How to Start a Successful Blog in 2022 (Step-By-Step Guide)

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If you wish to learn exactly how to start a successful blog in 2022 and make money blogging, then you must forget about all old advices you’ve heard about or been reading before. A real successful blog needs a good web hosting for your blog + smart tactics to grow and monetize. 

But this is not what “Professional” bloggers often offer you. They just offer common suggestions like “stay constant, think about your passion, write more and produce wonderful material…”

Then, a couple of years later, you’ll ultimately have enough visitors to start making money from your blog with online courses, Google AdSense, affiliate programs, podcasts or selling your own products.

Well, it doesn’t need to take you so much time…

1. Many Bloggers Fail Because…

You got the desire for easy earnings for passive income and want to know how to make money blogging, but did you know that 95% of bloggers fail?

But yet, these “professionals” that began one decade ago are the only who is making money the most from blogging. Many old blogging suggestions are dangerous and not practical.

  • Forget all advices you heard before
  • Many blogging suggestions are not practical
  • Passion and needs may be different

Most of bloggers fail not because they don’t have passion but because their passion and their needs are different.

Ask yourself do you want to write articles and share your passion but make no money or do you want to make money from blogging?

For example you like water but you are hungry and want to eat. Instead of going and eating you just drink more water. You are still going to be hungry, right?

You need to think like entrepreneur and think about your blog like a business. Let’s see how you can do it.

Are you thinking wrong?

To make some real life changing cash from your blog and learn how to make money blogging as fast as it can be possible, you need to begin thinking like an entrepreneur and establishing systems to grow your blog like a business, not a passion blogger.

Here’s one of the things I learned is that you require to focus much less on content writing but a lot more on developing ways to grow your blog site at start-up phase. Remember, you’re an entrepreneur, not just a blog owner!

I wish I knew some things when I began my blog site. I hope this message helps provide you some fresh concepts.

This overview covers:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keyword research
  • Web content advertising
  • WordPress

All that to make sure that you will be able to make more cash blogging within 3 month.

Step-By-Step Guide

This article is everything you will need to know how to make money blogging this year.

I will not give you an unclear checklist of choices like affiliate advertising and marketing, sponsored blog posts, online programs or marketing.

Instead, we will focus on your blog and how to scale it as a business by finding your skills, audience, choosing your niche, growing your content and learning how to make money from your blog more than $1000/ month in 3 month.

You will also get a bonus with 7 ways to make money blogging which you can use later.

Let’s start with your brand new blog startup!

Disclaimer: This article contains some affiliate links which can give a small commission to me at no cost for you. Keep in mind that I link to these companies and their products because of their quality and these are the best tools to help you make money blogging this year.

2. How to Make Money Blogging in 2022

Prior to anything else, you first need to find out how to start your blog. Step 1 is to decide where to host your blog.

Obtaining paid webhosting and your own domain name is the best option if you want a professional blog but you can also use free tools like Blogger or for some free blogging but you will be very limited in the ways to make money.

Where to host your blog:

Choose one of the options. After that you can read this guide and apply many of the ways I describe here.

Personally I suggest getting a professional webhosting and Bluehost is the #1 in my opinion.

Professional webhosting is not expensive but it will give you 100% control over your blog and you can do anything you want with it while free hosting is usually very limited.

Bluehost is a recommended professional webhost by WordPress itself and has many tools to do anything you need.

I would recommend Bluehost BASIC plan, it is as cheap as $2.95/ month (63% off) with this web link and you cant go wrong if WordPress officially recommends it.

Another popular option is SiteGround StartUp plan but it is slightly more expensive and starts at $3.99/mo (73% off) with this web link. Bluehost will give you 50 GB of space (and a domain for free) while SiteGround 10 GB.

You may got confused here about WordPress. It has a free version at which is limited but OK for beginners but if you have a professional webshosting then you can install a full version of WordPress on your own domain.

WordPress is the most popular content managment system (CMS) and over 43% of all websites in the world use it.

Try BlueHost

In order to start a successful blog and start making money you need to do this:

  • Write a list with all your skills and expertise
  • Find the right audience
  • Find a niche that is related to your skills
  • Build a blog with content
  • Start making money

3. Research to Choose the Right Niche

There’s a factor that 95% of blog writers fail, and also it’s not why you probably believed before.

The existing misconception is that blog owners fail since they aren’t “enthusiastic enough.” “Keep pushing when you failing” they say.

