11 инструментов, которые должен иметь каждый блогер

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There are countless tools that every blogger must have out there designed to make your life easier, but which can help Bloggers? Good blogger tools should make blogging more effective, inspire, save time creating content and connecting with readers and make the blog Google-friendly. Here I have gathered my top essential blogging tools which will help you on your journey.

They are a combination of free и paid tools perfect for those who are just beginning to dip their toes into the blogging pool or for dedicated bloggers who are ready to really invest and grow a successful blog.

1. GetResponse

Every blogger needs to keep a list of all email subscribers. You also want to grow it and be able to send email easy. No coding. No programming skills. Beautiful responsive emails on all platforms. Besides that bloggers also need to be able to do webinars, build unique landing pages for campaigns and automate as much as possible. That is why a good email automation system is needed and as you may know I personally use and recommend GetResponse for it. Unlike other email systems, this one is also affiliate friendly and will make it possible for passive income. Up to 500 contacts can be stored for FREE more than that you will need to choose a plan but 500 is ok for beginner bloggers or those who just want to try the system for free.


2. грамматически

Важно уметь писать хорошие тексты. грамматически автоматически поможет вам в любом редакторе и покажет все орфографические ошибки, а также посоветует, как писать лучше. Он исправит ваши тексты, а также даст предложения по улучшению. У него есть бесплатная версия с множеством отличных функций, но платная версия еще лучше.


3. Канва

Sometimes you want to create a beautiful image for some article, a banner for advertising or some post for a social media channel. Канва has millions of beautiful designs and makes it so easy to create anything in just a few seconds. It can even create videos now! It has a free version with 250 000 templates or paid with over 500 000 premium templates + 2 million stock photos.


4. Skillshare.com

Where do you learn about blogging, new trends, using tools, what to do and how to do? Right, Skillshare.com has thousands of courses from different professional people and you can learn everything from blogging to master courses in taking photos with iPhone and much more. It has many courses for free but also many premium from some professional experts.


5. РангМатематика

In order to rank high on Google, you need to do search engine optimization (SEO). You will need a good plugin that will make it easy for you to optimize your blog, РангМатематика is free and it includes many features that you have to pay for in other plugins.


6. ОптинМонстр

You need to somehow collect leads so you can grow your email list. ОптинМонстр is perfect for it. It will allow you to create many beautiful and fully responsive and mobile-friendly sidebars with sign-up forms, popups, Lightboxes, exit popups and much more. Unfortunately, it is not free but very needed for every blogger and is worth it.


7. ПеревестиПресс

Is your blog only in 1 language? Why not translate it to 2, 5 or even 10 languages? You can double or triple your traffic by doing it. ПеревестиПресс позволяет вам автоматически переводить с помощью Google Translate или DeepL, поэтому на каждую статью уходит всего 10 секунд. У него есть бесплатная версия с ручным переводом и премиум-версия с автоматическим переводом.


8. Издатель

A good blog needs a good theme that is created specifically for a blog. Издатель имеет более 95 уникальных тем для всех возможных ниш, а также идеально оптимизирован для SEO, мобильного и быстрого. Я использую один из дизайнов в своем блоге здесь, но есть еще больше доступных. Это не бесплатно, но это разовая покупка, и вы получаете доступ ко всем этим 95 дизайнам.


9. BlueHost

A good web host with features for bloggers will make your blog fast and give you access to everything you need. BlueHost offers web hosting from just 2,95$/mo and gives you access to Free Domain for 1st Year, Free SSL Certificate Included, 1-Click WordPress Install and much more. It is a perfect web host for bloggers.


10. Мангулы

Where to find the best SEO keywords for ranking with low competition, how to build backlinks, what headlines to use and how much traffic can you generate every day? You can find it all and much more thanks to Мангулы. It is one of the most important tools for writing good content. It is free for a limited time but after that, it requires a subscription.


11. планоли

If you also post on social media then you will save a lot of time if you use a good tool for automation. планоли will help you to automatically post, find the best hashtags and headlines and much more. It has a free version.


Предупреждение: Эта статья содержит несколько партнерских ссылок, которые могут дать мне небольшую комиссию бесплатно для вас. Имейте в виду, что я ссылаюсь на эти компании и их продукты из-за их качества, и это лучшие инструменты.

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