7 Things to Take With You on Your Next Travel to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

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Some countries start to open their borders and let tourist come in. But how can you try to protect yourself from COVID-19 and not ruin your vacation? Here is a list of things you should take with you:

1. Face Mask with FFP3 Protection


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Many people are wearing surgical masks which cover their mouth and nose. These masks are made out of a disposable fabric such as tissue, and experts state they are ineffective at filtering out the small particles which carry the virus. That is why you need a more advanced mask in FFP3 class to protect yourself.

2. Sanitizer (Gel or Spray)


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Good Sanitizer is the best protection for your hands to kill the virus. In the hand sanitizer study, the researchers evaluated the effectiveness of different concentrations of two WHO-recommended and two modified hand sanitizer formulations on COVID-19 virus.

The WHO recommends two formulas: (1) 80% ethanol, 1.45% glycerol, and 0.125% hydrogen peroxide; and (2) 75% 2-propanol, 1.45% glycerol, and 0.125% hydrogen peroxide.

So make sure that it is a good one before buying it.

3. Disinfecting Wipes


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If they’re sold out then it’s relatively easy to make your own using a concentration of at least 60% alcohol (rubbing alcohol works well) and paper towels.

Here’s what else you should know: Whether you use wipes or a liquid solution, always wipe in one direction to avoid recontaminating the surface as you’re wiping.

4. A Small Squeeze Bottle of Soap


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Regular hand washing with soap and water is one of the best prevention measure to avoid contracting COVID-19. But good hand hygiene is not always easy to achieve when public restrooms are out of soap that is why it is good to have a small bottle of soap with you in your bad.

5. Self Cleaning Water Bottle


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You will need a bottle capable of cleaning itself and purifying the water that’s inside it. It utilizes environmentally-friendly UV-C technology to purify up to 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses when it’s set to its highest mode.

6. Vitamins


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A functioning immune system is crucial in the fight against COVID-19. To maintain it, the body needs sufficient vitamins and other nutrients. But that is exactly what many people lack so stay healthy and make sure to take vitamins.

A lack of vitamin D could lead to immune-system complications, worsening the virus if you do get sick, one study found.

7. Travel Insurance


I hope you will never need to use it but having a good Travel Insurance with you is very important. Some credit card offer a basic travel insurance when you pay at least 75% of your travel with your credit card but it is better to have a real Travel Insurance.

Best insurance in my opinion: World Nomads or VisitorsCoverage

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