How fast is your Web Host?

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Did you know that you will lose 20-30% of visitors for every 1s of the additional load time of your website? People don’t like slow websites.

  1. In short, your website should load as fast as possible!
  2. The ideal website load time is under 1-2 seconds
  3. A 2-second delay in load time results in abandonment rates of up to 87%
  4. Google aims for under half-a-second load time
  5. A very slow load time can be a negative Google ranking factor

Response time of your web host is very important. It is the time your website visitors have to wait before the web host (server) where your website is located will respond and start loading your website.

Under 200ms = best web hosting

Time to First Byte (TTFB) is under 200ms (0.2s) for the best web hosts and cheap or free ones can have over 1 second response time! This means you will lose over 30% of visitors only because of slow web hosting.

No matter how well your website optimized is, you will not be able to improve the load time under 1-2 seconds if the server response time is bad.

How fast is your web host? Lets test!

Go to some online speed site test tools and check. There are a lot of free tools. You can try Gtmetrix. Make sure to choose a test location near you. You will not get any true results if your server is in the USA but the test location is in Japan. I am in Sweden and tested London:


I got TTFB 199ms which is one of the best possible results so I can be sure that my web host is very good and will not put any limits on my website load times.

The good news is that it is always possible to change web host. Your new web host will usually help you to move.

Here is a test of different web hosts:


Anything under 500ms I would say is a really good web host.

There are many good web hostings. The difference is usually in response time, price and features. Most of them offer free domain names, but some also provide some other bonuses. They change their offers and campaign all the time. Check all of them and see which one is giving you the most for the best price.

BlueHost has the best hosting features for bloggers/small business owners. If you’re looking for power and a large offering of tools, then this host is well worth checking out. Bluehost is most well known for being the number one recommended WordPress host, so it’s also a strong contender.

DreamHost is the most affordable hosting provider across all its packages. These price plans make DreamHost perfect for those who are budgeting for the long term. DreamHost is also the number two recommended WordPress host.

SiteGround support and speed is where it really shines. Even as you navigate SiteGround’s website, it’s clear that there’s a strong focus on being beginner-friendly and supportive of its users. On top of its user-friendly focus, SiteGround also delivers a full range of support options, including 24/7 phone and live chat support. SiteGround is also the number three recommended WordPress host.

Personally, I suggest getting professional web hosting and Bluehost is the #1 in my opinion. It is a recommended web host by WordPress itself and has many tools to do anything you need. Other good options are DreamHost and SiteGround. They all are almost as fast so the difference in speed is very small. SiteGround is the fastest but also more expensive.

Having a good web host with a fast response time will improve your business. It will decrease the abandonment rates of your website and make many people happy. Which in return will increase the number of sales, contacts, conversions and much more on your website. How would you feel if you suddenly got 30% more sales?

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