Email marketing with 4300% ROI

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Did you think email marketing was out? That it was something that was most used in the early days of the internet, before social media and other technologically more advanced solutions took over all marketing?

Think again. According to some studies, email marketing has a higher average ROI (4300%!!!) than any other marketing method. Read on in the article to learn how to work with email marketing.


Many things before in the 2010s were taking a lot of time. You often also needed a programmer to create the HTML code so everything would look ok and be responsive. Many things are done differently today BUT you need a good system because many old bad are still around.

How it was before:

  • Programming emails with HTML
  • No true mobile-friendly
  • Sending manually
  • Taking a lot of time
  • Creating lists in Excel

How it is today:

  • No programming skills
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Beautiful designs 100+ templates
  • Everything is automated
  • All contacts are stored in the system
  • Personalization
  • Takes 5 minutes to create and send to everyone

1. What is email marketing?

Email marketing is simply the use of email as a marketing channel. Simplified a bit, it can be described as a company in various ways that build lists of e-mail addresses to existing and potential customers and then sends out different types of marketing material to them.

Email marketing has been around for a long time and from the beginning, there were mainly two advantages of this marketing method:

  • First, the recipients could quickly determine if they were interested in the material without spending too much time.
  • Secondly, it was a very cheap way for the sender to reach a large number of existing and potential customers.

Previously, marketers were forced to design and send out marketing materials manually. It is also a reason for the common misconception that email marketing has now become obsolete and is on its way out. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly easier to automate with good email marketing systems large parts of the work, which is why e-mail marketing has become hotter than ever before.

In this way, it is possible to get out more or less unlimitedly with e-mails that are segmented, personalized and triggered according to specific parameters to their customers. This represents a fantastic opportunity and explains why email marketing has such a startlingly high ROI.

However, the purpose of email marketing is not to sell as fast as possible in all situations. Good e-mail marketing places great emphasis on value-creating content, while the selling parts of the material often have a relatively withdrawn role.

There are a number of different key figures that are usually linked to email marketing and which is good to know. Some of the most common and important are:

  • Subscribe Rate, ie how many of your emails end up in your inbox
  • Open Rate, ie how many people actually open your emails
  • Bounce Rate, ie how many people for some reason did not receive your email
  • Clickthrough Rate, ie how many people clicked on the content of the email marketing at least once
  • List Growth Rate, ie how fast your email list grows
  • Sharing / Forwarding Rate, ie how many people shared or forwarded the email marketing
  • Conversion Rate, ie how many of your emails result in sales or other desirable actions such as filling out a form etc
  • Overall ROI, ie the total return on email marketing
  • Unsubscribe Rate, ie how many people subscribe from the email list

2. Benefits of email marketing

The highest ROI. Email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing channels, according to some surveys as much as 4,800% on average but it can be higher. Need we say more? The statistics speak for themselves: Cost efficiency is very high. Sending an email is basically as cheap and at the same time as efficient as it can be.

High conversion rate. Since the consumers on your email list are often former or potential customers who have shown interest in your products and services, sales per email sent will be large. One tip is to update the email lists continuously to avoid statistics from consistently uninterested recipients distorting the data.

Large range. There is really no limit to how many of your customers you can reach with email marketing and it does not get more expensive the more you email.

High measurability. It is easy for you to see and analyze the effects of your various email campaigns.

Valuable feedback. You quickly notice which materials, campaigns and offers in your email marketing interest your customers.

Brand building effects. For example, if you link a subscription to your newsletter with access to discounts and other offers and benefits, you create positive associations with your brand with your subscribers.

Increased awareness of your business and more traffic to your website. Email marketing reminds customers of your products and services.


3. Which platform to choose?

The problem is that you must have an effective platform where you can store that list, sent emails, have statistics, send auto-replies, reminders and much more. You can´t expect to do it all in just Excel or some Outlook/Gmail. 😀

I personally use GetResponse email marketing and automation system to do it. It has a free plan where you can save up to 500 contacts which are nice for beginners. There are other email systems as well but GetResponse has the best price/features rate and allows to use of affiliate marketing which is very important for businesses and bloggers.

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