How to Write a Good Blog Post – Tips & Tricks

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Writing a good blog post is not so easy when you don’t know what to do exactly. Especially if you are writing a blog post for the first time in your blogging life. I will show you some basic steps and also provide you with some ideas so you know what to do.

1. Write a List of Topics

First of all, you need to write down a list of possible topics that you can write about.

Let´s say you are a fitness blog or a food blogger and want to write a good blog post then you might want to create some posts about different excises or a precipice of your favorite cakes(?)

It can be like:

  • Exercises with weights
  • Exercises for abs
  • Exercises for lower back


  • recipe for cake mix cookies
  • recipe for cake donuts
  • recipe for cake pops

Write down a list of at least 10 topics.

If you have difficulty coming up with ideas here is how you can do it easily. Go to Google and start writing “recipe for cake” and you will see a list of searches from Google:


2. Keyword Research

Now you need to analyze those topics. You need to know how many searches they can generate every month and also how hard the competition is before you can write a good blog post.

You need to know it because some keywords may have many searches every month BUT very high competition and you can´t compete with other blogs/websites that are too powerful.

Unfortunately on the image above from Google you can´t see that information. In order to see it you need to use some keyword research tool. I can recommend Mangools. It is far cheaper than many other tools and also gives you a free trial. You can use that trial to do the research.


As you can see “exercises with weights” has 6600 searches/month and also 45 in SEO difficulty. It means that ranking for those keywords will be difficult. If you can´t rank on the first page on Google then you will most likely get no clicks and traffic to your blog.

Let´s see if we can find some with low competition:


As you can see “exercises with dumbbells chest” has 22200 searches/mo and also SEO difficulty is only 13. That is great. Everything under 20 is pretty easy to rank even for new bloggers.

Let´s do 1 more example. Let´s say you are a food blogger and want to write a good blog post about “Birthday cake”.

Here is what we get if we do keyword research for “birthday cake“:


301000 searches/mo is nice BUT 84 in SEO difficulty is extremely high. Let´s see if we can find some with low competition:


birthday cake emoji” is most likely not relevant but “birthday cake pop starbucks” and “birthday cake recipes easy” is another good one with low SEO competition to write a good blog post about.

Low SEO competition is very important for new bloggers so their blog posts can rank high on search engines like Google, Bing and other and generate traffic to the blog. It can also be sometimes called DA (domain authority). It shows how powerful the domain is. The lower DA is for a keyword the easier it is to rank for it.

As you may understand all new blogs will have low DA and those who have been working with search engine optimization of their blogs will have much higher DA. Basically, when other websites start to link to your blog your DA will start to go up. It is much better to get 1 link to your blog from a website with high DA than 10 from websites with low DA.

When DA of your blog starts to grow you will be able to rank for keywords with much higher competition.

If we go back and check the DA (domain authority) of those top 10 websites that rank high on Google for “exercises with weights” you can see that their DA is very high and there is no chance for your new blog with low DA to outrank those:


So make sure to do keyword research before you start writing a blog post otherwise it may never rank high and you will not get any traffic.

As I said I recommend Mangools. It has a 10-day trial which is enough to make keyword research without paying. It is very beginner friendly and also has many features for SEO, link building, competition analyses and much more BUT it also has a very low cost compared to competitors.

For example, Mangools has a subscription for 29$/mo while SemRush from 119$/mo. SemRush is much more expensive but also has more features but those are usually needed only for big businesses while Mangools is perfect for bloggers or small businesses.

3. Writing The Post

You can now start to write a good blog post. The keyword you found out using keyword research should be in the topic but also sometimes in the text.

So if “exercises with dumbbells chest” is the keyword you need to use then you can create a topic like “Top 5 Effective Exercises with Dumbbells for the Chest”.

Some tips. it is a good idea to use numbers, words like “top” or “best” and also powerwords for example “effective” in the topic.

You have two options now. You can write a post first and then optimize it for search engines (which is easier in my opinion) or you can write a post and optimize it at the same time. I will cover the first option.

So the idea here is to create a post that has at least 3000 words now. That is needed because it will be easier to rank higher and even outrank some other blogs/websites which have higher DA. If your blog has low DA then you can give a small boost for it by trying to write a good post.

Being able to write good texts is important. Grammarly will automatically help you in any editor and show you all the misspellings and also recommend how to write better. It will correct your texts and also give suggestions for better. It has a free option with many excellent features but the paid version is even better.


It is a good idea to have:

  • Introduction – hooks the reader, draws them in, and sets up the post
  • Main body – works through a logical sequence of points, holding the reader’s attention
  • Conclusion – ends the post decisively and calls the reader to take action

It may be hard to write those 3000 words so here are some ideas that may help you:

  • Compare different products
  • Write top 10 of something
  • Write about PROs and CONs
  • Write summaries
  • Use images and describe them
  • Create recommendations
  • Write about tips and tricks
  • Ask questions and answer
  • Write in details
  • Provide some examples

Use as much as possible of the ideas above but do not forget that the information you write needs to be useful for readers.

