How To Download Lightroom Presets?

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Now I will tell you how to download Lightroom presets, add them to the lightroom on the phone and apply them to your photos. The main point of presets is that you need them in format DNG, this is exactly the format that supports mobile Lightroom. If you have in format LRTEMPLATE or XMP then it is for the desktop.

Immediately after getting the preset on our website you will receive an email/page with a link to download it. Clicking on this link, you’ll have a page with preset (file .dng) on Google Drive or Dropbox. You don’t have to install a Google Drive or Dropbox app on your phone to download preset.

On the original Google Drive or Dropbox page with the presets you got, select the “Or continue on the site” button. Click “Download” and select “Direct Download” in the new sling. It’s done, the download has begun. On iOS you will open a special page instead where you need to click “Open in Lightroom” or choose Lightroom through the button. Android users can simply download the file.

If you have an iPhone download them better from file-sharing type like Google drive, Dropbox or Onedrive because iPhone does not support downloading to your device. You can directly in the cloud click on the preset and choose to open it in Lightroom.

If you have an Android phone you can download directly to your device from mail, cloud or transfer with usb cable.

An easy way to download presets on your phone is to install it on desktop version first and sync it with mobile version.

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