15 Great Travel Destinations in Greece for All Tastes

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Sunny Greece attracts many holiday lovers. Greece offers many, completely different islands and resorts. Here are 15 wonderful great travel destinations in Greece for all tastes.

Great travel destination in Greece?

Many of us dream of a holiday in Mamma Mia style with turquoise waters, picturesque whitewashed houses with blue shutters and lovely environments with sparkling seas and olive trees to stroll around among.

Greece is a popular destination that attracts with sun, swimming, good food and fantastic views. Whether you want a classic family holiday, relaxation or a vibrant city life, there is an island or a town on the mainland for you.

You are looking for a lovely holiday, but it should rather not be too expensive. You appreciate good food, sun and swimming, but it doesn’t have to be too much on schedule. Among the Greek islands there are several that have a rather low price level, because there are still many Greeks who visit them themselves during the holidays and is a great travel destination in Greece.

Outdoor activities, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding or why not scuba diving? The explorer is happy to move around in nature or it is the sights, art and history that attract. Ancient Greece with its beautiful nature has a lot to offer for both of them.

Looking for a quiet holiday with a focus on relaxation, rest and a peaceful day’s rhythm without too much activities? There are several destinations in Greece that do not abound with tourists and where the tranquility takes place.

Genuine taverns, small shops that do not sell mass-produced tourist gear and picturesque fishing villages. Greece is popular with tourists, but that does not mean that there are no resorts and islands where genuine Greece still permeates the whole existence.

1. Karpathos

Genuine Greek atmosphere, hiking trails, Olympos


Highest rating:

The island of Karpathos is characterized by a quiet calm, genuine Greek feeling, and beautiful nature and is a great travel destination in Greece. Swim in the turquoise sea, sunbathe on one of the many beaches, dine at the local taverns or take the car to discover the island’s small fishing villages and stunning landscapes.

A trip to Karpathos promises an experience out of the ordinary. Here, a genuine Greek atmosphere awaits on a quiet island with beautiful nature. The food is good, the beaches wonderful and the sea absolutely lovely blue and crystal clear. The fact that Karpathos has a long and exciting history means that there are also many attractions on the island. A trip to Karpathos simply makes for a memorable holiday.

Discover Carpathos

Karpathos has a beautiful hilly landscape with high mountains and valleys, and there are several fantastic lookout places. Perfect for taking the rental car and going on a drive along the winding roads. Karpathos also has several beautiful hiking trails for both newly started and experienced hikers.

Those interested in history can revel in the local museums of small towns and among the countless churches scattered here and there on the island.

Historic Olympos

Karpathos has a motley history with various conquerors and like Crete, the island was inhabited by the Minoans four thousand years ago. To this day, they retain their traditions, especially in the village of Olympos, which is well worth a visit. There it feels as if time has stood still since the 900s when the village was built high up in the mountains to protect itself against pirates who were down in Karpathos town. Olympos is the most convenient sea route via Diafani.

2. Kalymnos

Genuine Greek atmosphere, climbing trails, sponge and honey


Highest rating:

Kalymnos is a great travel destination in Greece, it is located just west of the Turkish coastal town of Bodrum. There is peace, sun and swimming for the whole coin. It is also possible to rent a car to explore the island’s small villages, which are characterized by a genuine Greek atmosphere.

Beautiful Kalymnos is a favorite of many Greek travelers. Many people travel here to experience the bustling capital, the captivating folk life and beautiful landscape, or to climb one of the island’s excellent climbing trails.

Experience the Genuine Greece

On the fourth largest island among the Twelve Islands, you can really experience the genuine Greece. Between the mountains are green, lush valleys where vegetables, olives and lemons are grown. Mountaineers love the island and climb for the smooth life of the barren mountains. On the west coast are the seaside resorts of Myrties and Massouri, nestled in lush greenery on lovely beaches with shingle and sand.

Sponges and Honey

Kalymnos has been widely known for its nature sponge since the 16th century. In the past, nearly 400 boats and 4,000 of the island’s inhabitants employed nearly 400. Today, when the synthetic fungus is taking over more and more, the fleet is limited to some 50 boats. But the business is still making its mark on the island, with large farewell ceremonies in May when the boats head out and welcome parties in October when the divers return. Two excellent souvenirs are given in the packing home – a large yellow sponge and a jar of sweet, golden honey.

Small-Town Feeling in Kalymno City

The port city of Kalymnos on the south coast is the island’s capital. The city is built in a semicircle around the bustling harbour, with whitewashed houses climbing the hillsides. The wide harbour promenade is lined with taverns and cafés and the usual evening snowjet in Kalymno’s town is to sit and watch the noisy folk life. Just 15 minutes from the city there is the tranquility and bays with its crystal clear waters.

