3 Secret Ways to Grow Email List for Your Blog or Business

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Email marketing is still the best way to make money. In fact, email generates $43 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 4,300% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available and an important action for bloggers or business owners to grow email list.

BUT growing the email list is a problem for many bloggers or small businesses.

I will describe here a combination of 3 tactics to maximize the email list growth. It is better to use all of them to get the best results.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing offers bloggers and businesses the opportunity to drive sales with online networks. In email marketing, individuals make use of e-mail to promote the services and products of the organization or business.

Email advertising and marketing is additionally used in developing a connection between customers, as well as organizations. And also in various other forms, e-mail advertising can be made use of to keep customers informed/updated. In Email advertising, tailored emails are sent out online to possible consumers.

Certain teams of customers or a specific niche can be targeted, and also sometimes individuals can also be targeted through email advertising and marketing. For example, some organizations utilize e-mail advertising to send birthday wishes while at other times, e-mail campaigns are utilized to send seasonal messages to a certain team of individuals. Also when sending out campaigns, it is important to personalize emails for a better experience.

Customized email advertising and marketing help a business to maintain or create a partnership with their consumers in time. This can lead to boosted sales, make certain client loyalty, and also increase earnings.

Getting Started

First of all, you need is to make sure that you are using a professional email marketing service. I use GetResponse it allows to have up to 500 contacts for free so it is perfect for beginners.

Using the best email marketing programs also ensures that your emails don’t end up in the spam folder. It also provides you with the right set of tools to build and grow your email list.

1. Free Giveaway

Sign up boxes in the sidebar or some other places on the website are very popular and a good way to collect email but WHY would anyone sign up for it? Offer something that will be useful to your reader. Give some free download (giveaway) of some PDF instructions, some guides, or e-books.

How to create those boxes? Using OptinMonster would allow you to create very nice and attractive sign up boxes but you can also use the standard one coming with your email program.

There is an option to use popup boxes instead of fixed in sidebar but Google recently told that it effects SEO negatively so I would not recommend any popups. Try and see how it works for you.

Let’s say you are a travel blogger then you can offer a free guide with the best places to visit, best restaurants, and tips in country X which you can give away for free to anyone who signs up to your email list. If you are a food blogger then you could offer some special recipe. A business owner could offer a free consultation.

This way offering something useful for free is far more effective to collect emails than just asking people to sign up.

2. Lead Generation

Did you know that Facebook/Google Ads has a function of lead generation? Basically it is a sponsored ad that you must have seen a million times on Instagram and it also has a button but instead of “read more” it will be “Sign up” or “Subscribe”. And the nice part of it is that most of the fields are auto-filled so it is very easy to sign up.

Here is a good example of Facebooks lead generation ad. It could be even better if there was some free offer in it:


Google is developing a similar function now. It is available for search ads as a link under ads but it is also coming as a display ad. I have tested both Facebook and a Google version and Facebook is far more effective right now. The cost for lead can be as low as 0.1$. It all depends on who you target.

Using the ability to give away some free PDF as well as collecting leads on both your website and on Facebook lead generation is very effective and you can easily grow your list by 1000/day if you wish. But here is a problem.

3. Email platform

The problem is that you must have an effective platform where you can store that list, sent emails, have statistics, send auto-replies, reminders and much more. You can´t expect to do it all in just Excel or some Outlook/Gmail 😀

I personally use GetResponse to do it. It has a free plan where you can save up to 500 contacts which is nice for beginners. There are other email systems as well but GetResponse allows to use of affiliate marketing which is very important for bloggers.


These are much more difficult to implement but you should if you can.

Create a program. One of the additional way to collect emails to to create some program that can be used on your website. It can be weight calculators, some tests and quizes and so on. In the end you can ask for email sign up in order to receive the result.

I can recommend these tools to create calculators/tests:

  • Outgrow can build basic quiz and also calculators
  • Interact can only build quiz but advanced

Online Contest. If you have a social media channel then you could promote some online contest to giveaway something for free but in order to be in it they need to sign up.

Social Media. If you have a social media channel than you can as well place a button or a link in you bio to the sign up page. Offer some giveaway to get higher sign up rates.

Webshop. If you have a webshop then you should also ad a check box on checkout page so all your buyers can sign up for newsletters as well. You can even offer 10% discount for everyone who signs up.


These are effective 3 ways of generating many leads for your blog or small business. The other 4 from bonus are more complicated. I run several lead generation ads on Facebook + Instagram which generate a nice list of emails. I also have sign-up boxes in my blog so people who are coming from search engines and other sources can also sign up. And these are stored in GetResponse which I use for sending emails, seeing statistics and much more. It is an all-in-one system by the way so you can also use it to build shops, landing pages, run webinars and so on.

How are you building your email list today? Let me know in the comment.

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