Profitable Keyword Planning & Research on Google (Step-By-Step)

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There’s a factor that many businesses and 95% of bloggers fail, and also it’s not why you probably believed before. The actual reason they fail is because any business stops working when it isn’t generating any money. And in order to start generation money you need to do a keyword planning (keyword research) to find the keywords which:

  • Have good traffic (searches every month)
  • Can generate money (can be monetized)

In this topic I will discuss how to do a keyword planning & research and to find good keywords to monetize your blog or website. To create a profitable business to scale or a blog with passive income. This topic as good for blog owners as well as business owners.

I will be using keyword planning & research tools like Ubersuggest and Mangools for deeper research and check the keywords but you can use any other tools you like. I personally prefer these two and Mangools is one of my favorite because of it´s great intuitive design.

1. Getting Started

So let´s start. Take my hobbies for example. I’m passionate about mountain biking, traveling, diving, hiking in the mountains, flying drones and much more.

However, if I created a countless quantity of posts about all these subjects and did not make any kind of money, I would burn out all the time. And as a businesses offering different services that are not interesting for people would be a fail as well.

In any innovative electronic field if it’s video, internet growth, design, digital photography, or copywriting there are specialists as well as novices who do not really know much about how to make a good keyword planning (keyword research) to choose the right keywords and make money.

Since the majority of blog or business owners start as novices by discussing enthusiasm and also attempt to learn everything else later, they’re going to fail.

Bloggers fail not because of their passion but because they can’t transform their blog into a business. And business can fail because they offer a product or service that nobody need. To do a good keyword planning is important.

They select bad niches targeting a bad-value target market and then do not know how to make money. New blogger or business owners forget to utilize networking as well as connections that could benefit them strategically.

And also they do not have enough interest in their market to scale website traffic. I want that it will go well for you.

Prior to releasing your blog or business website, it’s essential to choose a niche that is based not on enthusiasm, but on 3 business elements:

  • Target market spending plan capacity
  • Specialist leverage
  • Market need

2. What Are Your Skills?

Ask yourself:

  • What is my specialist experience?
  • What links do I have in my industry?
  • Can I take this experience right into a blog?

If you’re a professional worker in some area, you may have a base of customers, calls from neighborhood meet-up groups, as well as even understanding influencers that you satisfied with in the past.

You can increase the development of your successful blog or website and learn how to make money if you can take advantage of these and get in touch with them in the future.

3. Potential Audience Budget

To offer a good product on your site, you must fix some discomfort issues for your target market. People like to read about solutions to their problems.

You ought to deeply recognize your audience’s difficulties so you can supply one of the most sought-after options as a blogger or business owner. Doing a good keyword planning will help you to find those “difficulties”.

Begin by checking at particular niches where you belong. In this manner, your domain name competence shines through much faster.

Do not assume that after you have learned that, you just need to open a common checklist of 100 particular niches and find a good one you loved. You need to do more to learn how to make money.

Which is the most crucial aspect when picking the niche for your successful blog or website? Just how much $$ is your target market able to spend. Let’s assume you are going to create a blog or website in the house design-specific niche.

The subjects might pull in various readers. Site visitors can include professional indoor designers, university students, as well as also stay-at-home dads and mommies that want the inspiration for house decor.

To start making money from this particular niche, you would certainly create a brand-new blog or website and also relocate your readers into the sales funnel:

  • Initially, you’d attract a target market with articles or ads
  • You would certainly build some “free product offer” to obtain e-mail opt-ins
  • You might start to use affiliate marketing to try and promote home decoration and brands or sell your own products
  • You would provide your e-mail subscribers with a $500 online training course concerning 10 Layout Tips for the Modern Residence or sell personal consultations.

Absolutely nothing is bad with this strategy this is often what most successful blog writers or business owners do, as well as it will make passive income but you will need to wait a number of years of building your target market instead of learning how to make money today.

Was it a financially rewarding audience? University students, staying home and also a few experts with an ordinary wage?