3. Alonissos

Hiking trails, World-Class Diving, Marine National Park


Highest rating:

For the outdoor traveler, the picturesque island of Alonissos is a real gem and a great travel destination in Greece. There are hiking trails of varying difficulty, a marine national park where you can dive in crystal clear waters, meet fish and seals and paddle. If you want to treat yourself to sunbathing or go out to a restaurant and bar, there are also plenty of places to visit.

On the picturesque island of Alonissos, the naturalist can look forward to an unbeatable outdoor holiday. The pine-clad mountains are stunningly beautiful and during your trip to Alonissos awaits good opportunities for both challenging hiking and inspiring diving that with a little luck offers cool encounters with the wildlife beneath the surface.

Alonissos Satisfies All Tastes

At Alonissos the water is crystal clear and on the beaches the Scandinavian tourists usually shine with their absence. The island is just as suitable for those who prefer to plough your favorite literature during a shady parasol days long, as for those looking for nature and sports experiences.

The island’s old town, Chora, is nicely located at an altitude a few kilometres from Patitiri. Chora is charming – stroll along the romantic stone streets and explore all the village’s favourite spots on foot. The narrow alleys, the flower-draped house facades and all the cosy little taverns make Chora a delightful village. Feel free to wander here from Patitiri. A scenic walk that takes about 45 minutes.

Experience Nature at Alonissos

At Alonissos, you never have to be bored. The landscape is striking and it is teeming with activities that you can take on in nature. The hiker has 14 official hiking trails of varying difficulty to explore. But anyone who wants to can of course also go out on their own – with good map and good company.

Kayaking is another great way to look up. Paddle at your own pace through the clear waters lining the picturesque coastline. It may seem hard to paddle out on a high summer day, but anyone who still wants will get their reward in the form of unbeatable natural silhouettes – dramatic rock formations, mysterious cave passages and all the hidden beaches just waiting to be enjoyed. It is still worth stopping until time to time during the excursion, because it would be a shame to miss out on such fine snorkeling water.

Marine National Park

The list of superlatives can be made long when it comes to Alonissos but perhaps the most unique thing about the island is that it is part of a protected marine national park. Alonissos is the largest island to belong to the national park and also the only one of its kind in Greece when you can actually live and tourist here.

Animal and natural life is spectacular to say the least. Around the island, for example, is the shy monk seal. A meeting with the monk seal in the open air will undoubtedly be an unforgettable holiday memory. And if you’re curious to know more about the monk seal, a visit to the island’s rescue center can be a touching and instructive half-day tour.

World-Class Diving

There aren’t many things that beat the feeling of diving. To glide weightlessly and to get acquainted with all the beauty beneath the surface of wildlife own conditions. Diving in a marine national park is just as exotic as it sounds. Greece is home to the seal-rich waters of the Mediterranean. In addition, there are said to be up to 300 fish species in the area. The sea is a holiday universe in itself and it is almost a must to snorkel or dive during the visit to Alonissos.

4. Corfu

Hiking trails, historical sights and small resorts


Highest rating:

Want to discover a lot and not just lie on the beach on holiday? Then Corfu can be a destination for you. It is a great travel destination in Greece. On the elongated island there are plenty of hiking trails, historical sights and small resorts to visit. Corfu city has several historical sights to offer and you also easily make your way over to the beautiful Albanian coast for a day or more.

In Corfu, Greece shows off one of its most beautiful faces. The island’s beauty is defined by the clear waters, the long, gentle beaches of the west coast, breathtaking heights and lush olive groves. In Corfu city, the trails are clearly visible from the Venetian heritage and in the narrow alleys you can enjoy a sophisticated nightlife with restaurants, cafeterias and nightclubs. Choose from a pre-packaged trip to Corfu or package your trip yourself with any travel length.

The beautiful landscape offers olive groves, cypress trees and lovely bays. The climate is mild and pleasant and during parts of the year the greenery is almost subtropical. Corfu is a stone’s throw from Albania right where the Ionian Sea meets the Adriatic.

Corfu City

The island’s capital Corfu city offers an exciting mix where various conquerors through the ages have left their mark on the city. Elegant French arcades, Venetian castles are mixed with traditional Greek building art. The centrepiece is the main square Spianada with the famous cricket pitch flanked by sophisticated cafés under shady greenery. Patrician houses and smaller palaces testify that Corfu city had both royalty and jetset as guests for centuries. Corfu city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and today houses several colleges and renowned universities.

Active and Cultural Holiday

For those who like an active holiday, Corfu is perfect. Its lush hinland is ideal for hiking and there are also riding opportunities. Corfu is also one of the few places in Greece where sports diving is allowed. Beautifully situated in the Ropa Valley, about 1.4 km outside corfu town, you will find the island’s golf course. In corfu, music concerts are often held during the summer months. Take the opportunity to experience a classical concert or a rock concert during your holiday week.

