How To Use Lightroom Presets?

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How to use Lightroom presets is the question that many ask. It can be complicated for a beginner, but it is really easy. Using Lightroom is different on desktop version and mobile. Desktop version also has two variant Classic and CC. Classic is a program that you install while CC is a cloud version. Right now Classic has more functions than CC but it develops. The main advantage of a CC version is that you can synchronize it with mobile. All photos and presets can be.

The Presets panel (found in the left-hand panels in the Develop module) on desktop version is one of the most useful in Lightroom. This is where all preset are. The most obvious benefit of presets is that they can save you time, which is always a good thing. But they do more than that, including help you maintain a consistent approach to post-processing and using creative effects.

Mobile preset for Lingtroom can be downloaded on the Internet, it will be a photo in the format of DNG, which you just download. Next upload DNG photos to the Lightroom CC app. Their settings applied to the photo are the preset, which we will need to save or copy to your photo. That’s how it works.

It looks quite confusing, Lightroom can be a difficult thing for the beginner, but in fact everything is very easy, if you understand the essence.

  1. Download DNG photos with preset
  2. Save or copy its settings
  3. Apply them to your photo

Once you’ve figured out how it all works, you’ll be able to diversify your Instagram feed and find the perfect flow to your liking. All the presets are located in the menu. See the photo down:


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