Here’s the secret. You need simply change one word in your specific niche, you will boost your blog or site’s earnings capacity by 100x. You need to modify “house design” to “office design.” Let me describe.

By including a B2B element, you just changed your audience to businesses from low-income individuals and also enhanced your blog or site’s earnings capacity by 100x that is how to make money blogging or as business owner and really good money.

Think of it by doing this. You can make more money just because of two factors if you’re marketing to big organizations rather than individuals.

The very first is that companies and businesses have extra funds offered and second, it all is not coming out of their very own pockets.

The attractive feature of this way is that your blog / website launch, content approach, and also sales channel are nearly identical for both the B2C “house design” and also B2B “office design” specific niches.

Here’s the good component in learning how to make money in this way: while your B2C “house design” monetization quit at a $300 course, the B2B “office design” particular niche does not simply quit there.

After you construct your specialist brand, you end up being called a B2B design professional. This impact enables your price for the project or works to go up from a $20 affiliate provision or $500 course to a $5,000/ month repeating consulting costs.

Comprehending your audience’s discomfort factors isn’t enough. To change your income by 100x, your audience requires to be in a profitable B2B specific niche as well as pay on a month-to-month repeating basis. With this technique, I absolutely think you can make $1000/ month in 3 months (with a brand-new blog).

After discovering a lucrative audience to offer value, the next action is to find the strategic benefits you might have over others.

And when you’re simply beginning, you might not have different good connections or not so many. You might think and ask yourself: “Why would any person want to work with me?” Using your background assists tremendously.

4. Use Your Skills to Pick the Keywords

Prior to getting going, you must do good keyword planning (research) and find out if there are searches for the subjects you could cover or products to sell and if it is possible to monetize them.

Once you completed a list of your skills and also passions, take particular niches and also think of the top 10 key phrases to target.

Next, utilize keyword planning & research tools like Ubersuggest or better Mangools for even deeper research and check the keywords.

These tools will really help you to make good keyword planning (research) for creating good content, services and help you to learn about the keywords.

Some things to remember when doing keyword planning & research. Look at your leading keywords if their search volumes are over 5000 this reveals that there is a good rate of interest in these topics.

Let’s check the “office design” keywords:

keyword ideas - how to make money blogging

It has over 6600 searches every month. This is a niche with interest! You can also see that “office design for home” is trending right now and has even more searches. That is not surprising.

Afterward, consider the difficulty score of keywords. This is a number from 0 to 100 and it shows how difficult it will be to get a high position on search on Google for the search phrase.

The competition may be high if your keywords score of difficulty is 50 or greater.

Aim for target keyword phrases with high month-to-month searches but difficulty score as low as possible to ensure that you can get more web traffic as possible with less competition.

“Office design for home” has 9900 searches and a difficulty score of 38. This is great! But don’t forget that your main focus should be B2B.

Your new blog or website is going to have DA (domain authority) 0 which means Google doesn’t know who you are and not going to show your posts high on searches until you prove it.

The way to do it is by getting backlinks (we will talk about it later). So this is why we want to find some keywords with low competition.

I scrolled down and found some B2B keywords and with very low difficulty scores:

keyword ideas - how to make money blogging

Nonetheless, if you see a website with a DR under 50 on the first page, that’s excellent because you can write better content and outrank them in some time.

5. Conclusion

To summarize, when looking for market needs, look for keywords with:

  • High monthly searches
  • Difficulty score under 50 for a keyword
  • Competitors with DR under 50

As I said before you can use Ubersuggest or Mangools for keyword research. Mangools offers also powerful tools for backlink and competitor analysis with some deeper details.

This will help you to find better keywords and analyze competition and learn how to make money blogging or selling the right product or service even faster.

See to it to pick your particular niche based upon target market potential, budget as well as market demand.

Change audience to B2B to make sure there’s the possibility to 100x your profits. As well as make certain your niche has market needs.

Enthusiasm doesn’t develop cash, cash develops enthusiasm in the end.

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