Google “why do bloggers fail”. You will get the very same response: bloggers fail because they need more passion. I dont belive it.

The actual reason blog owners fail is because any business stops working when it isn’t generating money. And your blog is a business. Otherwise you would not want to learn how to make money blogging.

Take my hobbies for example. I’m passionate about mountain biking, traveling, diving, hiking in the mountains, flying drone and much more.

However, if I created a countless quantity of posts about all these subjects and did not make any kind of money, I would burn out all the time.

Old blogger are simply brand new bloggers who do not understand just how to make money because things worked different when they started.

In any innovative electronic field if it’s video, internet growth, design, digital photography, or copywriting – there are specialists as well as novices and do not really know much about how to make money blogging.

Since the majority of blog owners start as novices by discussing an enthusiasm and also attemp to learn everything else later, they’re going to fail.

Blogging suggestions are also outdated and motivates a generalized technique to show your blog to more possible people on target market. Due to the fact that of a lack of enthusiasm, blog writers do NOT fail.

Bloggers fail not because of their passion but because they can’t transform their blog into a business.

They select bad niches targeting a bad-value target market and then do not know how to make money blogging. New blog owners forget to utilize networking as well as connections that could benefit them strategically.

And also they do not have enough interest in their market to scale website traffic. I want that it will go well for you.

Prior to releasing your blog, it’s essential to choose a niche which is based not on enthusiasms, but on 3 business elements:

  • Target market spending plan capacity
  • Specialist leverage
  • Market need

What Are Your Skills?

Ask yourself:

  • What is my specialist experience?
  • What links do I have in my industry?
  • Can I take this experience right into a blog?

If you’re a professional worker in some area, you may have a base of customers, calls from neighborhood meet-up groups, as well as even understand influencers that you satisfied in the past.

You can increase the development of your blog and learn how to make money blogging if you can take advantage of these and get in touch with them in future.

Do: Write a list with all your skills and expertises

Potential Audience Budget

To offer a good product on your site, you must fix some discomfort issue for your target market. People like to read about solutions for their problems.

You ought to deeply recognize your audience’s difficulties so you can supply one of the most sought-after option as a blogger.

Begin by checking at particular niches where you belong. In this manner, your domain name competence shines through much faster.

Do not assume that after you have learned that, you just need to open a common checklist of 100 particular niches an find a good one you loved. You need to do more to learn how to make money blogging.

Which is the most crucial aspect when picking the niche for your blog? Just how many $$ is your target market able to spend. Let’s assume you are going to create a blog site in the house design specific niche.

The subjects in your blog might pull in various readers. Site visitors can include professional indoor designers, university students, as well as also stay-at-home dad and mommy that want the inspiration for house decor.

To start making money from this particular niche, you would certainly create a brand-new blog site and also relocate your readers into the sales funnel:

  • Initially, you ‘d attract a target market with articles
  • You would certainly build some “free product offer” to obtain e-mail opt-ins
  • You might start to use affiliate marketing to try and promote home decoration and brands
  • You would provide your e-mail subscribers a $500 online training course concerning 10 Layout Tips for the Modern Residence

Absolutely nothing is bad with this strategy – this is often what most blog writers do, as well as it will make passive income but you will need to wait a number of years of building your target market instead of learning how to make money blogging today.

Was it a financially rewarding audience? University students, staying home and also a few experts with an ordinary wage?

Here’s the secret. You need simply change one word in your specific niche, you will boost your blog site’s earnings capacity by 100x. You need to modify “house design” to “office design.” Let me describe.

By including a B2B element, you just changed your audience to businesses from low income individuals and also enhanced your blog site’s earnings capacity by 100x that is how to make money blogging and really good money.

Think of it by doing this. You can make more money just because of two factors if you’re marketing to big organizations rather of individuals.

The very first is that company and businesses have extra funds offered and second, it all is not coming out from their very own pockets.

The attractive feature of this way is that your blog launch, content approach, and also sales channel are nearly the identical for both the B2C “house design” and also B2B “office design” specific niches.

Here’s the good component in learning how to make money blogging in this way: while your B2C “house design” monetization quit at a $300 course, the B2B “office design” particular niche does not simply quit there.

After you construct your specialist brand, you end up being called a B2B design professional. This impact enables your price for project or work to go up from a $20 affiliate provision or $500 course to a $5,000/ month repeating consulting costs.

