2023 年你永远不应该聘请 SEO 顾问的 3 个原因

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Are you considering hiring an SEO consultant to help improve your website’s search engine rankings? Think again. While it may seem like a good idea at first, the truth is that hiring an SEO consultant could end up costing you more time, money, and headache than it’s worth. I will show you how you can do it for free.

这里有几个你应该 自己做 永远不要聘请 SEO 顾问。当您了解它是什么以及它是如何工作时,这很容易做到,并且您将始终对您网站上的 SEO 拥有 100% 控制权。


Hiring an SEO consultant can be a bad idea for your business due to several reasons. It can be expensive, and there is no guarantee that the consultant will deliver the desired results. Additionally, there is a risk of damaging your website’s reputation if the consultant uses questionable or unethical SEO tactics. Finally, relying solely on an external consultant may prevent you from developing in-house expertise and an understanding of SEO best practices.

1. They Can’t Guarantee the Results

SEO 顾问经常承诺 迅速地 get your website to the top of Google’s search results (or any other search engines). However, the reality is that there are no guarantees when it comes to search engine optimization. Google’s algorithms constantly change; what works one day may not work the next.

As a result, many SEO consultants use black hat tactics that can give excellent results fast BUT hurt your website’s rankings in the long run. You will be happy and pay for the work done but then everything will crash and the SEO consultant is gone. And even if they initially get your website to rank higher, those results may not last. You NEED to understand the basics of SEO to really know what is going on.

什么是黑帽 SEO 策略?

黑帽 SEO 策略是用于操纵搜索引擎算法以获得网站更高排名的策略。


  • 关键词堆砌
  • 伪装
  • 买卖链接
  • 隐藏文字
  • 门页
  • 和其他操纵技术

这些技巧经常奏效 暂时地 but can have damaging long-term effects. For example, Google actively works to detect and penalize websites that use black hat SEO tactics. Penalties include the manual or algorithmic downgrading of a website’s rankings, removal from the index altogether, or even suspending the website’s associated accounts.

尽管 SEO 顾问最初可能会使用这些技术让网站排名更高,但他们往往无法认识到潜在的长期后果。因此,必须避免使用黑帽 SEO 策略的 SEO 顾问,而是自己动手或专注于优先考虑高质量内容和道德 SEO 实践的 SEO 专业人员。

2. They’re Expensive

SEO consultants can charge thousands of dollars per month for their services. And while they may promise significant returns on your investment, there’s no way to know whether those returns will materialize.

许多企业在 SEO 顾问和代理机构上花费的钱比他们看到的回报要多得多。当您考虑修复由黑帽策略或顾问犯下的其他错误造成的任何损害的成本时,很明显聘请 SEO 顾问通常是浪费金钱。

确定 SEO 对您的网站是否值得的最佳方法是跟踪 SEO 工作的结果。许多工具可以帮助您跟踪 SEO 的进度,例如 Google Analytics 和 Search Console(了解这些工具 技能分享). These tools can provide comprehensive information about how users interact with your website and make it easier to identify what SEO tactics are or aren’t working so you can stop wasting money on SEO consultants.


最好考虑跟踪自然搜索流量与付费搜索流量的对比。这可以帮助您评估哪些 SEO 策略提供最大价值,让您确定 SEO 是否值得,或者您是否应该做基本的 SEO 并将剩余的钱投资于付费搜索。此外,随着时间的推移跟踪关键字排名可以帮助您确定用户行为的趋势并做出相应的调整(稍后再做)。

It’s important to note, however, that SEO isn’t a one-time investment; SEO requires 持续的努力 and maintenance to yield long-term success. Therefore, it’s essential to regularly monitor SEO campaigns and adjust strategies as necessary in order to keep up with changing trends. Doing so will ensure that SEO remains effective and is worth the investment.

聘请 SEO 顾问来监控结果并应用更改会花费很多,但如果您自己学习 SEO,则每月可以节省数千美元。

3. 你可以自己做

事实是,大多数企业 handle their own basic SEO needs without the help of a consultant. The initial work only takes 10-20 hours. You can improve your website’s search engine rankings without spending a dime on outside help by using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console and following best practices for on-page optimization and content creation.

如果您在链接构建或技术 SEO 问题等方面需要更高级的帮助,在线提供的大量经济实惠的资源可以教您如何自己做。


可以自己做SEO,交0$。您所需要的只是投入 10-20 小时来了解基础知识并在您的网站上进行搜索引擎优化。

可以从各种来源学习基础知识,包括 YouTube 视频和专业人士提供的课程 技能分享 通常只需 30 分钟左右即可了解基础知识。


For those looking for SEO tutorials on YouTube, plenty of informative videos are available. These videos can be great resources for understanding the fundamentals of SEO and provide an introduction to more advanced topics. Search for “搜索引擎优化基础知识” and you will find a lot.