Corfu’s Beaches

In Corfu you are always close to fine beaches – and there is something for every taste. If you prefer wide sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, it is to the west coast you should go. These include Glyfada Beach, Agios Gordis and Agios Georgis. For the adventurous, Paleokastritsa is an option, with sandbanks and rock formations. In Gouvia and Dassia on the east coast there is a two kilometer long pebble beach. In northern Corfu lies Issos Beach with sand banks and small rock formations.

Excursions in Corfu

Also take the opportunity to discover the Greek mainland and the landscape of Epirus a 1.5 hours away and spend a day in the picturesque medieval town of Parga. Or visit the scenic islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, south of Corfu, known for its caves and outstanding little bays. Or why not take a trip to Albania – in one day you’ll have time to see and experience a lot.

Combine Corfu with Saranda

Albania with the beautiful coastal town of Saranda has sailed up as a popular charter newcomer in recent years. If you want to experience something exciting and different, you can always combine a week in Corfu with a week in Saranda.

5. Santorini

Luxurious holiday, Nightlife, Food


Highest rating:

For those who would like to stay in a stylish hotel and treat themselves to a luxurious holiday, Santorini is a popular option and is a great travel destination in Greece. There is hustle and bustle in the villages, but also more secluded places for relaxation. Take a walk on the picturesque little streets and don’t miss the magical sunsets on the volcanic island. Remember, however, that Santorini’s beaches are black lava beaches that are not shallow.

A trip to Santorini is suitable for couples as well as groups of friends and families with slightly larger children. Santorini is, according to many, Greece’s most picturesque island, known for its stunning views and not least the enchanting sunsets at Oia.

Santorini’s dramatic form is the result of a gigantic volcanic eruption several thousand years ago. Then the caldera was formed – a deep lagoon surrounded by rock walls that fall straight into the water. The island’s inner west coast is mountainous and falls steeply into the sea, the outer east coast is flat and lined with beaches with black lava sand. The landscape, the island’s imaginative history preserved in archaeological remains and the beautiful white villages of the barren landscape make Santorini unique in the Greek archipelago.

Nightlife, Food and Drink at Santorini

The nightlife on Santorini differs between the resorts. Fira and Oia have the most bars and nightclubs. In the beach resorts of Kamari, Vlychada and Perissa & Perivolos, the pace is a little calmer, but there are plenty of tavernas to relax and have a drink.

On site at Santorini awaits fantastic food for all taste buds. Botanize in tzatziki, halloumi, moussaka, dolmar and the fried cheese saganaki. Read more about the dishes that characterize Santorini here.

Santorini’s volcanic wines are truly a taste experience. On the island there are several grape varieties that are unique to Santorini. There are several wineries offering tasting and guided tours along the vines.

Tips on Things to Do at Santorini

Anyone who likes to experience things on their holiday will love Santorini. Here, every day can be filled with a new adventure; Go on an excursion to another village, ride a mountain bike or snorkel among colorful fish.

Santorini’s Beaches

All beaches on Santorini are located on the east coast and are lava beaches. Red Beach red beach is located in santorini village of Akrotiri. Here, red cliffs rise up from the sea, with the red sand below. Red Beach is sometimes closed due to risk of race, ask at your hotel reception before you leave.

Kamari Beach and Perissa/Perivolos Beach are classic lava beaches. The sand quickly gets warm, so be sure to pack your bathshoes. Along the beaches’ promenade are the restaurants in a row, where you can take shelter from the sun and have a refreshing drink.

6. Mykonos

Lively nightlife, luxurious restaurants and exclusive shopping


Highest rating:

Trendy Mykonos has long been a favorite among celebrities. Lively nightlife, luxurious restaurants and exclusive shopping are interspersed with picturesque typical Greek quarter, crystal clear waters and fine estates.

Greece’s trendiest island, Mykonos, has for many years been a holiday oasis for the world’s life-lovers. Here you are welcomed by a liberal spirit and a luxurious atmosphere with a bubbling nightlife that has long attracted the gay audience. Mykonos is also one of the area’s most beautiful islands, with well-maintained beaches, crystal clear bathing waters and small whitewashed houses strewn like sugar cubes along the slopes. Travel to Mykonos you package yourself with flights and hotels.

Trendy, Luxurious and Relaxed

Mykonos has its own Louis Vuitton store says most about the small island. Here awaits a more luxurious holiday in a trend-conscious environment – with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It is a hard-to-beat combination that makes Mykonos the favorite among those looking for a different journey.

Mykonos Wonderful Beaches

At Mykonos you have the luxury of being able to choose from 20 fine beaches. Here you will find everything from family-friendly Platis Gialos and beautiful Agios Ioannis, to luxurious Psarou and paradise beach party beach where world famous DJs play the latest hits. Since Mykonos is a small island, you can easily get around by moped, rental car or taxi boat and find your own favorite beach. There are plenty of rental companies on the island.

