The Rule of Thirds

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The Rule of Thirds is perhaps the most well-known ‘rule’ of photographic composition. It is one of the first things that beginner photographers learn about in classes on photography and rightly so as it can help you create well balanced and interesting shots.


Learning how to take incredible shots using your camera or just a phone is the best way to stand out and build a strong presence on Instagram if you use it.

The basic principle behind the rule of thirds is to imagine breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts.

Important intersections

With this grid in mind the ‘rule of thirds’ now identifies four important intersections on the image that you should consider placing points of interest in as you frame your image.

The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally.

Most of modern cameras and mobile phones have an option to activate that grid.

As you can see on the images above the tree and the surfer are on the lines as well as horizon. It is a good technique for landscape shots to position horizons along one of the horizontal lines

Don’t forget that even of you took a photo without following this rule or have some old photo that you can still crop it so it fits the rule when you edit your photos later. Post production editing tools today have good tools for cropping and reframing images so that they fit within the rules.

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Enjoy this tutorial about the Rule of Thirds? Tested taking some photos? What do you think? Leave a comment.

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