25 ways to find new customers

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Discovering new customers for the business is a great challenge for lots of entrepreneurs and salespeople. When working daily to keep existing clients happy, it is likewise simple to neglect the recruitment of brand-new ones – which is at least as crucial.

To assist your company, I have actually put together a list of the 25 finest tips for finding brand-new consumers. The suggestions on the list can be adjusted for both little and big businesses and used in both the B2B and customer markets.

So whether you are trying to find new clients manually or using some of the best all-in-one marketing systems like GetResponse to find new clients for the cleansing business, accounting firm, construction business or online brand, you can get help from the list.

1. Know your target market

New customer processing will be much more efficient if you have excellent control of the target groups for your products/ services. Instead of costing randomly with a generalized sales message, you can adapt the message and better reach prospective consumers. Do a client segmentation and hang out truly getting to know your consumers.

2. Run projects and provide something totally free

It is stated that if you offer something totally free, you get more than double back. Attract your brand-new customers with promotions where you either give out your service/ product or some extra present totally free. Listed below I have actually listed a number of different choices on what you can provide for free:

  • Guides, tips and reports
  • The test period for your service or product
  • Service or product in exchange for you being enabled to do a case study or assessment
  • Something totally various on the purchase

3. Attend the exhibition

Numerous fairs are arranged every year that you have the opportunity to participate in. Have a look at which fairs are most interesting for your clients and get a stand at that specific fair. Remember to market your involvement reasonably ahead of time to draw in more visitors.

Throughout the fair, it is essential to work to create brand-new contacts, both actively by talking with visitors and passively by making it easy for visitors to register their interest in your business.

If your company can not afford to exhibit at trade fairs, it does not need to mean that you have to skip trade fairs where your consumers are. Visiting trade fairs with the goal of networking likewise works well. Discover a trade show they either check out or display at and go there with a high business card to network.

4. Make certain you have an excellent website

Your site can be an excellent website for gathering brand-new consumers. For this to work optimally, you need to make sure that the site points out the most fundamental parts a great website needs to have. In the table listed below, you will discover the primary aspects you should be aware of when it concerns your site:

  1. Fast web host
  2. Optimized website performance
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  5. Google My Business

About the web host. Some recommendation:

Some good tools for SEO and CRO:

  • Mangools – helps to find good headlines and keywords
  • RankMath – free plugin for optimization

Optimizing a website may take a lot of time and skill. The best is to build it optimized from the beginning och change it to the optimized theme. It will save you a lot of time and money.

5. Blog site and guest blog

Blogging can likewise be beneficial in the hunt for new customers. In the blog, you can share your expertise and at the same time draw in new visitors by means of, for instance, an online search engine. Do not hesitate to check out our list of the very best business blog sites if you are looking for inspiration for blogging.

If you feel comfy blogging on your own website, it can also be beneficial to guest blog on other websites. Visitor blogging is an easy way to drive traffic to your own site and reach out to new readers and possible buyers.

6. Take guts and make cold calls

Making cold calls is a really difficult task for many, but in some cases, it can be needed to find brand-new consumers. Unfortunately, one can not expect any major success with simply calling randomly selected potential customers.

Increase the opportunity for success with sales calls by having a well-thought-out method for the call. Prepare answers to prospective concerns and consider ahead of time what advantage this particular possible customer has from your service/ item. If he has actually gotten a suggestion to your company in advance, the chances of a successful sales conversation also increase considerably.

7. Hire an appointment booking expert

You can likewise get help from an external company that can manage your conference reservation if you or your salesmen do not like to make cold calls. The advantage of employing an external company for meeting reservations is that you do not have to hang out making cold calls to withdrawn customers.

This is done instead by professionals who work daily to book conferences. You can instead invest your time selling to interested prospects.

8. Make use of existing clients

If you have a great relationship with your existing customers, you can always go over with them if they have ideas on people in their network who might be interested in your product/ service. You can also go a step further and provide advantages and discount rates to existing consumers because they refer new ones to you.

You can likewise combine this point with point 2, to offer something away free of charge. Your existing consumer can get benefits by welcoming a pal or acquaintance – just as the recruited individual receives benefits to join.

9. Promote in print media

You can likewise promote in newspapers to discover new clients, but disregard thoughtlessly tossing a random advertisement in a random newspaper.

Rather, the market in print media that you understand your target audience reads. This can be, for example, market magazines or special editions that interest your target group. If your clients read the day-to-day newspaper, this is where you ought to promote.

If you work really in your area, it can likewise be a chance to purchase advertisements in associations’ member publications, calendars, or other printed products that the residents read. In these editions, the competition for the reader’s attention is not as strong as in the big paper.

10. Invest in sponsorship

Sponsoring sports clubs such as football clubs or golf clubs can be a terrific method to find new consumers. Remember, however, to benefit from the sponsorship and not just distribute grants to put the logo design on clothes. If you sponsor a football group, for instance, you can go to the matches and network with both advocates and association members to show that your company exists.

11. Learn from your rivals

There is nothing incorrect with taking examples from rivals. Studying competitors can inspire you to discover new clients. You can check out the exact same event or run comparable projects that have actually shown to work well for rivals.

Another way to learn from rivals is to see how they do and then do the opposite. This works well if you have many competitors who all deal with new client processing in a comparable way. Shock and interest prospective purchasers in doing something completely brand-new. You can try sending direct mail rather if all rivals utilize digital marketing. It’s about discovering unused channels to reach out.