The Good Food

At Mykonos there are several well-known and popular restaurants, as well as a little less creep with a high cozy factor in mykonos city. As on most islands, seafood is a fixed feature of the menu. Grilled octopus, feta cheese-filled filodough dumplings with fig marmalade, and the local specialty marinated sea urinary that is an experience in itself.

7. Crete

Great for families with children, scenic island


Highest rating:

A true classic for families with children is the versatile island of Crete. Crete is a great travel destination in Greece for families. There are several different resorts to choose from and you can also drive around Greece’s largest and southernmost island.

Travelling to Crete is something very special. On this large, scenic island with its dramatic history there are both larger cities with a bustling folk life and smaller villages with an everyday life that flows at a leisurely pace. The common denominator is the stunning beaches, the crystal clear sea and the lovely feeling of being in Greece. The location far south in the Mediterranean provides a summer season that lasts from April to November. A fabulous nature, exciting sights and attractive tourist areas make Crete the perfect destination.

Towns in Crete

Most of the destinations are located on the north coast of Crete. If you want to explore the island, the north coast is an excellent starting point. On this side are many lovely bays and sandy beaches and the sea actually keeps a higher temperature than the south. On the north-west side are the popular Platanias and the beautiful port town of Chania. Nearby there are several other nice resorts such as Agii Apostoli, Agia Marina and Kolymbari.

On the way to the east you will find lively Rethymnon which offers a cozy small-town feel where the long sandy beach extends all the way into town. In the north-eastern corner of Crete lies the genuine port town of Sitia which is perfect for those who want to mix city life with hiking and pleasant days on the beach. On the slightly more unexplored south-east side lies Ierapetra – Europe’s southernmost city, where the beaches are well known for its Turkic waters.

What to Do in Crete – Greece’s Largest Island

With half a million inhabitants, Crete is Greece’s largest and even southernmost island, located as close to Africa as Europe. The island stretches over three climate zones and here you will find everything from snow-capped mountain peaks to palm-covered beaches. Up in the Lefka Ori Mountains in western Crete lies the magnificent Samaria Gorge. Take the opportunity to pre-book one of excursions to Samaria and hike the 20-mile tour. The island’s size also means that there is always something new to see and experience, from paradise beaches such as Elafonissi and large waterlands to spectacular ravines, ancient ruins and leper island spinalonga.

Historic Knossos

In Crete, according to legend, the god zeus was born. With Princess Europe he had three sons, of whom Minos became the first king of Crete. You can travel in the world of history and mythology and visit King Minos’ Palace Knossos – one of the greatest sights in Europe. Join a full-day tour and be fascinated by the impressive palace and listen to guides talking about the famous throne hall, the world’s first water toilet and some of the theories as to why the mythical culture so suddenly disappeared around 1450 BC.

8. Rhodes

Most hours of sunshine, beautiful resorts


Highest rating:

Rhodes is the Greek island with the most hours of sunshine in the country, making it perfect for travelers who want sun and swimming for the whole coin. In addition, it is a versatile and beautiful resort where green landscapes meet long beaches and turquoise, clear water. In the capital there is hustle and bustle and the west coast is optimal for windsurfers, while on the east coast there are small quiet villages. There is simply something for everyone in the family.

It is not difficult to understand why Rhodes has become so popular. This scenic island offers a mountainous and green landscape with citrus groves and olive groves, and along the coast are old villages, stunning beaches and bays with crystal clear waters. With its location in the far south of the Aegean Sea, Rhodes boasts the most hours of sunshine in all of Greece – and fittingly, according to Greek mythology, rhodes is the island of the sun god Helios.

City of Rhodes and the West Coast

In the capital of Rhodes you will find most of it for a fantastic holiday! In the old town you can stroll around some of Europe’s oldest streets, check out the Grand Master’s Palace from the 15th century and find pottery at some bazaar. In Rhodes town you are always close to the beach – on the west side is Windy Beach and on the east side the Elli beach is bursting out. In the port of Mandraki, most people gather in rhodes city sooner or later, and just sitting at a café here and watching all life is a spectacle in itself. In Rhodes city, the island’s best shopping awaits in the new square, Nea Agora and at cyprus platsen.

If you want a quiet and relaxed holiday but still be close to Rhodes Town, Ialyssos and Ixia are within walking distance. On the west coast it fans a little extra, making the conditions perfect for windsurfers.

Rhodes’ Lovely East Coast

Along the east coast of Rhodes you will find picturesque villages and modern tourist resorts. You can choose hotels and destinations entirely according to your own tastes and wishes. In Kalithea and Faliraki you can lose yourself in picturesque neighborhoods and nice beaches that are made for fast-paced water adventures.

In faliraki city centre there is also good shopping and a wide range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Afandou or Kolymbia offers some of Rhodes’ best beaches and modern hotels. Afandou is one of Rhodes’ oldest cities and has a charming and local atmosphere.

