چگونه در سال 2023 کسب و کار خود را به صورت آنلاین رشد دهید

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How can internet marketing help your business increase its sales, earnings, and total growth in 2023?

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What is Online Marketing in 2023


Online marketing, also known as Internet marketing, explains the use of web-based channels to promote, market, and advertise a business and its brand to make it grow. It can be paid or organic (free) growth.

While typical advertising and Internet marketing assist your business in expanding, they are various. In comparison to conventional advertising and marketing, internet marketing uses web-based channels and only data-driven smart solutions that are based on results, data و facts. It also takes place totally online.

With online marketing, businesses of all dimensions can access inexpensive alternatives for advertising and promoting their business, like social media advertising or search engine optimization (SEO).

In contrast, traditional (aka “offline”) advertising tends to charge a high cost (like TV promotion) that just big brands can pay. “Offline” advertising results cant really be tracked either so you cant really be sure what you paid for and what results you got while in online advertising everything is tracked.

The cost of online marketing can usually result in a more significant ROI (return on investment).

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But first

Before anything else, you first need to find out if you have everything you need to grow your business online. Step 1 is to decide where to host your business website or move if you already have a website.

Your business website has to be as fast as possible. Just like a car (if you want to win the race). If your car is slow then someone else will win the race.

Many web hosts cost the same but not all are fast. A bad web host will make your website load 1-2 seconds slower and you will lose around 50% of customers just because of it. Ask yourself “Do you like slow websites?”.

Step 1: Reliable Web Hosting

میزبانی وب چیست؟ به آن فکر کنید که انگار یک اینترنت مجازی است گوشی های هوشمند. It has apps and storage where you can save those apps, photos, files, etc. Web hosting is just like a smartphone. It gives you some storage on the internet on some powerful server and lets you install apps to run a business website or even an online store.

هاست های وب خوب زیادی وجود دارد. تفاوت معمولا در است قیمت و امکانات (like in a smartphone). Most offer free domain names, but some also provide other bonuses. They change their offers and campaign all the time. Check all of them and see which one is giving you the most for the best price.

در اینجا برخی از محبوب ترین آنها وجود دارد:

BlueHost has the best hosting features for bloggers. If you’re looking for power and an extensive offering of tools, then this host is worth checking out. Bluehost is most well known for being the number one recommended WordPress host. WordPress is the world’s most extensive blogging and website system, so its recommendations are significant.

دریم هاست is the most affordable blog hosting provider across all its packages. These price plans make DreamHost perfect for business website owners budgeting for the long term. DreamHost is also the number two recommended WordPress host.

SiteGround support is where it shines. Even as you navigate SiteGround’s website, it’s clear that there’s a strong focus on being beginner-friendly and supportive of its users. On top of its user-friendly guide, SiteGround also delivers a full range of support options, including 24/7 phone and live chat support. SiteGround is also the number three recommended WordPress host.

web-hosting-speed-test-comparison How to Grow Your Business Online in 2023

I suggest getting professional web hosting and Bluehost is the #1, in my opinion. It is a recommended web host by WordPress itself and has many tools to do anything you need. Other good options are دریم هاست و SiteGround. They are almost as fast, so the difference in speed is minimal. SiteGround is the fastest but also more expensive.

Professional web hosting is not expensive (starting from 2.95$/month) but it will give you 100% control over your business website and you can do anything you want with it.

Step 2: Research

هر کسب و کاری وقتی پولی تولید نمی کند کار نمی کند.

Many select the wrong niches targeting a bad-value target market and do not know how to grow their business and make money. New businesses forget to utilize networking and connections that could benefit them strategically.

And also, they do not have enough interest in their market to scale website traffic. I want that it goes well for you.

Before releasing your business website, it’s essential to choose a niche that is based not on enthusiasm but on three business elements:

  • ظرفیت طرح مخارج بازار هدف
  • اهرم تخصصی
  • نیاز بازار

بودجه بالقوه مخاطب

To offer a good product on your site, you must fix discomfort issues for your target market. People like to read about solutions to their problems.

شما باید عمیقاً مشکلات مخاطبان خود را بشناسید تا بتوانید به عنوان یک صاحب کسب و کار یکی از گزینه های مورد تقاضا را ارائه دهید.

با بررسی سوله های خاصی که به آن تعلق دارید، شروع کنید. به این ترتیب، صلاحیت نام دامنه شما بسیار سریعتر می درخشد.

Do not assume that after you have learned that, you need to open a standard checklist of 100 particular niches and find a good one you love. You need to do more to learn.

Which is the most crucial aspect when picking the niche? How much $$ is your target market able to spend? Let’s assume you will create a business website in the مخصوص طراحی خانه موقعیت مناسب، جایگاه.

موضوعات موجود در وب سایت کسب و کار شما ممکن است خوانندگان مختلفی را جذب کند. بازدیدکنندگان سایت می توانند شامل طراحان حرفه ای فضای داخلی، دانشجویان دانشگاه و همچنین پدران و مادرانی که در خانه می مانند و می خواهند برای دکوراسیون خانه الهام بگیرند، باشند.

اما آیا این یک از نظر مالی برای مخاطبان مفید است? University students staying home and also a few experts with an ordinary wage?

Here’s the secret. Changing one word in your specific niche will boost your business website earnings capacity by 100x. You need to modify “house design” to “office design” Let me describe.

By including a B2B element, you changed your audience to businesses from low-income individuals and ظرفیت درآمد وب سایت کسب و کار شما را 100 برابر افزایش داد.

با این کار به آن فکر کنید. اگر به جای افراد، برای سازمان های بزرگ بازاریابی می کنید، فقط به دلیل دو عامل می توانید درآمد بیشتری کسب کنید.

The first is that companies and businesses have extra funds offered; second, it all is not coming out of their own pockets.

The attractive feature of this way is that your business website launch, content approach, and sales channel are nearly identical for both the B2C “house design” and B2B “office design” specific niches.

Here’s the excellent component in learning: while your B2C “house design” monetization quits at $300 per product, the B2B “office design” particular niche does not simply stop there.

After constructing your specialist brand, you become a B2B design professional. This impact enables your price for the project or works to go up from $300 per product to $5,000/ month, repeating sales.

Comprehending your audience’s discomfort factors isn’t enough. To change your income by 100x, your audience requires you to be in a profitable B2B-specific niche and pay monthly to monthly.

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