle is not too reliable, it is better to refuse it. And in general, the fewer connective mechanisms on the handle, the lower the risk of its failure. It is logical that powerful, massive handles are more durable and reliable, but also heavier. Lightweight handles require more careful handling.

The best travel bag should also have additional carry handles, comfortable and firmly sewn to the body. There should be at least two on the top and side.
Straps. Some models of travel bags on wheels can be turned into a backpack with the help of built-in straps. This is the top of convenience – if you cannot roll the travel bag it does not need to drag in your hands – carry on the back is much more convenient. The straps usually hide under a zipper on the back. They can range from minimalist lightweighttos to full-fledged adjustable. The most comfortable bags-transformers are equipped with a belt, which reduces the load on the back. That the wheels do not soil clothes and do not get into the waist, provide protective elements. Sometimes this role is performed by a belt that completely closes the wheels. Osprey and Thule have some of the best transformer travel bags.

Keep in mind that this option adds weight. The more comfortable and softer the straps, the stronger the belt, the heavier the travel bag. So, if you choose a bag for travel or where you will definitely use transport and the services of the porter, this design will be superfluous.

Pockets and compartments

Pockets allow you to conveniently decompose the right little things, so as not to look for them then all over the best travel bag. It is better if they are all inside and hidden from prying eyes. Having multiple offices can be both a virtue and a disadvantage. On the one hand, it is convenient to share things if you are traveling with a family. On the other hand, if you’re carrying something oversized, the unremovable partitions can interfere. Therefore, it is better if they will be regulated and, if necessary, clean up altogether. Think ahead that you will carry more often and study in the store “stuffing” the best travel bag you like.

What is the best travel bag?


Good manufacturers strive to make their best travel bags as comfortable as possible for storing things and comfortable for their owner. Pay attention to such useful little things: organizer, internal compression belts, compartment for laptop, carbine for keys, pockets for identification numbers … At the time, Watch ingesited for time so that there is nothing superfluous. Slings, loops, belts hanging outside – all this is an additional risk to tear the best travel bag during transportation. The best prevention of such damage is the streamlined shape of the bag with a minimum of external elements.

Price and manufacturer

Cheap plastic suitcases on wheels quickly break down and very bulky, cheap fabrics quickly tear and wear out. Guarantee of the quality of a travel bag is a well-known brand with a proven reputation. Such best travel bags will not cost cheap, but will last for many years. For example, the Swedish brand Thule is serious about testing all products: backpacks and travel bags check for a break, fill with water, lightning open and close thousands of times – this is guarantees their durability and durability. Osprey gives a lifetime warranty – the company undertakes to repair any damage or defect of its product free of charge. Add that high-quality travel bags do not have to be packed in film when you hand in luggage – they will not open on their own, lightning will not go away, and the fabrics are not afraid of scratches.


When choosing the best travel bag on wheels:

  1. Pay attention to its weight and size – otherwise you will often have to pay fees.
  2. Check the reliability of materials, reliability of wheels and handles, convenience of use of the travel bag.
  3. Come to proven stores, where only well-known brands with a guarantee on their products are presented.

Travel comfortably!

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