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Nobody will visit your website or blog if people cant find you. And traffic from Google is the best way to grow your blog. It is also free. All you need to do is to understand what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is.

To develop a genuinely effective blog, you initially require to develop influence.  And to develop authority, you require to tip beyond your comfort zone as well as leverage your connections, expert experience, and whatever is at your disposal like never before.

You will likewise be optimizing your blog both “inside” but also “outside” executing a lot of outreach to make new links. Outreach includes structured partnerships so you can guest blog posts on reliable websites in your specific niche.

These posts give you relevant, high Domain Authority (DA) backlinks for SEO, which is one of the best methods to climb on Google search positions. The more websites with high authority link you the higher your blog (or website) will rank on Google too.

Google has 3.5 billion searches daily – or over 40,000 every second. There’s a lot of web traffic to go around.

Optimizing inside

Optimizing your blog inside or as it is called “onpage” means doing changes to your articles so they become keyword-friendly but also making sure that your website is fast. Google loves mobile-friendly and fast websites.

I would highly recommend you look for some good videos on Youtube that can explain how exactly it works. Some of the good tools that can really help you doing it are Ubersuggest or Mangools. They are really good for keyword research and finding errors on website.

If you are using WordPress then you will also need plugins that will help you with that. These are free versions and are good:

Optimizing outside

1. Guest post on websites in your niche.

Let’s say you are an office designer then you could find those who offer coffee machines or fruit baskets for the office. You are in the same niche but not competitors. Google for these sites (check their DA so it is over 50).

It is better to have 1 backlink from a high DA website than 10 from a low. As I said before I am using Ubersuggest and Mangools for this kind of analysis. Contact and ask if they want you to write a post for them on their website and they will link to you as a reward.

2. Link exchange is another good way to build backlinks. As in the previous step, you can contact those sites but ask if they want to exchange links. They link to you and you link to them in return. As you understand their website has more juice power and DA so they might ask you to pay. It is up to you if you want to do it.

3. Build a program and install it on your site that could help a lot to focus on how to make money blogging ideas. There are many calculators for loans, calories, and pregnancy that you could install. People will come to your site, bookmark it, and link if they like it. This can go viral.

Can be easily done here with NO programming skill:


This is what you should do for the first 1-2 months when you start a new blog. Building links (not writing content about your passion). Your blog must have good DA before you can start ranking high and generate much traffic.

You will also optimize every post which you want that ranks high and that means that you put keywords in the title, text, and so on. This is called SEO (or more exactly “onpage” seo, “offpage” SEO which I also call “inside” and “outside”). Check some youtube to learn more. There are lots of good tutorials there. You can also learn from Skillshare.com which has great masterclasses from professional people.


There are popular plugins (small addons) that will help you with that:

Choose any of them. They are all free but have a premium version if you like. Rankmath has more tools than other two have only in their premium version. I am using the rankmath premium.

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