For more comprehensive SEO knowledge, Skillshare offers online courses with experts such as SEO Masterclass: “SEO 初学者指南” or “SEO 分步指南“. These courses cover SEO topics such as keyword research, content optimization techniques, and link-building strategies. They also include tips and advice from SEO industry professionals to help learners develop their SEO skills. While Youtube is free, Skillshare has a monthly subscription of around 13.99$, which is much cheaper than hiring an SEO consultant and paying 1000$. You can also subscribe for a 10-day trial for 0$ and then cancel it after you have learned all you need about SEO.

3.1 关键词研究

一切都从关键词研究开始。它是 SEO 不可或缺的一部分,对于帮助提高搜索引擎排名至关重要。关键字研究有助于确定用户搜索的术语和短语,使他们能够创建符合客户需求的内容。

关键字研究工具使我们能够了解有多少人在 Google 上搜索他们输入的字词、该字词的竞争力(即有多少其他网站以该关键字为目标),以及 有关的 可以用来扩大其影响范围的术语。

You should also note any long tail keywords—targeted phrases with three or more words—as these can help reach particular audiences who might be further along in the buyer’s journey and closer to making a purchase decision. 

When conducting keyword research, it’s important to remember that SEO isn’t just about driving traffic – it’s about driving 优质流量 具有高转化率。为此,您必须确保专注于低竞争的相关关键字,以便它们可以最大限度地提高投资回报,同时最大限度地降低将资源花费在可能根本没有任何回报的关键字上的风险。

You don’t want to spend a lot of time optimizing for something with 1000 searches/month and extremely HIGH competition when you can find something with 100 searches and LOW competition. You can use 芒果 去做吧。只需订阅 10 天的试用期,但在完成研究后取消订阅。它也是在您的网站上构建良好 SEO 的绝佳工具,因此您可能想保留订阅。

Let’s say you offer office desk rental and you want to find a good keyword to optimize for. You may use the “office desk” as a keyword and hope for the best but here is how it looks like:


As you can see, the competition for “办公桌” is very high. In contrast “办公家具租赁” is much lower in the green area, which means you can easily reach good SEO results so your website can rank on the first page on Google (in red, you will most likely never reach the first page on Google) unless you start learning advanced SEO tactics and invest in expensive tools like 赛姆拉什.


3.2 页面搜索引擎优化

SEO 的第二步是确保您的网站针对搜索引擎抓取工具进行了正确优化。这包括提供每个页面 标题标签元描述 关键字丰富且与内容相关并创建层次结构 标题 (H1s, H2s, etc.) that guides search engine crawlers through the page’s content.


您还应该确保所有图像都有 替代文字 与与他们相关的关键字和标题相关,以帮助提高他们的 SEO 排名。此外,确保您网站上的所有页面都具有唯一的标题和 URL 至关重要,因为这可以帮助搜索引擎更轻松地抓取它们。

Content creation is also crucial for SEO success. Your website should include high-quality content that is informative and engaging for users. This will not only help attract visitors organically but will also increase your website’s SEO ranking over time by showing Google that you are an authoritative source on a particular topic or subject.

几个免费的 WordPress 插件将帮助您进行页面搜索引擎优化:

SEO 工具通常有一个友好的界面,并指导您准确地操作:


RankMath 的免费版本提供了许多仅在其他插件的高级版本中可用的期货。我还认为您使用 WordPress 是因为它是最受欢迎的工具,但当然,您可以使用不同的 CMS。对于 WordPress,我会推荐一个很好的主机,比如 蓝主机.

在 SEO 中,您需要优化网站上的每个关键页面。如果您有在线商店,您可能还想优化类别和产品页面。写内容很费时间,所以也许你需要一些帮助 碧玉人工智能 但不幸的是,它不是免费的,但比撰稿人便宜得多。使用该链接,您将免费获得 10 000 个单词。

  • 先进的: Try using year in your titles like “2023 年 XXX 最佳酒店” or try always adding location for example, “XXX办公家具出租“. People often search for fresh information for this year or businesses around them.