Lindos is usually called the “white village” and here are the chalk-white houses along narrow alleys that find their way up the slope. Up on the hill is the Acropolis cliff with a fantastic view of the village and the sea. If you choose to travel to Lardos, Kiotari or Pefkos, you can look forward to a relaxed and peaceful holiday far from the party life of Rhodes city. Here awaits lovely baths from shinky beaches.

Lovely Beaches

Rhodes has beaches for all tastes. Calm Stegna, kid-friendly Tsambika and snorkeling-friendly Anthony Quinn, Ladiko Beach and St. Paul’s Bay. On the southern tip of Rhodes, where the Mediterranean sea and the Aegean Sea meet, lies the beautiful Prasonissi beach.

Greek Flavors

Greece is moussaka, souvlaki, olives, gyros – and of course Greek salad! Whether you are in Rhodes town or in some small village in the countryside, you will find cosy cafes and taverns serving these fantastic dishes. Bring some of Greece home in the form of a bottle of olive oil. Here you can read more about the good Greek food.

9. Parga

Romantic small-town close to other travel destinations


Highest rating:

A place on the mainland that is characterized by a quiet existence. Colorful Parga is shaped like an amphitheater around the small harbour with clear water and green surroundings and is a great travel destination in Greece. In the evenings there is more life in the harbour where several popular tavernas are located and during the day there are several beaches where there is plenty of room. If you want to stop the tranquility and make an excursion, it is easy to get to the neighboring islands of Paxos, Antipaxos and Corfu.

Traveling to Parga is like coming to a romantic small-town idyll. It is wonderfully fun and green, the beaches are fantastic and in the evenings it seems to kind of sparkle about the city. In Parga you are always welcome – and once here it’s hard to ever want to leave.

Picture-perfect Parga is located as an amphitheater facing the harbour. In the evenings, there is a full will around the harbour under the cosy lighting of the well-visited taverns, which are close in line.

Idyllic Parga

Parga is located on the west coast of Greece in the Epirus area, just southeast of Corfu. It is easy to believe that you are on an island, with the perfect waterfront location, the varied coastal landscape with small islands, bays and straits and not least the traveled skyline. Parga has also retained its genuine character, which is evident in the streets and squares. Along the harbour promenade you can sit for a long time and enjoy Greek specialties. Further up, narrow alleys with shops, taverns and hidden little bars wind up.

Parga’s Fine Beaches

Parga has many good beaches. Krioneri Beach is the beach located in the middle of Parga town. Just outside Parga town, the stunning coarse-grained sandy beach of Valtosstranden is located in scenic surroundings. Above the beach there are both cafés and cafés, so feel free to take a day trip here. You can easily get to Valtosstranden by taxi boat from Parga town, but it is also possible to walk through the beautiful Venetian fortress which is the city’s landmark.

If you think it’s worth going a little bit, you can visit Sarakiniko Beach by taxi boat. Or make your own way to the almost pristine beaches that lie along the west coast. The variety of beaches is lovely and even more to choose from you will of course get if you rent a car.

For example, you can visit the eye-catching Lichnos beach, which is about 3.5 kilometres south of Parga. But it is of course also possible to hop on a swimboat that will take you here. As much as there is to discover by car, there is also a view on foot. For example, don’t miss the olive tree forest that drapes the mountains between Parga and Lichnos.

Exciting Excursions

Parga is an excellent starting point for excursions, as the city is located in the old cultural district of Epirus. Contacts with Italy have always been frequent here and it can be seen that it has influenced architecture, art and lifestyle. The beautiful neighbouring islands of Corfu, Paxos, Antipaxos and Lefkas are also within easy exploring distance.

10. Paxos

Perfect for those who want to get away from the tourist flocks


Highest rating:

Paxos is the smallest island among the Ionian Islands in western Greece, is a great travel destination in Greece for those who want to get away from the tourist flocks. On the small island, existence is peaceful and there are beautiful beaches and pastel-coloured houses. The main town of Gaio’s small alleys are lined with taverns and cafés and there are also hiking trails to explore the nature and small resorts of the island. Paxos is also a romantic destination, according to Greek mythology, the island was created by the sea god Poseidon as a love nest for him and Amphitrite.

If you want to experience one of Greece’s more secret islands, book your next trip to Paxos. The island is the smallest in the Ionian Sea and still feels genuine with a fantastic nature, very greenery and crystal clear waters. That Paxos, according to Greek mythology, came into being as the love nest for Poseidon and Amphitrite is no wonder to understand.

Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands off the west coast of Greece and a perfect destination for those who want to get away from the typical tourist destinations. According to Greek mythology, Paxos was created by the sea god Poseidon, by chopping off the most beautiful part of Corfu with his trident, he wanted to create a love nest for himself and Amphitrite.

At Paxos you like it if you want to take it easy – here you take the days as they come and there is no wild nightlife. Along the island there are several long beaches, most with shins as a base, with trees that give shade next to the shoreline.

