Photo Editing Tricks, Part 6

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Today I am sharing again some Photo Editing Tricks to make your feed pop. One filter can totally transform your entire feed, even if you take normal, everyday photos (keep scrolling to see)!

Don’t be afraid to test different filters from different packs! Here is what you can get:

😍 One click = one photo transformation:

TRV1 filter from Travel Blogger

TRV2 filter from Travel Blogger

TRV5 filter from Travel Blogger

“Which filter pack should I use? 🧐”

Don’t be afraid to try different filters to your photos and find the one you like.

“Can I use more than one filter in my feed?”

Yes! I use filters from different packs and they work well together.
If you are new to the filter world, and you’re not sure where to start: just use one pack at the beginning. It will already make a huge difference in your feed.



In the example above, I used a combination of Travel Blogger and Fashion Blogger filters, but you can also create your own look.

But you need to know this…

All the photos you take are going to be different (different lights, colors, places, indoors, outdoors, etc…) So it is totally normal if a filter looks different on different photos.
When you apply filters:
– If the picture becomes too light/dark, you should change the exposure settings
– If the color is different: then you should change color temp. If you still do not like the result, then you change contrast settings
– You can also change HSL (hue, saturation, luminance) settings, but that changes how light, dark or how saturated it is

Have fun editing your photos!

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