Comprehending your audience’s discomfort factors isn’t enough. To change your income by 100x, your audience requires to be in a profitable B2B specific niche as well as pay a month-to-month repeating basis. With this technique, I absolutely think you can make $1000/ month in 3 month with a brand-new blog.

Do: Write a list of lucrative audiences that you can offer value

After discovering a lucrative audience to offer value, the next action is to find the strategic benefits you might have over others before you start asking how to make money blogging.

And when you’re simply beginning, you might not have different good connections or not so many. You might think and ask yourself: “Why would any person want to work with me?” Using your background assists tremendously.

Use Your Skills to Pick Your Blog’s Niche

Prior to get going, you must do good keyword research and find out if there are searches for the subjects you could cover and that it is possible to monetize them.

Once you completed a list with your skills and also passions, take particular niches and also think of the top 10 key phrases to target.

Next, utilize a keyword research tools like Ubersuggest or better Mangools for even deeper research and check the keywords.

These tools will really help you to make a good research for creating good content and help yu to learn how to make money blogging.

Some things to remember when doing keyword research. Look at your leading keywords if their search volumes over 5000 this reveals that there is a good rate of interest in these topics.

Let’s check the “office design” keywords:

keyword ideas - how to make money blogging

It has over 6600 searches very month. This is niche with interest! You can also see that “office design for home” is trending right now and has even more searches. That is not surprising.

Afterwards, consider the difficulty score of keywords. This a number from 0 to 100 and it shows how difficult it will be to get a high position on search on Google for the search phrase.

The competition may be high if your keywords score of difficulty is 50 or greater and asking here how to make money blogging during your first years of blogging is not really smart.

Aim for target keyword phrases with high month-to-month searches but difficulty score as low as possible to ensure that you can get more web traffic as possible with less competition.

“Office design for home” has 9900 searches and difficulty score 38. This is great! But don’t forget that your main focus should be B2B.

Your new blog is going to have DA (domain authority) 0 which means Google doesn’t know who you are and not going to show your posts high on search until you proof.

The way to do it is by getting backlinks (we will talk about it later). So this is why we want to find some keyword with low competition and then learn how to make money blogging.

I scrolled down and found some B2B keywords and with very low difficulty score:

keyword ideas - how to make money blogging

Nonetheless, if you see a web site with a DR under 50 on the first page, that’s an excellent because you can write a better content and outrank them in some time.

To summarize, when looking for your blog market needs, look for keywords with:

  • High monthly searches
  • Difficulty score under 50 for a keyword
  • Competitors with DR under 50

As I said before you can use Ubersuggest or Mangools for keyword research. Mangools offers also powerful tools for backlink and competitor analyze with some deeper details.

This will help you to find better keywords and analyse competition and learn how to make money blogging even faster.

See to it to pick your particular niche based upon target market potential, budget as well as market demand.

Change audience to B2B to make sure there’s possibility to 100x your profits. As well as make certain your niche has market need.

Enthusiasm doesn’t develop cash, cash develops enthusiasm in the end.

Do: Make a keyword research and pick your niche


4. Start Your Blog and 3 Posts

It is time now to start your blog and learn how to make money blogging. Is it difficult to start? Well… was it hard for you to register on Facebook, upload some photos and write posts?

If no then you should not have any problems starting a blog. WordPress has simmilar functions so you will learn it fast.

But before you can install WordPress you need a place to install it, right? That place is usually called web hosting. It is a part of the server that you can loan where all the website files will be installed.

There are many different web hosts but I can recommend you one right away: Bluehost. Remember that you can use a free blog services like but they will be very limited.

Try BlueHost

Bluehost is good and also good price. You will get Free Domain for 1 year, Free CDN and Free SSL Certificate. Which is fantastic. You can get the basic plan for just $2.95/ month (63% off) with this web link.

AND WordPress is already pre-installed so you need 0 skills in programming! By the way Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress since 2005 so you cant go wrong with it. Go and register now. It is very easy to start.

Do: Register on blogging service or web hosting

Your fresh new installation of WordPress is going to have a default theme. It is ok for a blog but not professional. You can find many great themes for your niche on themeforest. Many are free, some cost.

Before you install make sure that it is fast and SEO friendly (you can read it in theme description) so you can focus on how to make money blogging instead of how to optimize the seo and load speed.

Nobody likes slow blogs and SEO is important for ranking high on Google. If you dont want to search for a theme you can just use Publisher (I am using this theme).