Gaios, Lakka and Longos

The island’s capital, Gaios, is beautifully situated on the waterfront on the eastern part of the island and has several small narrow alleys lined with pastel-colored houses. There are several taverns, restaurants and cafés. Gaios also has an active fishing port and a larger harbour, which during high season is filled with sailboats and large luxury yachts.

To the north lies Lakka, which is protected from the forces of the sea by a bay. If you want to try any water sports, this is where you should go. A short distance from Lakka you will find the cozy little fishing community of Longos, with several nice tavernas and bars in the harbour.

Blue Cave and Olive Groveisland

Paxos has an exciting and varied natural landscape with both dramatic cliffs and lush valleys. On the island’s western coast, the landscape is soft and fertile with large lush olive groves, which have contributed to the island being called the Island of olive groves. The east coastline is instead much more dramatic where bold cliffs with caves and arches impress. We can highly recommend a tour with one of the bathboats to Paxo’s most famous cave – Blue Cave.

Take the opportunity to take your hiking boots with you when you travel here – there are several good hiking trails that take you to old settlements and small chapels, remote beaches and to Paxo’s own rainbow, Trypitos. The arched rock in the west has a palette that shifts in green, turquoise and blue.

11. Skopelos

Perfect for “Mamma Mia” vacation


Highest rating:

A genuine Greek gem with beautiful beaches, clear water and whitewashed houses. Here awaits quiet days lined with sun, swimming and good food. Skopelos is also one of the two islands where much of the Mamma Mia film was shot – perfect for a real Mamma Mia vacation. The island is also known for its more than 360 churches, one for every day of the year and is a great travel destination in Greece.

Skopelos is a green gem lined with stunning beaches. The atmosphere is genuinely Greek and the capital with its winding alleys lined with whitewashed houses is typical of the sporadic architecture. Travelling to Skopelos is both relaxing and enjoyable. Here you will have a quiet holiday with good food and many comfortable hours by the sea.

Skopelos and Skiathos are two of the beautiful Greek islands where much of the musical film Mamma Mia was filmed. Famous actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård, Meryl Streep and Colin Firth have put their star shine into their stardom.

Skopelos Many Churches

Skopelos is famous for its many churches. On the island there are over 360 churches, one for each day of the year and 120 of them are located in the capital. Most are small and are used only once a year, on the feast day of the saint it is dedicated to. The landscape is green and hilly and gives a harmonious impression with paths creeping between forest groves and olive groves. In many places, the island resembles Tuscany with its gentle light on small farms and villages with orchards and fertile plains where the cattle graze.

City of Skopelos

The capital is located as an amphitheater around the harbour at the far end of the Gulf of Skopelos on the north-east coast. It is a delightful old town, built in the typical sporadic architecture, heavily influenced by Venetian style. Brick or grey-green slate covers the roofs of the beautiful white houses with their wooden balconies.

The visitor is greeted by narrow, winding alleys and flowers pouring out of pots and from stairs, balconies and window snouts. There are also cosy small shops, cosy taverns and welcoming cafés.

Great Beaches

The south and west coastof Skopelos are lined with fine beaches. Along the coastal road from Skopelos town to Glossa there are about ten fantastic beaches, most with mixed sand and stone. Most have beach service with chairs, umbrellas and restaurants, at least in high season.

One of the most famous beaches is Stafilos, which is lined with pine trees and has both a restaurant and a beach bar. The neighboring beach of Velanio is the island’s official nudist beach. One mile from Skopelos town is Limnonari, a lovely beach with good beach service. Kastani is less than 20 km from the city and there is also a lovely beach. On the north coast, several good beaches are also within easy reach. Here you read more about Skolo’s finest beaches.

Skopelos is located in the Aegean Sea east of mainland Greece and is the second largest of the sporadic islands, located midway between Skiathos and Alonissos. It has its name from the steep cliffs and reefs on the north side.

12. Milos

Popular among the Greeks. Deserted beaches, small caves and bays


Highest rating:

Milos is a great travel destination in Greece and also a popular holiday resort among the Greeks and it is easy to see why. With cool rock formations, white estates and turquoise water, Milos looks exactly what you imagine a Greek island should look like. Here, the swimming possibilities are endless with deserted beaches, small caves and bays that are perfect for snorkeling. The food served at the local taverns has been praised by the Greeks and there are also attractions in the form of Greece’s most extensive catacombs.

If you want to experience a genuine and scenic Greece, book your next trip to Milos. The island is suitable for both the life-saver and the adventurer and the coast is lined with both chalky white beaches and dramatic rock formations. Milos has a relaxed atmosphere, tasty food and great nature experiences.

Milos is the westernmost island in the Cyclads and lies like a lucky horseshoe thrown out in the turquoise blue waters. To Milos, the Greeks travel themselves on holiday – something that is easy to understand, the beaches are some of Greece’s finest and the food definitely worth the trip.

