7 Adorable Travel Blogger Lightroom Presets

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Do you travel often? Do you like to capture your travels in the photo? Lightroom travel presets are the magic sauce for my photography. I’ve used Lightroom for years to develop my Instagram theme and help create masterpieces from my photographs.

Travel Blogger Lightroom presets is a powerful collection of professional presses that are perfect for travel enthusiasts and photographers.  They have been specifically designed to improve the workflow of beach, nature and landscape processing and editing, outdoor photography, travel, seascapes and landscapes. It was created with travel and landscape photography in mind. This collection must have for a travel blogger. It includes exactly what is needed to work with outdoor and landscape photography. Transform boring landscape photos into vivid and beautiful images in Lightroom with just one click.

Travel Blogger Lightroom presets

Travel Blogger Lightroom Presets is a perfect set of professional presets for your Instagram, Facebook, Blog or any other social network. These travel presets are great for all types of travel, adventure and beach photos and is beautifully balanced for a wide range of photography.

  • For Desktop and Mobile
  • 5 presets + 2 bonus
  • Perfect for Travel photos
  • Direct digital Download
  • All instructions included

Travel Blogger presets will edit your photos with a classic and fresh look, giving that professional and cohesive touch to your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Blog photos. Find the perfect editing in every situation; they have been designed for travel photos with the warm-charming and modern tones.

This pack contains direct digital download with 5 filters + 2 bonus for desktop and mobile that are available as soon as you buy it. The presets work with the desktop version of Lightroom as well as with the mobile app.

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With the development of smartphone cameras it became easier to shoot on the phone. If you are not going to print pictures on large posters for exhibitions, the smartphone is a great device for shooting in travel.

If you think that the processed image is tons of unnatural color correction, then it is not quite so. Any changes in color and light will be processed. Therefore, if a little added brightness and sharpness in the picture will improve the image.


Processing is an artistic tool that was used by photographers and amateur photographers back in the days of the popularity of film.

The vast majority of professional users edit their photos in Lightroom in one way or another. We change colors, temperature, add contrast not because we want to deceive someone, but because the camera is often unable to convey the beauty of the moment and the way the human eye sees it. Processing can help make the frame more emotional. It is also an artistic tool that will give the frame a special mood or add new meanings.

In travel, we want to focus more on the moment. To get up at five in the morning for the sake of dawn or to sit at the computer at night, processing pictures is not what we want. Therefore, to help all who shoot on the phone, there came mobile applications for processing, which offer hundreds of filters or as photographers say – presets. This Lightroom Travel Blogger presets is just a suck pack that will improve your photos.

Choose a preset, apply it to a photo, change some settings to suit your visual taste – and the picture is processed. Clever use of Lightroom travel blogger presets and good light on the frame will make the phone picture look just as good as the photo on professional camera.

Thanks to the presets for the phone, the concept of processing became widely known and went to the masses. We are a bit versed in color correction and understand that a small processing will make the frame more interesting. Instagram, by the way, has gained popularity largely due to filters and frames. In the first versions of the application, these were presets that made the pictures look like retro postcards.

What is included in your download:

Please keep in mind that the presets look different on every photo (depending on the light or the colors in the picture or the camera used). You might need to do some simple adjustments after the preset is applied.

When you try to apply presets in Lightroom to any of the pictures:
– If the picture that you apply the travel blogger preset to becomes too light/dark, you should change the exposure settings
– If the colour is different: then you should change color temp. If you still do not like the result,
then you change contrast settings
– You can also change HSL (hue saturation luminance) settings but that changes how light, dark or how saturated it is

What are Travel Blogger Lightroom presets?

Travel Blogger Lightroom presets are special photo filters that are perfect for your travel, adventure and beach photos.

How to use Travel Blogger Lightroom presets?

You can use Travel Blogger presets in Lightroom on desktop or mobile with any of your travel photos.

How to download Travel Blogger Lightroom presets?

You can download Travel Blogger Lightroom presets right after the purchase or from the email that has download links.

Can I use Travel Blogger presets with non-travel photos?

Yes, you can use Travel Blogger Lightroom presets with other non travel photos too.

Which Travel Blogger Lightroom preset is the best?

All Travel Blogger Lightroom presets are different and good for different situations so test all of them and see which one you like the most.

Are Travel Blogger Lightroom presets for desktop or mobile?

Travel Blogger Lightroom presets are for both desktop and mobile, you get two versions inside.

Will Travel Blogger Lightroom presets work on my iPhone?

Yes, Travel Blogger Lightroom presets work perfect on iPhone or any other smartphone.

Will Travel Blogger Lightroom presets work on Android?

Yes, Travel Blogger Lightroom presets work perfect on any Android device or any other smartphone.

Are Travel Blogger Lightroom presets free?

These are premium presets and the have a small cost but you get get the free pack too that includes some of these presets.

Is it worth buying Travel Blogger Lightroom presets?

Yes, buying good Travel Blogger Lightroom presets is in my opinion always a good investment and worth testing and learning from them.

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