4. Optimizing the Post

When you are done with the post now is the time to optimize it (see how to do it) so it can rank high on search engines. I assume that you use WordPress as a blogger tool also known as CMS (content management system).

There are many useful plugins that can help you optimizing. I use RankMath. It is free and also has many premium features that you have to pay for in other plugins. When you optimize the post you get a sidebar that will help you and show what you need to do to optimize the article:


Make sure to complete as many points in that list as possible to get as optimized article as possible. Many things are basic here but some may be very difficult. The more optimized your post becomes the better it is for ranking.

If you don´t want or can´t use any plugin for optimizing then you should at least follow these basics:

  • Use the keywords in the topic
  • Use the keywords in the content (at least once every 5-7 rows)
  • Use synonyms of your keyword
  • Keywords should be in the url
  • Link to other posts in your blog
  • All images need to have alt-tags
  • Make sure to optimize the size of the images

5. Build Links to Your Post

When you are done with the post and it is also optimized then it is a good idea to get it some boost and build links so some people will have it easier to find it.

Here is what you can do:

  • Contact other websites and ask them for a link
  • Link and share on social media
  • You can also advertise
  • List your site in trustworthy directories
  • Send the newsletter to your subscriptions

You can also Guest post on websites in your niche. Let’s say you are an office designer then you could find those who offer coffee machines or fruit baskets for the office. You are in the same niche but not competitors. Google for these sites (check their DA so it is over 50).

It is better to have 1 backlink from a high DA website than 10 from a low. Contact and ask if they want you to write a post for them on their website and they will link to you as a reward.

Link exchange is another good way to build backlinks. As in the previous step, you can contact those sites but ask if they want to exchange links. They link to you and you link to them in return. As you understand their website has more juice power and DA so they might ask you to pay. It is up to you if you want to do it but Google forbids buying links.

You can also build a program and install it on your site. It might sound difficult but it is not. There are many calculators for loans, calories, and pregnancy that you could install. People will come to your site, bookmark it, and link if they like it. This can go viral.

Can be easily done here with NO programming skill:

6. What Makes a Blog Post Good?

Before you create a blog site and start to write a good blog post, see to it you understand the answers to inquiries like, “Why would somebody maintain reading this whole blog post?” and also “What makes my audience come back for more?”

To begin, an excellent post is fascinating and also academic. Blogs ought to address concerns and also aid readers fix an obstacle they’re experiencing – and you have to do so in a fascinating way.

It’s not nearly enough just to answer a person’s concerns – you also need to offer workable actions while being interesting. As an example, your introduction needs to hook the reader as well as make them want to continue reviewing your post. Then, utilize instances to keep your visitors interested in what you need to say.

Keep in mind, that an excellent post interests and gives educational material to the target market audience.

7. Summary

So in order to create a good blog post, you need to:

  1. Write a list of topics
  2. Do keyword analysis
  3. Write a post with at least 3000 words
  4. Optimize the post
  5. Create links to your post


1. Is your blog only in 1 language? Why not translate it to 2, 5 or even 10 languages? You can double or triple your traffic by doing it. TranslatePress allows you to automatically translate using Google Translate or DeepL so it only takes like 10 seconds per article. It has a free version with manual translation and a premium which will allow automatic translation.

2. has also thousands of courses from different professional people where you can learn everything from blogging to master courses in SEO and much more. It has many courses for free but also many premium from some professional experts.

3. Every blogger needs to keep a list of all email subscribers. You also want to grow it and be able to send email easily. No coding. No programming skills. Beautiful responsive emails on all platforms.

Besides that bloggers also need to be able to do webinars, build unique landing pages for campaigns and automate as much as possible. That is why a good email automation system is needed and as you may know I personally use and recommend GetResponse for it.

Unlike other email systems, this one is also affiliate friendly and will make it possible for passive income. Up to 500 contacts can be stored for FREE more than that you will need to choose a plan but 500 is ok for beginner bloggers or those who just want to try the system for free.

4. You can collect leads and grow your email list. OptinMonster is perfect for it. It is an addon for email programs. It will allow you to create many beautiful and fully responsive and mobile-friendly sidebars with sign-up forms, popups, Lightboxes, exit popups and much more. Unfortunately, it is not free but very needed for every blogger and is worth it.

5. A good blog needs a good theme that is created specifically for a blog. Publisher has over 95 unique themes for all possible niches and is also perfectly optimized for SEO, mobile responsive and fast. I use one of the designs in my blog here but there are even more available. It is not free but it is a one-time purchase and you get access to all those 95 designs.


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