What is an Influencer?

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Influencers have become popular in our time. These are people whose opinions are of great importance to a certain audience. What is an influencer? Influencers talk about a certain topic: fashion, sports and so on. It is very easy to find the right and reliable information from influencers, they are present in various spheres.

What is an influencer?

Such people have their own audience that trusts and takes into account their opinion. Even with a small audience, they can show more potential and engagement than popular bloggers.

So what is an influencer? Influences are in all social networks, including Instagram, YouTube and other. Finding the right information is not difficult. Specialists are available in all areas of activity. In this way, you can learn something new to find a similar situation and its solution. It is best to listen to people’s opinion and solve the situation as advised.

Influencer can only be in one sphere or say something in common. There is no one who has mastered several spheres at once and gives advice on solving problems.

Also, influencers have a rule, if the theme is chosen, it cannot be changed in any case. Also, you cannot contradict yourself and take advertising on the opposite topic. For example, if an influencer talks about vegetarianism, he will never advertise animal meat through social media or YouTube.

Influencers for advertising

Some companies with revenue and a large number of buyers, introduce themselves to influencers for advertising. What is an influencer can do for it? Such marketing move will ensure the arrival of a large audience. It is on advertising that influencers make a lot of money. If he has a large and interesting audience that is ready for action, then advertising can pay a lot of money. Therefore, all people aspire to the peaks and do not stop.

If necessary, you can ask the influencer a question. It is very difficult to communicate with such people, as it is almost impossible to find their free time. If there is a certain question and put it illiterately, there will be no answer. But if you correctly lay out the situation and history, the answer will be guaranteed.

Influencers are very intelligent and responsible people. If you follow their accounts and YouTube, you can learn something new for yourself and find a solution to the problems. You can also ask a certain question and get a clear, clear answer to it. To do this, you need to properly make a request and wait a little.

Opinion matters

Influencers is the most popular word of the past year, which is even a little tired. After the Millennials, of course. Influencer is a person whose opinion matters to a certain audience.

We all consciously or unconsciously want to imitate someone, and this is our nature. As a child, we like to dress up as princesses or superheroes, in our youth you want to have a haircut, like that singer. And that’s fine.

Actually, influencers are idols. 10 years ago this role could get only exclusively celebrities (actors, singers, celebrities, etc.), today everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. To become someone’s idol today, it is not necessary to flash in the TV or collect the Olympic. It is enough to gather around yourself an audience, which is calculated by the number of followers on Instagram.

Difference between a blogger and an influencer

What is the difference between a blogger and an influencer? It’s basically nothing. Today, the blogger is one of the possible formats of the leader of public opinion.

According to 2018 statistics, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle were the most important influencers. Moreover, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, who shared first and second place, do not make movies and do not sing. They are popular because they are popular. And sometimes this popularity is even a little intimidating.

Meghan Markle is not on any social network, but it does not prevent her for many to remain the most popular woman. All the “fault” of her attractive role model. Just imagine, the girl “of the people” married the prince. It seems that such a story can happen to any of us. Let’s say thank you to fairy tales and cinema, which for years put these thoughts in women’s minds. So it’s no surprise that many girls now want to touch this story so much that they’re willing to “be like Megan,” even if you need to buy shoes like hers. Meghan Markle’s blog is devoted to a separate article.

Influencers are displacing stars and print media

Influencers are displacing not only stars, but also print media. Let’s go back 15 years and remember how we learned about the news of the fashion world?

Critics and journalists came to the screenings (they were still customary to put in the front rows), watched the show, outlined what they saw and ran to their hotel to fax the material to the editorial office. The fastest release date for such material is the next day.

Today in front raw sit Chiara Ferragni and other fashion-bloggers who can show you the show live on their page.

Print media loses to bloggers and influencers

Why print media loses to bloggers and influencers. First, it is impossible to track statistics in the journal and analyze audience engagement and selling effect. It is almost impossible to find out who was affected by the advertisement, and who really went and bought what he saw on the pages of gloss. In social networks and the Internet it is done easy and very precisely. Another point: the cost of advertising strip in a magazine is many times more expensive than publishing on Instagram at a stylist or fashion-blogger. Of course, there are exceptions. But, on average, it is.

Thirdly, it is worth discussing the amount of this very advertising. Over time, it became so much that people began to lose confidence in gloss. When every second publication is a special project or sponsorship material, not the real opinion of the author, it is somehow obvious, we are adults.

Yes, it is worth remembering that magazines also have their own sites. But, unfortunately, they are not far away from printing on the advertising format of publications.

Brands are moving away from classic advertising

Today, more and more brands are openly declaring that they are “moving away from classic advertising in gloss.” And 90% of them by the end of 2018 increased their budgets for influencers.

And that’s perfectly normal. It is obvious that even the most respected magazine with a circulation of 130,000 copies has a smaller audience than any million-dollar blogger.

People like to read about people. That’s a fact. For centuries, people liked to spy on other people’s lives and discuss neighbors.

What is an influencer player? It’s a role model that’s close to a certain audience. Someone who flaunts his life but says, “Look, you can do the same.” It’s inspiring, but not repulsive.

And if earlier, when the trend was set by glossy magazines, promoting one single role of “successful-fashionable-fashionable-skinny-young-rich” woman, today the influencer is found for everyone: moms, athletes, psychologists, dogs, travelers, Freelancers. The list goes on indefinitely.


But the most important difference from the magazine – feedback from the audience. People’s trust in opinion leaders is like trusting the best friends whose advice we care about.

Remember what you do first when you’re going to buy something unknown? Reading reviews. What if your best friend says, “I have this, I’m very happy”? Now, if you’re told by an influencer you like, there’s an even greater chance that you’ll buy it.

Another subspecies of opinion leaders. Surely, each of you subscribes to the blogger, who has 15 to 100,000 subscribers, but you are very interesting and comfortable there.

Such bloggers are all more interesting than their niche, and they are more expert in it. Sellers in well-known stores that talk about what no one knew before, owners of TV channels, event organizers, assistant bloggers, moms who combine parenthood and career, etc.

These bloggers are even more like friends who recommend something to you. They are even more interesting to brands, as their recommendation is instant sales, unlike the more well-known influencers (with a million or more subscribers), where their advertising is brand recognition, but sales are not guaranteed.

Phobias of the older generation

One of the phobias of the older generation is that young people do not want to learn, but want popularity, likes and easy money.

I wouldn’t collect all the young people into one big cliche. After all, we’re all different. And the responsibility of choice is equal. Both on the user and on the blogger. And the latter can only say, how to organize a charity event, and “bury” someone’s reputation.

Is it good or bad? Neither. This is our new reality, no more. The outcome of which can be any. But I still believe in the positive.

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