5 Ways To Make Money From Home During Coronavirus

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Are you stuck at home during this pandemic? There has never been a better time to automate your income from home through some hobby in your life. If you are interested in some field like fashion, photography, cooking, fitness, health or ANY other then creating a blog based on your experience can help you make good money during coronavirus.

Wait! I know what you may be thinking about now (many people think about it): “I have nothing to tell about” or “My hobby is nothing special” or “I am bad at writing and dont know what to write about”. These are some common questions but in fact all of us have something to tell about:

  • Do you like cooking? Then you must have some favorite recipes or maybe some of your personal. Maybe your theme is asian, vegan, health food or any other? You can create a good blog then with some very specific theme.
  • Love fitness? How about sharing some of you favorite exercises in your blog and maybe some nutrition tips?
  • Love style and fashion? How about sharing some good tips about cloth?
  • Love playing games? Create some blog posts with reviews and tell everyone what you thing about some specific game and if you recommend it or not and why. Share some tips, images and videos with gameplay.
  • Love dogs? Let’s make a blog about dogs and share some tips about how to train and feed right and so on.

So what are your interests or hobby? There is always some information that you can share AND there are people that are interested to read it. 

Now let’s create the blog (remember you can always change it later if you want so don’t think too much, just start now and customize it later). Use WordPress to create it (the most popular system in the world). It will only take you like 10 – 20 minutes AND it is free.

There are some premium options that cost like own domain, more space and performance but you don’t need it. The free version is more then enough. I am using WordPress and it is very easy. Plus you have an option to choose almost any design and structure for your blog.

Here are 5 important tips on how to make money with a blog:

1. Affiliate marketing

Join affiliate networks and connect with the brands. Some of the popular networks are:

They have all possible brands: Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Hertz, Expedia, American Express and so on (sorry since I am a travel blogger I focus and know more about travel brands than any other but I there are thousand of other brands for every possible area like fashion, fitness and so on).

Affiliate marketing helps bloggers and other website owners make money on their website. The way it works is that you register at affiliate network and tell about your blog. Then you will se a list of different brands. You can connect to almost any of them by simply clicking on connect button. Some are connected automatically and you can collaborate right away but some need manual approvement.

When you are connected you can link to products and services from text in your blog. When someone clicks and makes a purchase, you get a commission from the sale (usually 1-10% sale price). This is a great business model for content marketing. To be effective, you need to focus on optimizing your content for search engines to reach more people when they are looking for content related to your topic.

2. Google Adsense

Another effective strategy for blogs is to focus on content marketing and using banners. You can easily do this with a service like Google Adsense, or you can manage your advertising sales yourself which is more complicated. Adsense only needs you to install a short code in you blog and it will automatically place banners that are relevant to your content.

When you use Google AdSense, you get paid when someone clicks on your ad. To help users click on your ad, you’ll need content that focuses on a topic for which Google can display relevant ads. The more consistent the content is, the easier it will be for google to do well.

Adsense gives you money every time someone clicks on the ads (unlike affiliate marketing where a person needs to click and make a purchase so you can get some commission). Since Adsense gives you money for every click, the money usually are not so big. All depends on who the advertiser is. Some give 0.1$ for a click but others 1$ or more. Advertiser in insurance, loans, lawyers are some of the most profitable. 

3. Digital products

You can also make money by offering a digital product, such as an e-book or an online course. This is another effective way to monetize your knowledge.

Offering a digital product means developing a strong content to attract relevant visitors to your site. In addition, you want to create social media channels to demonstrates your product and experience.

Many people want to buy ebooks and online courses from people who know what they’re doing. Show that in blogging, social media channels and online interactions.”

4. Asking for Donations

When your blog has a strong and loyal following then you can ask for donations from users to fund your work or some project. Wikipedia is an example of this funding model when they seek donations to fund the work they do.

An easy way to include donations through your website is use PayPal or another digital payment option on your blog. In order for this model to be effective, you have to offer content that users can’t find elsewhere for free and prove their worth in the market.

5. Starting an e-commerce

E-commerce allow you to sell a product and send it to your customers. You can create a product or use drop shipping and collaborate with existing product manufacturers. This way is more complicated.

The key to building a successful e-commerce business is an efficient and customized web design that emphasizes the benefits of your products. For visitors to feel comfortable making a purchase on your website, it should be easy to use, mobile friendly and have a sense of security.

These are some basic steps and tips on how to create a blog and make money from home. If you are interested to know more details then this ebook will help you:

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