Publisher has over 97 different designs for different niches, fast, SEO friendly and is great for blogs and small businesses. It is a premium theme so it has a small cost but worth the money.

Get Publisher

Do: Find a fast and SEO friendly theme

So you have a web host, installed WordPress and theme now is the time to create basic pages like “about” and “contact” and then you are ready to go and publish 3-5 posts. Try to write more than 2000 words in every post.

The two primary sorts of monetizable keyword phrases are “best” and also “how-to” guides. These 2 major kinds of keyword phrases have one of the most affiliate advertising and marketing revenue.

In the case of the “best” list posts:

  • In traveling, this could be “finest traveling insurance” or “finest travel backpack.”
  • In money, it could be “best savings account” or “best Roth IRA.”
  • In technology, maybe “best Virtual Reality headset” or “finest PS5 exclusives.”
  • When people are looking for the “ideal” something, they are seeking long-form overviews suggesting items that are written by blog owners. A lot of these will have excellent affiliate programs to join and also advertise.

In the case of “how-to” guides, these could be:

  • In marketing, just how to make a web site.
  • In way of living, how to enhance your cooking area.
  • In health, how to remove acne.
  • These how-to guides are long-form tutorials packed with premium material. These are additionally good for adding associate links.

Do: Write at least 3 posts with 2000+ words

5. Ranking High on Google

You cant start learning how to make money blogging if nobody cant find your blog… You should focus on your blog ranking on Google first.

To develop a genuinely effective blog, you initially require to develop influence. 

And to develop authority, you require to tip beyond your comfort zone as well as leverage your connections, expert experience, and whatever at your disposal like never before.

You will likewise be executing a lot of outreach to make new links.

Outreach includes structure partnerships so you can guest blog post on reliable websites in your specific niche.

These posts give you relevant, high Domain Authority (DA) backlinks for SEO, which is one of the best methods to climb on Google search positions.

Google has 3.5 billion searches daily – or over 40,000 every second. There’s a lot of web traffic to go around.

There are great ways to build links to your blog:

Guest post on website in your niche, Let’s say you are an office designer then you could find those who offer coffee machines or fruit baskets for office. You are in the same niche but not competitors. Google for these sites (chech their DA so it is over 50).

It is better to have 1 backlink from a high DA website than 10 from low. As I said before I am using Ubersuggest and Mangools for this kind of analys. Contact and ask if they want you to write a post for them on their website and they will link to you as a reward.

Link exchange is another good way to build backlinks. As in previous step you can contact those sites but ask if they want to exchange links. They link to you and you link to them in return. As you understand their website has more juice power and DA so they might ask you to pay. It is up to you if you want to do it.

Build a program and install on your site that could help a lot to focus on how to make money blogging ideas. There are many calculators for loan, calories, pregnancy that you could install. People will come to your site, bookmark it and link if they like it. This can go viral.

This is what you should do for the first 1-2 month when you start a new blog. Building links (not writing content about your passion). You blog must have good DA before you can start ranking high and generate much traffic.

You will also need to optimize every post which you want that ranks high and that mean that you put keywords in title, text an so on. This is called SEO (or more exactly “onpage” seo, “offpage” seo is backlink building).

There are popular plugins (small addons) that will help you with that:

Choose any of them. They are all free but have a premium version if you like. Rankmath has more tools that other two have only in their premium version. I am using the rankmath premium.

Do: Start creating backlinks

6. Start Making Money

If you just produced a brand-new blog for example, it does not make any good sense to put advertisements everywhere on your website.

Those advertisements require hundreds of thousands of monthly readers to make good money. You should read this guide first and learn how to make money blogging. 

You should not start affiliate advertising right away either and put many links all over your blog at the start. Making money from affiliate advertising can also require countless site visitors to make a sale.

Yes, you will eventually start generating some “passive income” from training courses, ad earnings, affiliate marketing and also electronic items, yet you will require to build links to your website and DA before you can start making money blogging.

If you done a good job and started to rank high on low difficulty keywords and people are coming to your blog then you can join affiliate networks and start connecting with brands.


Affiliate marketing is a preferred form of blog money making for me and really answers on question how to make money blogging.

If you take a look at every of the most rewarding blogs, virtually all of them are terrific at affiliate advertising. And to be an effective affiliate, you require to rank high on Google for your keywords.

What happens if I google for “best laptops”?

We see TechRadar and Laptop Mag on the first positions, both of them are affiliate blog sites. What do we see when we click on Laptop Mag? A listing message recommending items with associate links.