White Beaches

There are around 70 beaches along the coasts – just one of many reasons to travel to Milos. Some beaches consist of chalky white pumice stone lined with the delicious turquoise blue waters. In some places nature is almost like a lunar landscape while in other places you are greeted by smooth rocky outcrops and lovely sandy beaches and light blue lagoons.

Excursions on Milos

Milo’s very special nature makes it a perfect island for explorations. Rent a moped or car and go on an adventure. Discover deserted beaches where you’ll be all to yourself and enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. But the very best way to discover Milos is from the lake side – take the opportunity to rent a boat or join us on an arranged excursion to unique bays and exciting caves where snorkeling is absolutely fantastic.

Adamas, Pollonia and Plaka

Adamas is the island’s central tourist resort and this is where you come by ferry from Santorini. Along the pleasant promenade you will find plenty of restaurants and cafés. Adamas also has good shopping and some nightclubs. Just outside the resort is a really nice beach with sand and pebbles.

Pollonia is a small fishing village built around a small nice beach that on one side is lined with a pier with restaurants. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful and made for total relaxation. Even in the village of Plaka there are nice little streets that find their way up to the city’s top, filled with cozy bars and restaurants.

Tranquil Villages and Catacombs

Milos houses Greece’s most extensive catacombs – large underground systems that were used as burial chambers. At the catacombs, the famous statue Venus from which is now available to admire was also found at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Read more about the catacombs and other things to do at Milos here.

The island also boasts many cosy villages where it is impossible not to be affected by the quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Sit down at the tavern in the square and order the first thing you see on the menu – it’s guaranteed to taste heavenly. The food at Milos is widely famous and one of the biggest reasons why so many Athenase people choose this particular island as a holiday paradise.

13. Thessaloniki

City pulse, party and sights


Highest rating:

The city of Thessaloniki has a lot to offer for those who want to combine the city pulse, party and sights. It is one of the world’s best nightlife according to Lonely Planet and there are several attractions dating far back in history which makes it a great travel destination in Greece. The streets are lined with restaurants and shopping and just outside the city there are also several fine sandy beaches. A destination that is perfect for both a week and a weekend.

Thessaloniki – a fantastic metropolis that can offer everything from historical attractions, hip restaurants and shops to one of Greece’s best nightlife. Lonely Planet has even named Thessaloniki one of the world’s ten hottest party cities. Book your city break to Thessaloniki today – weekend, weekly trips or choose for yourself how long you want to experience the city.

City Life with Food, Shopping and Fun

Thessaloniki is a vibrant metropolis with beautiful boulevards on the promenade, narrow alleys with cosy taverns, gleaming high-rises, trendy shopping streets and a famous nightlife for those who wish.

The Ladadika quarter, the area between Koudouriotou, Diamanti, Hiou and Lemnou streets, is the meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Traditional taverns and modern restaurants serve everything from barbecue food to exciting dishes such as wine leaf bowl daggers and to a glass of wine or ouzo. If you like seafood, try mussel pilaf, grilled sardine, frutti di mare, saganaki shrimp or stuffed octopus at one of the city’s many fish restaurants. There are also many good restaurants, cafés and bars along the promenade. Starbucks is centrally located and if you are hungry for sweetness, don’t miss the Blé café. As the night settles down, you can choose at bars with sixties nostalgia, bouzouki clubs and trendy nightclubs.

In a big city like Thessaloniki, of course, the range of shops is almost endless. In the city center there are many street intersections that make up the city’s vibrant shopping streets. On these you will find all the big and famous brands like Armani, Hugo Boss and many more. But in Thessaloniki there are also several street markets where you can make real bargains.

Beautiful Sandy Beaches Just Outside Thessaloniki

Rent a car one day and make your way to one of the beaches located just outside Thessaloniki. They are fine sandy beaches where many of them have been given the EU Blue Flag thanks to high standards and clean water. There are several to choose from, but most continue to the Kassandra peninsula on Halkidiki, a journey of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Important Trading City

Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city after Athens. The city was founded in 316 BC by King Kassandros who named the new city after his wife Thessalonike. The city has always been full of life because it is located along an important trading route.

Thessaloniki has been the capital of a Roman province once, but also besieged by the Ottomans. After them are many remains and structures, such as the Galerius rotunda, which was built in 306.

Down by the harbour promenade you will find the 27 meter high white tower that the Ottomans built in the 15th century. The tower has a cruel history as it served as a prison and was a place of mass executions. Today there is a museum showing the history of the city and a viewing platform over Thessaloniki.

14. Ios

Classic Greek landscape with whitewashed houses, blue details and olive trees


Highest rating:

Travelers who are looking for parties and pleasure often end up on the Greek island of Ios, a great travel destination in Greece. The island is characterized by a classic Greek landscape with whitewashed houses, blue details and olive trees, but at night the Greek tranquility is blown away. The city of Chora is the center of entertainment and the nights here can be long and fun. In the days there are nice sandy beaches to enjoy and a wide range of different types of water sports.

