Utilizing Bloggers For Pushing Products: A Great Concept?

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There is an interesting conversation in the blogosphere. The discussion centers on utilizing bloggers to push items and getting compensated in return. Should blog writers accept monetary payment or any form of remuneration for discussing specific items, services or events on their blog sites?

Views and issues

Newsweek revealed that 100 influential members of the tech neighborhood, Silicon Valley, were regularly offered product and services in return for word of mouth recommendations (or not). BzzAgent, a Boston company employed volunteers to call up book shops to produce buzz for a particular book, feigning ignorance. A recent service called Pay Per Post patterned after pay per click service model pays a blog writer a commission for each finished (clicked) post that promotes the advertiser’s services or product. All these various circumstances point to a need for some ethical requirements bloggers must adhere to. Some fundamental guidelines need to be set.

Rob Greenlee of WebTalkRadio commented that it is abnormal to believe that a paid blogger would publish unfavorable comments about a sponsor. Stowe Boyd, president of Corante’s blog network threatened that the Marqui program will turn the blogosphere into a graffiti-laden slum where the readers won’t have the ability to identify if an article is real or a paid message. In his action, King defended that if a reader discovers a blog and sees the part that is sponsored, definitely there will be uncertainty. However, blog writers disclose their relationship with Marqui, write both unfavorable and positive comments without worry of any deletion from Marqui. Another blogger feels that the Marqui program just needs some fine-tuning. Disclosure of payment plan in between Marqui and participating blog writer should be necessary. Agreements of blog writers must not be renewed based upon favorable reviews they provided or whether they are amenable to composing item reviews, be it favorable or unfavorable.

Blogging has no established code of principles concerning bloggers accepting compensation for blog site protection. The instant issue bloggers will have to address is whether bloggers can accept payment in any type for composing about specific topics. If yes, a subsequent issue is disclosure and openness.

Marqui, a Vancouver company that sells interaction management services for automating sites announced its speculative program– paying blog writers to discuss the business in their blog sites. Marqui signed up 20 bloggers. Under the program, blog writers are mandated to show Marqui icon and mention Marqui in their blog posts at least when a week.

Everyday, more business are paying bloggers in money or in kind for marketing spaces on their blogs be it in the form of straight-out sponsorship or item reviews. The majority of blog writers keen to keep their blog sites economically sustainable openly accept sponsorship and carry ads on their blog sites.

Now that blogging is spreading like wildfire, drawing large crowds of audience, service advertisers, sponsors and the like are one in advocating it as a reliable means of marketing– getting a company’s message out. It is now everyday staple to see marketing on personal blog sites. Leading business like Microsoft, Nokia, and General Motors have even signed up with the “blogwagon’. Leading management executives like Sun Microsystems president Jonathan Schwartz and Intel chief Paul Otellini now blog. It is a reality that word from a trusted source holds much water to customers. Word of mouth is certainly the most effective type of advertising. Marketing individuals put a great deal of weight into pursuing totally free promotion. Aware of the massive growth of blogs and the increasing clout and its being a relied on medium, it isn’t unexpected that blog writers are being used to promote occasions, items or services. Blog sites have the capability to disseminate details quickly to a widespread audience.

Blog Site Ethics and Standards

In a nutshell, utilizing blog writers to press items might be acceptable to some, however others may frown on it. A blogger might be open to accepting payments to help develop buzz for a product on his blog site or not.

Blog writers are understood to be non-conformists. Bloggers comment and spread out info according to their own unconventional standards. On the contrary, it is likewise this liberty that might threaten their stability and hence their worth.

At present there are no certain ethical standards that lay down a blog writer’s duties and supply a clear code of conduct that will ensure his integrity. Considering that blogging is a trusted medium, it is to every blog writer’s advantage to disclose conflicts of interest (monetary or otherwise) when suitable. A blog writer who is given complimentary access to a service he is reviewing or receives an item for review ought to disclose said truth.

Should blog writers accept monetary payment or any kind of compensation for writing about certain items, services or occasions on their blogs?

Mindful of the huge development of blogs and the increasing influence and its being a relied on medium, it isn’t unexpected that bloggers are being used to promote items, occasions or services. The immediate problem bloggers will have to address is whether bloggers can accept payment in any kind for composing about particular subjects. Marqui, a Vancouver business that offers communication management services for automating sites revealed its speculative program– paying bloggers to point out the company in their blog sites. A blogger may be open to accepting payments to assist build buzz for a product on his blog site or not.

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