12. Enhance your sales message

Even the best sales tactics have a hard time combating an improperly worded sales message. Reach more clients by enhancing your sales message. Think of why they buy from you and what issue you resolve for them instead of what properties the product has. Take a look at, for instance, the AIDA design for aid with developing a good sales message.

13. Market in inexpensive and ingenious methods

Take examples of business owners’ ways of marketing themselves and have a look at examples of guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing ought to be unconventional and unexpected with the goal of accomplishing maximum impact with very little resources.

It can be about putting attractive sticker labels out on the town that shows your product in an ingenious method, or an exhibition right in the center. It can likewise have to do with small things like sending out a handwritten postcard to a potential buyer where you tell about your day instead of telling about your item.

14. Take excellent care of your existing consumers

Great credibility spreads rapidly and can help you a lot in the search for new customers. Partially due to the fact that your pleased clients can suggest you to associates and partially by utilizing their evaluations in your marketing. You can likewise utilize external review sites to increase your credibility with the help of existing client evaluations, such as Trustpilot.

Look at the possibility of doing a little extra for your consumers. A good example of this is the anecdote about an American insurance salesman. He took the opportunity to show how essential his clients were by visiting their neighbors and telling them that he was always there for the next-door neighbor if he was away and had issues with his house. Such customer care gives a great reputation that spreads rapidly.

15. Be explained in the paper

When you are doing an interesting task, remember to note the regional newspaper. If you have begun to develop naturally, taken crucial steps towards becoming a more sustainable company or are launching a new exciting product. At such events, it can likewise be an excellent idea to tip market magazines, blog writers in your industry or other publishers online who might have an interest in discussing your specific story.

16. Be offered and do not miss calls

Make certain to be readily available on different platforms to meet all possible customers. Continuously inspect your social networks, such as messages on Facebook, so as not to overlook interested parties.

Likewise try to always be readily available by phone. If it is undue a challenge to get all incoming calls, you can get help from external companies that offer telephone answering.

17. Set up an event

As a company, you can set up many different open events that provide you the chance to reach brand-new customers. Take a look at the list of suggestions listed below to find inspiration for your next event:

  • Customer evening where you flaunt your products and give out complimentary product samples
  • Breakfast seminar
  • Auction for charity
  • TEDx occasion
  • Competitors
  • Pop-up store
  • Lectures and workshops
  • To discover an occasion that fits your company, you can consider what your customers like to do. Do they like to work out? Organize an occasion with totally free training. Do you sell building and construction services? Hold a carpentry competition for school children and network with the parents during the competition.

18. Network in various interest groups

Evaluate which active associations there are in your area. Are your potential clients in any of the associations? Sign up with the association to help, encourage and network with members.

Do not be afraid to approach your associations even if you are not a typical association member. A young entrepreneur who is a physiotherapist can sign up with the pensioners’ association to communicate with and exist for the area’s pensioners.

19. Go shopping

Sounds like a weird suggestion to discover brand-new clients by going to the grocery store but it can work exceptionally well for small businesses in smaller-sized towns. The brand for smaller-sized companies is typically highly linked to the individual/ persons behind the business. By going to the supermarket and discussing with the people in the shop, you as a small business owner can easily find brand-new customers, specifically if you are locally known for your occupation.

20. Benefit from social networks

Use social networks to reach brand-new people, both naturally and through advertising. If you are purchasing advertising on social networks, for instance, Facebook, it is essential to keep track of which segments you want to focus on.

Learn as much as possible about your clients; what age group they belong to, where they live, and what interests they have. If there are a number of sectors (various ages or interests), remember to customize the advertisements and message to the segment.

Remember to make it as easy as possible for those who find you via social media to contact you or buy your product. Link to your site where they can easily discover contact details utilize all contact choices via Facebook and link to your website in the profile on Instagram so as not to lose an interested visitor.

21. Work together with other business

Start a collaboration with companies near you to refer consumers to each other. Discover businesses near you that provide an item/ service that associates with you and therefore attracts the very same visitors. Work together by referring your consumers to them as needed and as they do the very same.

Examples of companies that can team-up:

  • Carpentry and painting
  • Beauty parlor and skin care therapist
  • Gym and sports shop
  • Hotel and museum
  • Marketing agency and printing business
  • Building companies and interior designers
  • Broker and bank

22. Hold lectures

If you have the chance to collaborate with event organizers and provide a lecture, you must absolutely take that opportunity. Holding a lecture at a seminar, at universities, schools or associations provides an excellent opportunity to display your competence while you get to meet new potential clients.

Keep in mind to give a great lecture where you actually share value-creating and useful pointers and not just market your company.

23. Make use of affiliate websites

Drive traffic (potential clients) to your site using affiliate websites. There are many different ways to drive affiliate traffic to a website. Through sites such as PriceSpy, influencers or other actors who work to mediate affiliate collaborations. Discover a gamer who can assist you drive pertinent traffic to your website to reach brand-new sectors.

24. Sell more to your existing customers

It is very important to find new customers, you can also increase sales by selling more to your existing and previous buyers. Boost sales to previous or existing purchasers with the help of, for example, service plans, item upgrades or extra items.

25. Work together with businesses that can moderate interested customers

Today, there are many companies that work in various methods to gather interested customers (leads) and sell them to companies in various markets. For a favorable price, you can get information from individuals who are interested in the particular product you provide.

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