If a visitor clicks the “View” button on product page, they are rerouted to the item page on Hp or by means of an affiliate link.

That affiliate link is giving a commission on each sale. How to make money blogging? Affiliate web links is the answer.

As “best laptops” has over 112,000 searches monthly so you understand how much money they make from affiliate.

Try searching for something else. Did you see anything fascinating when we make these Google searches?

There is no a single brand that is ranking for these terms that markets their products. There was no HP or Dell ranking on first page – only affiliate blogs. Why is that?

When people search for “ideal” products, they wish to read reviews about from blogs, not brand pages. They are not prepared to purchase.

They want first to see for a longer term if they want to buy but comparing the different choices befor it.

This is how many of blogs can make good money and they actually do it. They are search intent conciliators.

They generate traffic from Google, provide recommendations and also get visitors to click associate links.

Here are some popular affiliate networks:

Do: Join some affiliate networks

Join them today and start connecting to brands that you like and start linking to their products.

How to make money blogging? Blog owners are making money in all sort of ways.

Good blog owners can get 7-digits/year, but in the same time other bloggers might not get a single dollar (because they write about their passion and not thinking as a business owner).

An objective that many bloggers inform you to focus on $1000/ month in persisting revenue within one year.


So start making money in your blog. You had actually picked your blog’s specific niche, planned your blog site money making timeline and also outsourced your material. It’s time to discover how much cash you can really generate blogging within 3 month.

More Ways to Make Money

Here are 7 more ways that can help you how to make money blogging that you can use after you already have a succefull affiliate blog that generates money. You can get a new source of income

1. Ebook
While developing your course online is a great way to earn money blogging, you can also share your experience and sell what you know in digital form, too. I do think we all have an unique set of lessons to show others, so anybody can teach.

Your eBook could be is a great method to do this. You can likewise publish a book for free. You are a blogger so you have a passion and like to share, so release that novel you know your audience will like.

2. Advertising
Numerous blog writers established their blog and before they were able to publish a first post they are attempting to set up Google Adsense on their blog everywhere where they can on every post.

While I think this is a good way to earn money when you have many thousands of readers, but it’s not the best.

I recommend waiting with it to set up display advertisements on your blog untill you get tens of thousands visitors. You don’t want either to overcrowd your design or distract individuals from your blog and what it has to offer your readers.

How to make money blogging? The absolute best method to monetize your blog is by having more eyes on your site. Pageviews are the secret here. The more people see your blog site, the more that see your ads.

Another way to offer ads that I do actually love, is to offer ad areas to other blog writers or online stores. You likewise have a better possibility of making cash here, because display screen ads usually have extremely low return.

3. Online Shop
Now that you’ve developed a base of followers and readers, why not do more and try monetize it with stuff you understand your audience will appreciate? Many bloggers start some online shop and offer items.

I believe Etsy is an excellent way to sell physical items and have an online shop front or install ecommerce on your own domain.

4. Social Network Promotion
A lot of blog writers believe that the best method how to make money blogging is using sponsored content or evaluation on their blog site. And it is a fantastic location to make money.

You can also make cash by promoting brand products on your own Instagram, TikTok or other social media channels.

My recommendations is to make sure that the product you want to promote is a product, app or service you personally use and like. If someone is not really invested in a product that they are promoting, it’s really easy to see it.

So only post and promote what you use yourself, like and trust.

5. Webinars
I enjoy webinars. I seriously can’t get enough and stop doing it and love webinars and online workshop from blog writers.

Generally, this means an hour (often a bit longer and this can be good if you want to share more content but it can be a better idea to release a part 2 instead and talk other day.

The length is also depending on the subject and price) of teaching on a particular topic.

If you’re worried about going live or remaining in front of the electronic camera, you can likewise host a subscription site and pre-record the content and have people pay regular monthly for your online education.

You can develop a private online forum or subscription area for people to ask concerns or receive feedback.

One of the ways how to make money blogging. There are so choices when it concerns developing workshops or a place for individuals to find help online.

What I love about webinars is that you can get connected with your readers and talk live with individuals who read your blog site.

You can do these totally free if you wish, however if you plan to go actually detailed you can offer them a webinar or you can put some offer in the end. What is amazing about webinars is that they are reasonably cheap or complimentary to set up.

You can create slides in PowerPoint and after that use Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts or a professional software like GetResponse to go live.

