The Importance of The Instagram Theme (ideas & filters)

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Ever looked at your Instagram feed and thought it looked overwhelming? Well, this post is for you.

An Instagram feed can be easily described as an individual portfolio that shows who you are and what you delight in. Simply put, the better your Instagram theme looks, the more interactions you’ll get on the page. One of the very best methods to acquire fans on Instagram is to develop a style. A lovely appearance that will assist you up to your engagement. Learn 5 ways to grow your Instagram.

“Decorating” a profile on Instagram is a real race for brands. Everyone is trying to outperform the competition and turn their presence into a digital masterpiece. It is not easy to do it, because the design, which aroused interest a year ago, is everyone tired now to see. The topics collected in this review for Instagram will inspire you to create or update your profile in an up-to-date and interesting style.

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Why should you have an Instagram theme?

The Instagram style is the general design of your presence, the same style and state of mind. When developing a method, it is very important to find the ideal style for your profile and stick to it even in the smallest information. Often it is the general visual perception of the profile that influences the user’s choice: he/she will either wish to pass or subscribe by.

The consistency of your presence plays a crucial function here. This works at the level of psychology: a prospective client evaluates an account in less than a minute and makes up their own idea of what content can be anticipated of you in the future. It can trigger confusion and negatively affect the efficiency of the tape looks disorderly.

Using official Instagram Schedule apps will give several benefits:

  • With the help of an Instagram coordinator, you will save a great deal of time. Rather than spending time uploading every day, you will have the ability to prepare the Instagram (as well as Facebook, Pinterest) auto-publishing of a handful of articles.
  • These tools make it easier to publish as well as do hashtag research.
  • They will let your pictures have a good filter, shade combination, & inscriptions and hence will certainly help you to construct consistency throughout your articles.
  • With the help of Instagram automated publishing, you can publish a lot more regularly and therefore increase interaction.
  • It will assist to find much better subtitles.
  • Scheduling Instagram posts will assist you to balance your posts. As an example, when you set up, you will learn more about if there is any type of similar sort of pictures back to back.
  • You will get deep analytics and learn more about your audience as well as learn about the competition.

The official (authorized by Instagram) are:

  • Later – best for ecommerce
  • Planoly – best for bloggers and small business
  • PLANN – best for those who needs deep analytics


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Instagram themes and ideas

An Instagram theme is the general visual look of your account. Having a regular Instagram feed can improve your account visual and also create a lasting perception of your followers.

If a person that lands on your account will certainly follow you or not, having an awesome feed with regular colors, editing and motif can frequently be the making a decision element. The more constant your Instagram feed looks, the more probable they will strike that comply with switch and expect seeing extra from you.

From Instagram style ideas to ideas on just how to create these appearances, we cover whatever you require to recognize to create an outstanding Instagram feed that you as well as your fans will certainly enjoy.

Take a look at example images here how the theme looks like:

The answer is simple: to acquire attention instantly. If you develop an Instagram theme and adhere to it, people will associate that with your name, and that is the way your pictures will become more recognizable.

Instagram theme before and after
Pinky fashion theme

A lot of people think that having an Instagram theme means every picture needs to look the same. They are not! It is all about focusing on the overall story and the colors. It’s your choice if you want your feed to be warm, full of colors, dark, and so on. In the example above I used a combination of Travel Blogger and Fashion Blogger packs but you can also create your own.

Enjoy higher engagement

Because your profile will be noticed that much more, you will get notably higher engagement in the form of follows, comments, and likes. Learn how you can now monetize your Instagram.

Aside from the fact that you feel supreme satisfaction when you visit your feed, I’ve understood that the Instagram theme is a simple method to give your brand its own visual identity. This is very important because your followers have the ability to recognize your work anywhere they see it. In addition, your fans have a concept of what to expect from you whenever which not only gives them a sense of inclusiveness and excitement however also benefits you because you immediately cultivate a faithful following that comes back for more.

If you have your own Brand

A gorgeous Instagram theme takes preparation, design, and time vision, however, it’s not that hard if you discover something that reflects your design, item well, and stay with it.

Instagram is best for promoting on social media networks – nothing works much better than being able to see the product with your own eyes. If the profile is gorgeous and the photos are trustworthy, casual visitors become prospective clients directly on social media networks.

I hope these pointers have helped you comprehend Instagram styles.

When a brand-new visitor goes into the account, you require to impress and let to subscribe. And here a lot depends upon how you work with the external appearance of a business profile: what is the general mood, color palette, whether the images are combined, whether you wish to look at them.

Instagram encourages you to establish the aesthetics of your brand name: you begin thinking more about the visual picture of the store, regularly you are in the profile, which ultimately positively affects Account traffic.


Can I combine different Instagram themes?

Yes, you can combine 2-3 different Instagram themes but make sure that their colors balance well with each other. Try uploading in you scheduler and see how it looks like.

Has Instagram integrated themes?

No. You can use filters that come with Instagram but there are no themes.

Is it better to edit photo in Instagram or a professional app?

In Professional apps like Lightroom you can edit much more (especially if you take photos in raw format).

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