Marketing Your Website – Part 1 – Making use of articles, auctions, affiliates and auto responders

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Your website is just like your company, in fact it is an extension of your company in many cases and it IS your business in others. Your ad campaign should attend to each of these approaches to the best and maximum level possible given your advertising budget.

Let’s take a look at how you can use these different advertising approaches to your best benefit:

1. Utilizing Articles to market your web site
Brief posts are an excellent way to create traffic to your website. Articles can be used to keep the material fresh on the site so that your customers keep returning, they can also be used to ‘market’ your site on web sites owned by others. Positioning your article on short article submission websites permits others to download it and use your article in their newsletters and on their website. Naturally there are links in the article that point to your site for additional information or other evaluations etc. These links are great as they assist increase your standings in the online search engine.
instagram-growthThe short articles can be about any subject and you will find there are hundreds of post submission sites available to put your articles on. The majority of are complimentary as they need fresh details so that their consumers keep coming back. is a new article submission site that I have actually begun to give you a concept of what one is like. If they relate to small business or home based businesses, feel complimentary to publish your posts on this website.

2. Utilizing Affiliates to market your web site

Over the years I have been involved with lots of companies, and one of the things I remember from my Amway days was that as a private, I might only do so much. The very same is real on the web. Affiliates are basically a partnership between web websites to promote and promote products, services, or information for a share of the revenues.

Some are web based and some are software application programs that you load on your computer system to set up and track the sales and affiliate yourself. Which one you use is up to you.

What else can an excellent affiliate program provide for you?

  • How about driving more traffic to your site!
  • Acquiring qualified leads that you can follow-up on to increase or up offer to.
  • Construct brand name awareness as more people visit your site from the hundreds or countless affiliates that are marketing for you.
  • Increasing the links to your website which will increase the ranking of your site on the search engines leading to more traffic and more sales.

Affiliate Internet – This is one of the more inexpensive server side affiliate programs. Referral Software application – This plan is also server side although more costly, it has lots of more functions and is worth while to consider if you are severe about making a lot of money with your Web service.

clixGalore Affiliate Networks – This is a web based affiliate program. There are month-to-month and established charges.

Click Bank – This is a web based affiliate program. By registering on their web site you have access to over 100,000 affiliates. There are month-to-month and set up charges.

Affiliate programs can include countless independent sales individuals to help market your product or services.

Issuer and payee signing contract. Businessmen making deal.I extremely advise affiliate programs. For the factors noted above. Remember they will help drive traffic to your website, which means more sales and you can use the affiliate programs to offer others services and make the commission as soon as you are done with the client. This could be a great service all by its self.

3. Utilizing Auctions to market your web site

I have on my website a couple more suggestions on using auctions also at rd-webhosting. com or visit my eBay store for other eBooks that are offered from time to time.

Now I could compose a whole website on utilizing auctions, however this page is simply how to utilize auctions to market your company. You can offer products and make a profit or you can just note products and build a customer database to market to later. In any case Auctions make a great way to market your company.

Within the auction listing, I can put a link to my site, offer a free download of some chapters of the book, of course, I will require your email prior to you can download. Be mindful here, E-Bay does not like you offering exterior of their auction so make sure the visitor is not allowed to purchase from your site at that link. Each item up for auction on E-Bay expense … are you all set for this 30 cents to list it plus a small portion of the selling expense.

Let’s take my Weekend Chef’s guides and see how I can offer them on E-Bay, Yahoo Auctions, or MSN Auctions. I require an account. This is easy, but does differ based upon who you are signing up with. Follow the guidelines (at the end of this page is an exceptional course on how to truly make money on auctions, however this will get you started). We now need to position something for sale as soon as you have an account. Consider the auction website as your web site As such we need to create a websites that provides you product/service for sale. I utilize a software package call Auction Wizard 2000. They have an excellent program that enables you to try it for 60 days prior to you need to sign up. It is so simple to utilize. Utilizing Auction Wizard, I can develop an auction page and immediately publish it and repost as required to any of the supported auctions. No special knowledge of html is required. Easy fill in the blanks and include any images or graphics and I’m done. It also will track the sales, send out e-mails to effective bidders, track inventory and so far more. If you are thinking about doing auctions, this is one piece of software application to take a hard look at.

Ok, you have a services or product you wish to offer; you need to let individuals know about that product or service and you don’t have much cash to invest. Picture a place that overcomes 3 million customers that are ready, able, willing and wanting to buy daily. It is a Super Mall!

Ask any company individual what they would pay to be in a mall that got 3 million visitors a day. You can see the dollar indications illuminate in their eyes … both in regards to cost and sales capacity. Remember my goal from earlier in the course when we spoke about organization planning? I need to have 4200 visitors a month come to my website in order to offer 420 copies according to my service strategy. Well E-Bay gets 3 million visitors a day! Do you think that might be a location that I would wish to promote my books or my website? You bet! I have actually sold quite a few of my other books on E-Bay as well as bottles, baseball cards, clothing, computer systems, software application, training, video and much more. Can you.

Audit service assistance4. Using Auto responders to market your web site

Articles can be used to keep the product fresh on the site so that your consumers keep coming back, they can also be used to ‘advertise’ your site on web sites owned by others. Putting your article on short article submission sites enables others to download it and use your article in their newsletters and on their web sites. Remember they will help drive traffic to your site, which suggests more sales and you can utilize the affiliate programs to offer others services and make the commission as soon as you are done with the customer. Think of the auction site as your web website As such we need to develop a web page that provides you product/service for sale. Now I could write a whole web website on using auctions, however this page is simply how to utilize auctions to market your service.

This is part among a multi-part series of Marketing you website. In the next area we will cover marketing you website using banner advertisements and classified ads.

Promasoft: This is the one we use with our servers. It places a header in the outgoing e-mail, so you will desire to sign up as soon as you have it up and running.

Depending upon the products, services or information you are offering automobile responders might have the ability to automate a great portion of your web site business. An auto responder is a piece of software that inspects email for certain words or phrases and responds according to your desires. For example, you may have gotten a newsletter by sending out an email to me with Subscribe as the subject. My car responder sees that e-mail come in and has a set of actions specified that when the subject has subscribe in it that it will email back to you our newsletter. Another thing that the auto responders can do is following up with your consumers at fixed times with a predetermined letter. This benefits driving traffic to your website after they have actually checked out and left their e-mail address such as to register for a newsletter or download a totally free chapter of an e-book or other info you have provided. For my training organization I send up to 4 different e-mails to each person that request my guide to increase their income. Each e-mail introduces them to other advantages and services that are available. A few of the emails will offer a discount or free training class as a reward to sign up for a class. All of it done without me having to get involved.

Auto responders can be set up on your computer or used through the Web. Some are complimentary and others you need to pay either by the e-mail address or based on the variety of reactions you want to program it to react to. Here are some links to auto responders on the internet in addition to a software package with a trial version you can use yourself.

GetResponse: This is likewise a fantastic program, although, this one is a membership service. It can be a less expensive method to experiment with an auto responder. They do use a totally free account also.

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