You need to have some online hosting app for the live stream video. I utilize GetResponse for this (as well as for great deals of other things) and I extremely suggest it. It is a part of my email software that you get totally for free so why not use it?

Try GetResponse (FREE)

6. Virtual Support
As a blogger you’re most likely well informed about about social networks promotion, writing intriguing articles, Google Analytics, SEO, and handling an inbox.

Some blog writers need assist with most of or all of it. You can help a lot and be the answer to their problems and guide them how to develop their blog or how to make money blogging.

Mord of mouth is my suggestion (numerous blog writers are looking for Virtual Assistants or support) and establishing a “hire me” page on your blog site. Make it olways easy to discover and contact you for others.

7. Freelance
I believe bloggers frequently forget about special skills that they have and that they can sell to organizations that require it. Some of these ideas can be composing, design, checking, and photography.

Many blog writers can deal with companies on an independent basis and charge a fantastic rate in return. You can also freelance as a social networks consultant. Possibilities are big here and actually endless.

As a final thing I want to say that it’s perfectly amazing for blog writers to learn how to make money blogging and earn good money. You are giving a lot effort and time into your blog, you must earn money for it.

We purchase things due to the fact that we like, trust and understand people, and your blog is providing that content frequently.

7. I wish I knew THIS before I started my blog

1. Opt-in Leads

Whether you want to generate income off your blog site or not, you require to produce a newsletter. This is the very best way to remain in touch with your readers. Now you might be thinking, how to make money blogging from a newsletter?

Well, I think you can utilize your newsletter to recommend products, offer your content, and even produce an automated sales funnel. But collecting leads takes time so it is best to place sign up forms in you blog as soon as possible.

I use GetResponse email marketing for collecting leads and also sending newsletter. It costs just 10$/month if you choose 2 year subscription. I use it and not any other email app because:

  • It is much cheapers then competitors
  • It has other tools includes too like automation, webinars, ads builder, clanding pages, conversion funnels and more
  • It allows affiliate marketing links inside your email. Many popular email apps do not allow it and can ban you for doing it. But this is important for bloggers.

Try GetResponse (FREE)

2. Dont Install Blog and Ecommerce on the Same Domain

One mistake I did once when I was think how to make money blogging was to install woocommerce (a plugin for wordpress that activated online store) on the same domain as my blog.

It is good for SEO because you will share DA but the ecommerce also added additional load time for my blog and made it much slower. Every 1 second of loading makes 10% of you site visitors to bounce and att 5 second load you might loose 50% of yur visitors.

A good solution here is to install your ecommerce on subdomain for example Your blog and ecommerce will be 2 different sites just sharing same domain. You will also have 2 different wordpress installations and can use different themes.

The bad thing about it is Google looks at subdomain as another site so it does not get DA from the domain which is bad for SEO. You can also install ecommerce on totally different domain.

I hope this guide helped you to understand and you learned how to make money blogging. Just a small recap with everything that you need to do and then FAQ:

  1. A WordPress blog – you can get started with Bluehost
  2. At least 3 posts you want to promote
  3. All web pages complete: “About”, “Contact” and so on
  4. Email marketing software (like GetResponse) to collect leads in your sidebar, posts and upon exit
  5. Joined affiliate networks: Awin, ShareASaleSkimlinks and CJ

How to Make Money Blogging FAQ

Is it hard to create your own blog?

It depens on what web host you get and how good you are with computers. If you can change avatar on your Facebook page, write some posts and images then you should not have problem with own blog

Is possible to make money blogging?

Yes, and really good money. Good blog owners can get 7-digits/year, while other bloggers might not get a single dollar. You need to think as a business owner and follow this guide to make good money blogging.

How long time will it take to start making money?

You should be able to see first results within 2-3 month. Investing more time can help you to reach first results faster.

Do I need to register a company?

No, you dont. However, when you start making a good income, there are tax advantages to register a company.

How much money do bloggers make?

  • 38% of bloggers make less than $10
  • 11% of bloggers earn $10 – $99
  • 17% of bloggers earn $100 – $499
  • 7% of bloggers earn $500 – $999
  • 9% of bloggers earn $1,000 – $9,999
  • 3% of bloggers earn $10,000+

Who are the richest bloggers?

Arriana Huffington, earning: ~$250M per year
Peter Rojas, earning: ~$50M per year
Rand Fishkin, earning: ~$35M per year
Pete Cashmore, earning: ~$30M per year
Michael Arrington, earning: ~$23M per year

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