How To Use My Affiliate Program

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My affiliate program works just like many other programs. You create a link and post it. When someone clicks on it and makes a purchase – you get a commission. BUT if you never used any affiliate program before let’s read this step-by-step guide:

1. Register

Try to fill all the field during registration. Don’t forget to tell me about your website/blog/Instagram and other channels that you plan to use.

2. Dashboard

When you log in you will see this dashboard:

affiliate home


Here you can see an overview over your account and some statistics


Here you can the sales

Payment History

Here you can see all the payment that was done to you. I will be using PayPal to transfer money so make sure to register there.


Here you will be able to generate links to any page on my website OR use the default link that is already linked to the shop. It is very important that you use those links. They contain a tracking code at the end so both you and me can track and see the a purchase. In the example bellow I generated a link to the shop and as you can see it has ?wpam_id=2 at the end. It is a tracking code for my test account. Your account will have a different code.

affiliate link

Edit Profile

You can edit your profile here. It is very important that you add your Paypal email there so I can transfer money to you.

affiliate payment

4. Create Links

Go to Creative section of the dashboard to create links. Let’s say you want to link to my ebook “Hidden Instagram Secrets”. Go to my website and copy the link, paste it into URL generator and click on “generate referral url” (se the image below):

create affiliate link

You will get a link now that can be tracked:

created affiliate link

Copy it and post it on you Instagram, blog or any other place. Everyone who clicks on it will be tracked in your and my dashboard.

5. Examples

Here are some examples how to post a link. You can paste it in your Instagram bio (go to your settings and paste it into “website”). If you think that it is too long then you can use to convert the link in a short link. It will be much easier to post a short link in comments and other places where people can’t click and need to type it manually. You can also post it in your blog as well if you have it or send it by email to your friend or other channels and ways. There are many different ways how to post a link. But it is very important to remember that you copy the link from your dashboard and it has the tracking code at the end.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can join my affiliate program

You can place the links on your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and other. You can also put them in your blog or website. Emails and much more.

When you reach the necessary amount of required sales send me an email and I will move you to the next level.

I transfer them manually in Paypal so make sure to create a Paypal account and also add it to your profile here.

Once a month I do payments. You also need to reach the minimum limit of 20$

You can publish it somewhere and click on it. That click should be tracked in your dashboard so check it.

Yes, you can make purchases from you own links and get some cashback 😉

It is 10 days right now which means the person will have 10 days (after the click on your link) to complete the purchase. Nice isn’t it?

0 – 10 sales: 4$ per sale
11 – 50 sales: 5$ per sale
50+ sales: 6$ per sale

Email me to increase your level when you reach it.

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