10 Great ECO-friendly Hotels

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An eco-hotel, or a green hotel, ECO-friendly Hotel is an environmentally sustainable hotel or accommodation that has made important environmental improvements to its structure in order to minimize its impact on the natural environment. Here is the list of such hotels.

1. Hotel on a Coffee Plantation, Costa Rica

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn - ECO-friendly Hotel

More details and photos:

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn – ECO-friendly Hotel is located in the tropics on an organic coffee plantation. The building is built using innovative technologies and materials from recycled sources, as well as equipped with an underground electrical system.

Coffee fruit together with organic waste is sent for processing in compost pits. Processed here coffee pulp serves as a fertilizer.

Organic vegetables and fruits are grown in their own garden are served on the table. Only locals work to maintain the region’s economy on the plantation and the hotel.

2. Royal Hotel Park, Singapore

Royal Hotel Park Singapore - ECO-friendly Hotel

More details and photos:

Every fourth level of the 16-storey “Royal Park” Parkroyal on Pickering – ECO-friendly Hotel is a lush garden with terraces, a lot of crystal clear cascades and waterfalls. The interior of the hotel uses natural wood, stone, pebbles and huge glass structures.

Green spaces occupy 15 thousand sq.m., the hotel also uses eco-technology: light, motion and rain sensors, energy-saving and revolving water systems, solar panels and rainwater collection technology. Parkroyal on Pickering is included in the list of seven hotels of the future according to Forbes.

3. Eco-Castle, Czech Republic

Chateau Mcely - ECO-friendly Hotel

More details and photos:

Chateau Mcely – ECO-friendly Hotel is the first green hotel in the Czech Republic, marked by the European ecolabel mark, and “The Best Environmental Hotel in the World 2008” by the World Travel Awards. Chateau Moncey Castle (a 17th-century noble manor house) has been reconstructed and become a luxurious five-star eco-hotel.

It is located on a hill among the centuries-old trees of St. George’s Forest, an hour’s drive from Prague. 23 Chateau Moncey rooms are provided with electricity from renewable sources, garbage is sorted, and wastewater is filtered through its own treatment system.

The collected rainwater goes for watering the English castle park. The restaurant’s menu includes dishes made from local suppliers.

4. Village Hotel from Recyclables, USA

Bardessono Hotel in the Californian village of Napa - ECO-friendly Hotel

More details and photos:

Even during the construction of the Bardessono Hotel in the Californian village of Napa – an ECO-friendly Hotel, about 93% of the resulting construction waste was immediately sent to recycling. The building itself is completely built of recycled materials.

The rooms are made of recycled wood, the roof is equipped with reflective materials and solar panels. A lot of glass is used to reduce energy costs in construction: huge windows provide natural lighting to 62 rooms.

All rooms are equipped with tracking sensors that work to turn on and off the heating. The lobby is decorated with a vertical garden. In order to save water and minimize its waste for watering plants, a drip irrigation system is used.

5. Green Hotel on Kunfunado Island, Maldives

Soneva Fushi is located on the private tropical island of Kunfunado - ECO-friendly Hotel

More details and photos:

Soneva Fushi – ECO-friendly Hotel is located on the private tropical island of Kunfunado. To feel the unity with nature and forget about the benefits of civilization, the island has a policy of “No news, no shoes”, i.e. shoes are surrendered when they move in. There is no need for it until the moment of departure.

The hotel has no plastic and, like the whole island, uses water in glass bottles, and bags and bags are made of environmentally friendly materials. Since 2008, the waste has been sent to its own recycling center. Recycling from garbage produces fertilizers and biogas, from glass-building materials.

6. Ecoville in the Mountains, Jordan

The Feynan Ecolodge is located in the Dana National Wildlife Refuge - ECO-friendly Hotel

The Feynan Ecolodge – ECO-friendly Hotel is located in the Dana National Wildlife Refuge, where there are traces of the Stone Age. 26 rooms with clay walls and ceilings are furnished in the oriental style.

Electricity gives the hotel the sun, so the rooms do not have sockets, and in the dark, all the rooms and the territory of the villa are illuminated by handmade candles. Some of the proceeds are allocated to the protection of endangered species of animals and plants on the reserve.

7. Eco-hotel at the Airport, South Africa

The Verde Eco Hotel, 400 metres from Cape Town Airport - ECO-friendly Hotel

More details and photos:

The Verde Eco Hotel – ECO-friendly Hotel, 400 meters from Cape Town Airport, is considered environmentally neutral. When it was erected, most of the cement was replaced with particularly durable plastic. The water, heating and electricity systems are managed and regulated by a powerful server.

Window shutters protect the premises from direct exposure to sunlight, and act as solar panels. Using fines-hall simulators, hotel guests also generate the energy that is used to operate the elevators.

The greens and vegetables for the restaurant are grown in their garden by the hydroponics method. This saves about a third of the amount of water that could be used for irrigation. Guests who did not turn on the air conditioning and used towels two days in a row get a discount at check-out.

8. Eco-Resort on the Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Hacienda Tres Rios Mexico - ECO-friendly Hotel

More details and photos:

Hacienda Tres Rios – ECO-friendly Hotel is located in the jungle at the site where 18 rivers flow into the ocean. The hotel controls the use of natural resources. All rooms are designed so that they do not get direct sunlight.

Energy costs for air conditioning help reduce a special compressor that is cooled by water from a deep well. The hotel has refused to use plastic and drinking water, its guests are served only desalinated sea.

Amyenda Tres Rios spends part of its profits on a forest restoration program, with 80,000 trees planted.

9. Thermal Springs Eco-Hotel, Turkey

Rixos Eski'ehir in the Turkish - ECO-friendly Hotel

More details and photos:

The eco-friendly SPA hotel Tasigo Eski’ehir – ECO-friendly Hotel in the Turkish city of Eskisehir has created thanks to natural geothermal sources. The hotel’s natural lighting spa provides domes of roofs with anti-aircraft windows. The main building is illuminated by the use of solar and wind energy.

A geothermal pump is used to heat rooms. All waste is collected separately and sent for recycling.

10. Mountain Ecohotel, French Alps

The Refuge du Gouter - ECO-friendly Hotel

Located on a rock, The Refuge du Gouter – ECO-friendly Hotel is considered to be the highest-altitude hotel in Europe and one of the most eco-friendly. The main material for the construction of the hotel’s frame was a tree: spruce, white fir and larch.

The facade of the building is protected by stainless steel sheets. The hotel is equipped with wind generators and solar panels. Their energy is also used to melt snow. The resulting water goes to economic needs.

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