Download Free Portrait Lightroom Presets

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Portrait is one of the most complex genres of photography, as you need to convey the depth and meaning of one person. But, to make a more atmospheric photo you will need help from these free portrait Lightroom presets.

Excellent set of Lightroom presets for portrait and ordinary street photos
Download for free with all pre-installed Lightroom packages. 10 unique photo effects that will make your processing better. Streets of the city, portraits in the interior and street portraits. Winter and summer, rain, snow or sun.

This set will help you process images created in all conditions.
Each free portrait Lightroom preset requires only small settings of exposure and balance of white depending on the camera settings.

With the help of only the person you need to convey and the depth of character, personality features, the beauty of the external and internal, and so does the conditions in which this personality exists.

The overall impression of the portrait photo will depend on how the light falls, the angle or view. The processing of portrait photos includes a lot of tools: correcting exposure errors, changing color and shades, removing skin defects, retouching, removing unnecessary objects in the frame, changing the background, toning and more. These are free ready-made portrait Lightroom presets with preserved settings, including thematic ones.

For example, photos from some celebrations may contain a large number of portrait shots. It can be a wedding, an anniversary, any other holiday, where the focus is on the hero or heroes. Even amateur photos can be made artistic, using thematic presets.

And if the photographer is able to disfigure any person with the touch of a finger, the photo handler in one click is able to make a person beautiful.

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