3.3 站外搜索引擎优化

页外是链接构建,这是另一种基本的 SEO 策略。这样做涉及让其他网站链接回您的网站,以向 Google 表明其他来源认为您的网站相关且值得信赖。您可以使用 Yelp 或 Angie's List 等第三方目录来创建反向链接或其他网站可能希望自然链接到您或要求它们链接到您的高质量内容。

Let’s say you offer office furniture rental then maybe you can contact some businesses that offer delivery of fruits to the offices or coffee machines. Their audience is very relevant to you but you are not competitors.

3.4 追踪

一旦 SEO 为搜索引擎优化了您的网站,下一步就是跟踪关键字排名。您想了解关键字的效果。您可以使用 芒果 为它或一个 伺服机器人 (自由的)。这些工具允许根据您定位的关键字查看您的网站的执行情况。


您应该跟踪的最重要指标之一是您的网站在 SERP(搜索引擎结果页面)中的平均位置。跟踪 SERP 排名可以了解您对特定关键字的排名情况,并确定他们应该更多关注哪些关键字。

  • 先进的: 您应该注意的另一个指标是点击率 (CTR),它衡量链接出现在搜索结果页面上时点击该链接的人数百分比。该指标有助于确定您的 SERP 列表是否具有足够的吸引力来吸引用户。您还应该注意跳出率——该指标衡量访问者在从 SERP 列表中点击后在不采取任何行动离开之前在页面上停留的时间。

SEO 跟踪可以提供有价值的见解,了解哪些关键字正在推动流量和收入,以及企业需要改进的领域,以最大限度地提高 SEO 工作的投资回报率。它还使 SEO 能够尝试不同的策略和策略,以构建有效且可持续的 SEO 策略,该策略将在未来继续产生结果。

3.5 维护 

最后,SEO 需要定期维护以保持长期有效。您应该经常监控您的网站排名的关键字,评估用户正在搜索与这些关键字相关的内容,并在需要时相应地调整您的 SEO 策略。这样做将确保您在自然流量和 SERP(搜索引擎结果页面)上的更高排名方面充分利用 SEO 工作。


搜索引擎优化 (SEO) 对于任何网站在搜索引擎上的排名都至关重要。然而,聘请 SEO 顾问可能并不总是最好的主意。以下是您永远不应聘请 SEO 顾问的一些原因:

  1. They may use unethical practices: Some SEO consultants use black hat techniques to improve your website’s ranking, which can lead to penalties from search engines.

  2. They may not have updated knowledge: Search engine algorithms change frequently, and if your SEO consultant is not up-to-date with the latest trends, it can harm your website’s ranking.

  3. 他们可能不了解您的业务:每个企业都有独特的目标受众和目标,不了解您的业务的 SEO 顾问无法制定有效的策略。

  4. 他们可能会收取过高的费用:许多 SEO 顾问收取高价却没有提供显着的结果,这可能会使您的预算紧张。

  5. 你可以自己做:有了正确的资源和知识,你可以学习和实施基本的 SEO 技术,而不是依赖昂贵的顾问。

虽然 SEO 对于在线成功至关重要,但由于各种因素(例如不道德的做法、缺乏最新知识、无法理解您的业务目标以及收取过高的费用),聘请 SEO 顾问可能并不总是最佳选择。与其完全外包此任务,不如考虑学习基本技术或与了解您的业务需求的知名机构合作。

简而言之,聘请 SEO 顾问是 很少值得 the time or money invested. Instead of relying on someone else to handle your website’s optimization needs, take matters into your own hands and learn how to do it yourself and save $$$. Your wallet (and your website) will thank you in the long run.



SEO 顾问建议并指导企业针对 Google 等搜索引擎优化其网站。

为什么企业会错误地聘请 SEO 顾问?

企业聘请 SEO 顾问是因为他们缺乏改善在线形象和吸引更多客户的知识。

聘请 SEO 顾问需要多少费用?

The cost of hiring an SEO consultant can vary depending on the consultant’s or agency’s experience and reputation. It can be expensive, especially when working with a reputable expert.

为什么不值得投资聘请 SEO 顾问?

It depends on your business goals and budget. While there are benefits to working with an experienced SEO consultant, it’s essential to weigh the costs and risks before deciding which usually shows to be very high and often not worth the ROI.

我可以相信 SEO 顾问会提供结果吗?

Some SEO consultants may promise results that are unrealistic or impossible to achieve. It can be difficult to know whether you’re getting your money’s worth if you don’t understand the strategies used. That is why you should always learn the SEO basics.

聘请 SEO 顾问有哪些风险?


Can't I just learn about SEO myself instead of hiring a consultant?

绝对地!你真的应该。许多在线课程、教程和文章可以在 30 分钟内教您 SEO 基础知识。