Travel to Ios – Greece’s most festive island! A trip here in high season usually involves meetings with other pleasure-seeking travelers, and you are sure to have a really fun holiday! The beaches of Ios are stunning with crystal clear water, lounging under the sun lounger days long or trying a tantalizing water sport.

Ios has a reputation for being a real place to keep going and rightly so, because in few places in Greece, the nightlife is as intense as here. During high season, many pleasure-seeking young people from all over the world gather at Ios to make the most of their holidays. But there are also options for a more quiet existence on a trip to Ios.

Cycladic Charm

Ios is a charming island with whitewashed little houses climbing in clusters along winding alleys. The blue shutters and flowers in pots, swaps and on farms and landings form color clicks in the white. In io’s fertile valleys, between barren mountains, olives and fruit trees grow, and on the slopes vineyards spread out. A clear blue sky with glorious sun and a turquoise sea makes the picturesque painting of Ios perfect. The evenings at Ios are advantageously spent at one of the island’s many restaurants.

The Small Fine Harbour of Gialos

When you arrive in Ios, it is to Gialos, the small fine harbour, that you come to. Next to the harbor is a very nice beach. Down here it is quiet and quiet, but there are many taverns and bars in the area. Above the harbour, on the ridge, incubates the white Chora, ios city and entertainment center. There are many sights to discover! It is also in Chora that most of the nightlife is concentrated and here it is lively during the summer. If you live in Chora, you can look forward to a lot of fun, but maybe not so much sleep!

Mylopota’s Lovely Beach

The wonderful sandy beach is easily fond of, there is much to do for those who do not have the peace to lie still and sunbathe. Water sports, pedal boats and beach volleyball – you just have to choose. When the evening comes, you are happy to sit and enjoy the sunset at one of the many restaurants or cafés. From Mylopotas there are good bus connections with Chora and Ormos.

Lovely Beaches on Ios

Ios has stunning beaches – long, wide, covered with the finest sand and with crystal clear water. If you want a lot of company, Mylopotas Beach is a suitable place. Around the island, especially on the south side, there are other beaches, one finer than the other, such as Manganari Beach in the far south, Kalamos in the southeast and Psathi on the east coast. These can be reached by bus or kaiki boat.

15. Lefkada

Some of Greece’s finest beaches, with wonderful crystal clear waters


Highest rating:

At Lefkas, you will find some of Greece’s finest beaches, with wonderful crystal clear waters. The west coast offers quiet scenic beaches with small cozy beach bars, a great travel destination in Greece. The east coast beaches are busier, with a wider range of water sports and services.

If you travel to Lefkas, you always have something to do. Along the west coast of Lefka, some of Greece’s real gems lie to beaches. Relax on the beach, take a sailing trip on the Ionian Sea or make a lovely excursion to one of the surrounding mountain villages. During high summer nights, many bars are open in the center of Lefka, where you can round off lukewarm evenings.

When it comes to azure waters, magnificent nature, cosy mountain villages and fine beaches, Lefkas beats most of Greece’s islands. The island lies south of Corfu in the Ionian archipelago on the west coast of Greece and is named after the white cliffs that fall into the sea at the southern tip of the island. Although tourism at Lefkas has been more than 20 years old, the island has managed to preserve its original Greek atmosphere.

Beach and Swimming in Nidri and Perigali

Most of hotels in Lefkas are located in or around Nidri and Perigiali. These resorts are the island’s most developed tourist resorts. It offers a wide range of restaurants, shops and bars. In and around Nidri there are several small beaches with round-cut pebbles and sand. Here you have many hotels and apartments to choose from, ranging from cozy beach oases to large pool areas.

Relaxation in Vassiliki

At the bottom of southern Lefkas is a couple of hotels in picturesque Vassiliki. Here awaits a bay with a small beach surrounded by a beautiful landscape. It is also a perfect area for those who want to try surfing. Along the harbour restaurants, holes are crowded in the wall-eateries with souvenir vendors, but the pace is always relaxed.

Excursions on Lefkas

Rent a car or scooter and explore the rest of the island of Lefkas. Experience a Greek everyday life in Lefka’s city in the far north. Neat little houses adorn the narrow alleys, along with several churches and a charming harbor promenade. Here, Greek everyday life goes on unconcernedside with tourism, in streets, squares, cafes and taverns.

If you want to experience something completely different, you can join us on an excursion. How about a genuine Greek evening with music and dancing, or a boat excursion to the Nidris archipelago, with lovely bath stops?

The Beaches of Lefka’s West Coast

Lefka’s west coast is famous for its beautiful beaches. Here, for example, is Porto Katsiki, which is said to be one of the most outstanding beaches in Greece, while Kathisma beach has a beach strip that is seemingly endless.

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