23 Lanzarote Tourist Attractions – Rancho Texas, Western Theme Park

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Rancho Texas is located on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen and on one of our many journeys recently, we chose to invest a day out their with the children. Rancho Texas includes among its attractions, an Indian amphitheatre where we saw a stunning screen in falconry, a Nature Park where our children watched and even played with some of the animals, a Goldmine Where the big water-wheel runs water to gold-bearing sands and where the kids can look for hidden treasure and an Indian Town where they took a ride in an Indian canoes and visited the Tepees.
If you’re looking for someplace for the grownups, then why return when they host one of the now famous Rancho Texas Country and Western Nights.

We started our visit in the Nature Park, host to a wide array of Animals and Birds. This location consists of ‘The Opera’- A round enclosure with a terrific variety of singing birds where you can experience fantastic noises, ‘The Boardwalk of colour’– with its sensational variety of colours and birds, ‘Liliput Farm’, where the children held the worlds smallest farm animals and saw much larger ones in the form of Turtles, Iguanas, Armadillos and Meadow pets.

Prior to we might end up, we were attracted to crowd event in the Indian Amphitheatre (among 3 live shows we would witness on the day). When we calmed down, the guide captivated us with a great falconry presentation, part of which involves the falcons flapping people on the head with thweir huge wings as they swoop from high gantries to the central ‘stage’.
After this, we took the kids to the Indian Town to calm them down a bit. Our youngest (4 at the time) played in the Tepees, paddled a Canoes and found ‘Treasure’ having followed the water from the big water-wheel to the gold-bearing sands. Our oldest (9 at the time) thought it was too young for him however agreed to ‘take care of his brother’ and clearly enjoyed himself, although he rejected it at the time.

Next we were attracted to the restaurant location as we were notified that a second show would begin in 15 minutes time. Like everyone else, we chose this would be a good time to have something to drink and eat and were surprised to see our Falconry ‘professional’ assisting behind the food counter (we assumed he had cleaned his hands!). This would not be our last meeting, as he hosted the Parrot show whilst we had lunch. Another great show and some fantastic images for the household.

Our 2 boys wanted to release some steam, so we let them bet a short while in the experience play area, before going back to finish out trip of the animals.

Our third show of the day, was to be the very best. Our ‘specialist’ returned (plainly multi-talented) and chose he ‘d jump into a pit with the Alligators. He then crept up behind one of them and played with it (in case you’re questioning, he has very quick reflexes). Towards completion of the show he chose to get on the Alligator and sis finale included holding the Alligators mouth closed in between his chin and his chest– some reveal!

The kids were as astonished as we were and it just about rounded off a terrific day out and wonderful value at 14 Euros per grownup and 9 Euros for the children (under 2s are totally free).

Among the most modern of Lanzarote’s destinations, Rancho Texas, still has a component of the Manrique influence, with 60,000 m ² of theme park, developed with the utmost respect to the atmosphere and everything developed with natural products such as stones and wood.

During the night the place comes alive with the Rancho Texas Country Music Night, famous in these parts. A celebration night for the whole family and the home entertainments team (yes … he was back), kept everyone amused with Live Music and Line Dancing and special home entertainment for the Children. You can consume as much of the American Food, BBQ and Desserts as you like and enjoy free-flowing Beer, Sangria and Soft Drinks.
Grownups: 44,00 EUR Kid 2-12 years: half cost Children to 2 years: totally free

and … lastly, if you wish to Discover Lanzarote on horseback, Rancho Texas likewise has riding stables. Why not prepare your day to include a trek on this terrific island (three hour trek to the beach, for skilled riders only @ 54EUR or a One hour trek, no experience required @ 21EUR).

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